WILL BE ACCEPTED. The Offeror’s proposal must be received by the Government by the date/time specified in the solicitation. Offerors shall email their proposals using the following link: xxxxx://xxxx.xxxx.xxx/ Please send proposals using the link above to Contract Specialist Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx at Xxxxxxxxx.X.Xxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxxx.xxx AND to Contracting Officer Xxxxxxx X. Xxxx at xxxxxxx.x.xxxx@xxxxx.xxxx.xxx.
WILL BE ACCEPTED. The Town of Mount Olive has also adopted the following returned check policy. If your check is returned to the Town of Mt. Olive for insufficient funds you will be charged a fee of $25.00 for the returned check. You will have two days to pick-up your returned check and pay the fees. If you fail to pick up your returned check and pay the required fees within the two days, an additional non-refundable $30.00 service fee will be added to your bill. If the Town of Mt. Xxxxx receives two returned checks for your account, you will no longer be allowed to pay by check. I agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of the Town of Mount Olive. Signature Print Name Date
WILL BE ACCEPTED. F2.13.6 F.3.5 A two-envelope procedure is required.
WILL BE ACCEPTED. 2. You must register on the day of the sale prior to the first bid. Registration begins at 9:00. The first bid will be at 10:00 am. You must bring current valid picture identification such as an Oregon driver's license along with certified funds made out to Multnomah County in at least the advertised deposit amount for each property that you are bidding on (one check per property). The name you register with is the name that the property will be deeded in if you have the highest and best bid. If you are putting the property under your business name, you must show your business license or some approved form of business identification. Upon registration you will receive a bidding number that you will use for the entire sale. BIDDING ON MULTIPLE PROPERTIES: If you are bidding on more than one property you must bring a cashier’s check made out to Multnomah County (for at least the advertised xxxxxxx money deposit amount) for each property that you would like to bid on. If you are determined the highest bidder by the Sheriff’s Deputy a cashier will come to you and pick up your down payment so you can begin bidding on the next property. When you have completed bidding on all properties you are interested in purchasing you will go to the cashier’s room to complete your documentation. However, if cash is used for your down payment you will have to take your deposit into the cashier’s room immediately and the bid for the next property will continue.
WILL BE ACCEPTED. Any check that is returned for any reason will result in a $50 processing fee and may result in the immediate termination of this Agreement at LESSOR’S sole and absolute discretion. In the event of such termination, LESSEE shall remove Xxxxxx’s Property from the Premises within five (5) days of receipt of LESSOR’S notice of termination.
WILL BE ACCEPTED. Bids are considered received when in the possession of the Chesterfield Township Clerk’s Office. 2020 & 2021 Township Commercial Landscaping Services Bids must be sealed when submitted. Bids must be typewritten or printed in ink and legibly prepared. Bids having erasures or corrections thereon may be rejected unless explained or initialed by bidder. Bids shall be mailed or delivered to the Township Clerk’s Office before the stated deadline. Digital copies (i.e. email, thumb drive) will be deemed supplemental to the mailed bid packet.


  • Your General Obligations 6.1 Full information You must give us any information we reasonably require for the purposes of this contract. The information must be correct, and you must not mislead or deceive us in relation to any information provided to us.

  • International Processing 8.1. Conditions for International Processing SAP shall be entitled to process Personal Data, including by using Subprocessors, in accordance with this DPA outside the country in which the Customer is located as permitted under Data Protection Law.

  • Order Processing Any order by you for the purchase of shares of the respective Funds through us shall be accepted at the time when it is received by us (or any clearing house agency that we may designate from time to time), and at the offering and sale price next determined, unless rejected by us or the respective Funds. In addition to the right to reject any order, the Funds have reserved the right to withhold shares from sale temporarily or permanently. We will not accept any order from you that is placed on a conditional basis or subject to any delay or contingency prior to execution. The procedures relating to the handling of orders shall be subject to instructions that we shall forward from time to time to all members of the Selling Group. The shares purchased will be issued by the respective Funds only against receipt of the purchase price, in collected New York or Los Angeles Clearing House funds subject to deduction of all concessions on such sale (reallowance of any concessions to which you are entitled on purchases at net asset value will be paid through our direct purchase concession system). If payment for the shares purchased is not received within three days after the date of confirmation the sale may be cancelled forthwith, by us or by the respective Funds, without any responsibility or liability on our part or on the part of the Funds, and we and/or the respective Funds may hold you responsible for any loss, expense, liability or damage, including loss of profit suffered by us and/or the respective Funds, resulting from your delay or failure to make payment as aforesaid.

  • Particular Methods of Procurement of Goods Works and Services (other than Consultants’ Services)

  • Choice of Law clauses with TIPS Members If the vendor is awarded a contract with TIPS under this solicitation, the vendor agrees to make any Choice of Law clauses in any contract or agreement entered into between the awarded vendor and with a TIPS member entity to read as follows: "Choice of law shall be the laws of the state where the customer resides" or words to that effect. 3

  • Agreement Governs This Agreement is to be deemed consistent wherever possible with relevant provisions of the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation of the Company; however, in the event of a conflict between this Agreement and such provisions, the provisions of this Agreement shall control.

  • THE CITY OF LINCOLN, NEBRASKA ATTEST: City Clerk CITY OF LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Mayor Approved by Executive Order No. dated Lancaster County Signature Page AMENDMENT TO CONTRACT Annual Repair Services For Construction and Purpose-Built Equipment Bid No. 18-167 City of Lincoln and Lancaster County Renewal Xxxxxx Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc.

  • Allocation of Resources Whenever a disaster causes Vendor to allocate limited resources between or among Vendor's customers, vendor will not provide priority over Prudential to any other customers of Vendor. In addition, in no event will Vendor re-deploy or reassign any vendor Key Employee (as identified and defined in an applicable Engagement Schedule) or any Affected Employee (as identified and defined in an applicable Engagement Schdule) to any other Vendor account in the event of a disaster.

  • Other Methods of Procurement of Goods The following table specifies the methods of procurement, other than International Competitive Bidding, which may be used for goods. The Procurement Plan shall specify the circumstances under which such methods may be used: Procurement Method

  • Sub-processing 1. The data importer shall not subcontract any of its processing operations performed on behalf of the data exporter under the Clauses without the prior written consent of the data exporter. Where the data importer subcontracts its obligations under the Clauses, with the consent of the data exporter, it shall do so only by way of a written agreement with the sub-processor which imposes the same obligations on the sub-processor as are imposed on the data importer under the Clauses. Where the sub-processor fails to fulfil its data protection obligations under such written agreement the data importer shall remain fully liable to the data exporter for the performance of the sub-processor’s obligations under such agreement.