Schedule of Sample Clauses

Schedule of. Receivables The information with respect to a Receivable transferred on the Closing Date or on any Funding Date set forth in the Schedule of Receivables for such date and the computer tape to the Note Insurer and the Indenture Trustee was true and correct in all material respects as of the Cut-Off Date for such Receivable.
Schedule of. Execution 22.1 The contractor shall prepare a schedule for execution in which he clarifies the procedures and steps followed during the execution of works , schedules of executing its various stages in addition to all details relevant to its arraignments for machines, equipment and temporary works which the contractor intends to construct. 22.2 The contractor shall undertake to execute the projects within the duration mentioned in the special conditions of the contract. 22.3 The contactor shall take an approval on the schedule from the engineer and he is not entitled to modify the schedule without a prior approval from the engineer. If the engineer, at any time, finds that the progress in not consistent with the agreed schedule, then the contractor, upon request from the engineer, will prepare a modified schedule in which he will indicate the period of completing the project approved by the engineer. 22.4 The approval of the engineer on the schedule does not release the contractor from his obligations and liabilities stipulated in the provisions of the contract 22.5 The contractor shall inform the government and private authorities, whose facilities and public properties may be affected due to excavations and construction works, in collaboration with the organization with the details of the program and to coordinate with them and other competent authorities to ensure the adequacy of such facilities and properties. The contractor is the only responsible to handle any government or community transactions to achieve his implementation in the agreed period without any delay. 22.6 The contractor , within two weeks from the signing the contract , is obliged to submit a detailed program for his plan of execution of works for approval by engineer and the program must be realistic and in consistent with the plan of items' procurement , equipment preparation and other plans . The engineer shall take a decision about the program within a week either by agreement or request for modification. 22.7 The contractor, after being informed in writing of the engineer's approval on the submitted program , shall fully comply with the arrangements and other methods indicated in the program . The contractor is not entitled to modify the program except by a prior written consent of the engineer ( approval must be withhold without any reasonable excuse ) except in the emergency cases that may threaten the safety of works and persons or properties , the contractor may execute the wo...
Schedule of. Services The consultants shall commence work immediately but not later then 15 days after signing of the agreement, which shall be considered as the starting date, and complete the assignment within six(06) months, as per assignment and mode of payment reflected in para 6.3.1 (Terms and condition of payment); Inception report with in one month after 15 days of signing of agreement. Interim report will be submitted after 3 months of submission of inception report or as mutually agreed by the both parties in case of any genuine delay. Final report - 2 months after approval of interim report by the client.
Schedule of. Payments
Schedule of. An agreement will be reached by the Board or its representatives and representatives of the Association within five (5) calendar days of either of the above requests as to the time and place of the meeting. The meeting shall be held within fifteen (15) calendar days after the request has been submitted, unless both parties agree to an extension of time. At this first meeting, each party shall submit and describe items to be placed on the negotiating agenda as outlined in Article VII. Additional meetings shall be held at the request of either party, and negotiations shall be completed within ninety (90) days or by a mutually agreed time.
Schedule of. Friday A.M. Friday Saturday A.M. Saturday Sunday A.M. Sunday shift hours) hours) hours) Friday Saturday A.M. Saturday Sunday A.M. Sunday Monday A.M.
Schedule of. If, insured, an employee suffers any of the losses listed below as a result of:

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  • Changes of Commitments (a) The Aggregate Commitments shall at all times be equal to the lesser of (i) the Aggregate Maximum Credit Amounts after adjustments resulting from reductions pursuant to Section 2.03(b) or (ii) the Borrowing Base as determined from time to time.

  • Changes, etc Neither this Deed of Trust nor any term hereof may be changed, waived, discharged or terminated orally, or by any action or inaction, but only by an instrument in writing signed by Collateral Agent or Grantor, as the case may be, against which enforcement of the change, waiver, discharge or termination is sought. The modification hereof or of any of the Notes or the release of any part of the Property from the lien hereof shall not impair the priority of the lien of this Deed of Trust.

  • Percentages of ADB Financing 2. Except as ADB may otherwise agree, the items of the Categories listed in the Table shall be financed out of the proceeds of the Loan on the basis of the percentages set forth in the Table. Interest Charge

  • All Other Transfers and Exchanges of Beneficial Interests in Global Notes In connection with all transfers and exchanges of beneficial interests that are not subject to Section 2.06(b)(1) above, the transferor of such beneficial interest must deliver to the Registrar either:

  • Absence of Certain Changes or Events Except as set forth in Section 3.09 of the Company Disclosure Letter and to the extent specifically disclosed in the Company SEC reports, since August 31, 2004, each of the Company and its subsidiaries has conducted its business in the ordinary course consistent with past practice and there has not been: (i) any Company Material Adverse Effect; (ii) any damage to, destruction or loss of any material assets of the Company or any of its subsidiaries (whether or not covered by insurance); (iii) any declaration, setting aside or payment of any dividend or other distribution in respect of the Company Capital Stock or any repurchase, redemption or other acquisition by the Company or any of its subsidiaries of any Company Capital Stock; (iv) any change in accounting methods, principles or practices by the Company affecting the consolidated assets, liabilities, results of operations or business of the Company, except insofar as have been required by a change in GAAP; or (v) any action that, if it had been in effect, would have been prohibited by Section 5.01.