Additional Work Sample Clauses

Additional Work. If changes in the work seem merited by Consultant or the City, and informal consultations with the other party indicate that a change is warranted, it shall be processed in the following manner: a letter outlining the changes shall be forwarded to the City by Consultant with a statement of estimated changes in fee or time schedule. An amendment to this Agreement shall be prepared by the City and executed by both Parties before performance of such services, or the City will not be required to pay for the changes in the scope of work. Such amendment shall not render ineffective or invalidate unaffected portions of this Agreement.
Additional Work. If the Contractor determines that any work it has been directed to perform is beyond the scope of this agreement and constitutes extra work, it shall promptly notify the County in writing. In the event the County determines that such work constitutes extra work and exceeds the maximum amount payable, the County shall so advise the Contractor and a supplemental agreement may be executed, as provided in Article 10Supplemental Agreements. The Contractor shall not perform any additional work or incur any additional costs prior to the execution, by both parties, of a supplemental agreement. The County shall not be responsible for actions by the Contractor or any costs incurred by the Contractor relating to additional work not directly associated with the performance of the work authorized in this contract or as amended.
Additional Work. NBU retains the right to make changes to the Services at any time by a written contract amendment. Work that is clearly not within the general description of the Services under this Agreement must be approved in writing by NBU by contract amendment before the additional work is undertaken by the Professional. If the Professional is of the opinion that any work is beyond that contemplated in this Agreement and the Services described in Exhibit A and therefore constitutes additional work, the Professional shall promptly notify NBU of that opinion in writing. If NBU agrees that such work does constitute additional work, then NBU and the Professional shall execute a contract amendment for the additional work and NBU shall compensate the Professional for the additional work on the same basis of the rates for the Services contained in Exhibit B. If the changes deduct from the extent of the scope of work for the Services, the contract sum shall be adjusted accordingly. All such changes shall be executed under the conditions of the original Agreement. Any work undertaken by the Professional not previously approved as additional work shall be at risk of the Professional.
Additional Work. Upon Tenant's request and submission by Tenant (at Tenant's sole cost and expense) of the necessary information and/or plans and specifications for work other than the Work described in the Working Drawings ("Additional Work") and the approval by Landlord of such Additional Work, which approval Landlord agrees shall not be unreasonably withheld, Landlord shall perform such Additional Work, at Tenant's sole cost and expense, subject, however, to the following provisions of this Paragraph 7. Prior to commencing any Additional Work requested by Tenant, Landlord shall submit to Tenant a written statement of the cost of such Additional Work, which cost shall include a fee payable to Landlord in the amount of 15% of the total cost of such Additional Work as compensation to Landlord for monitoring the Additional Work and for administration, overhead and field supervision associated with the Additional Work and an additional charge payable to Landlord in the amount of 5% of the total Cost of the Additional Work as compensation for Landlord's general conditions (such fee and additional charge being hereinafter referred to collectively as "Landlord's Additional Compensation"), and, concurrently with such statement of cost, Landlord shall also submit to Tenant a proposed tenant extra order (the "TEO") for the Additional Work in the standard form then in use by Landlord. Tenant shall execute and deliver to Landlord such TEO and shall pay to Landlord the entire cost of the Additional Work, including Landlord's Additional Compensation (as reflected in Landlord's statement of such cost), within five (5) days after Landlord's submission of such statement and TEO to Tenant. If Tenant fails to execute or deliver such TEO or pay the entire cost of such Additional Work within such 5-day period, then Landlord shall not be obligated to do any of the Additional Work and may proceed to do only the Work, as specified in the Working Drawings.
Additional Work. Work requested by Customer and performed by Rogers or its sub-contractors that is outside the scope of the Services as described in these terms will be billed to Customer at Rogers’ then current time and material rates. Work requested and performed outside of Xxxxxx’ Business Hours will be subject to an additional charge, to be quoted upon request.
Additional Work. If changes in the work seem merited by the Provider or the District, and informal consultations with the other party indicate that a change is warranted, it shall be processed by the District in the following manner:
Additional Work. Where additional work is assigned to a non-regular Type 2 faculty member after the beginning of his/her appointment year, the Type 2 faculty member’s designated workload percentage will remain unchanged for all purposes, including benefits, professional development and vacation, for that appointment year. The Type 2 faculty member will be paid for the additional work on the Article 9 salary scale plus 25% for the period of additional work performed. Where additional work is assigned to a non-regular Type 1 faculty member after the beginning of the 12 month period starting September 1st, such that the Type 1 faculty member’s annualized workload for that year becomes 50% or greater, the faculty member will retain Type 1 status, but will be paid for all work during that year at the contract rates set out in Article 10 for the applicable mode, plus 32%. The Type 1 faculty member’s pay will be adjusted accordingly, retroactive to the beginning of that year. Pension contributions for additional work will be made as required by the applicable regulations pertaining to the College Pension Plan.
Additional Work. 15. DTSC may determine or Respondent may propose that certain tasks, including investigatory work, engineering evaluation, or procedure/methodology modifications are necessary in addition to, or in lieu of, the tasks and deliverables included in any part of DTSC-approved workplans. DTSC shall request in writing that Respondent perform the additional work and shall specify the basis and reasons for DTSC's determination that the additional work is necessary. Within 14 days after the receipt of such determination, Respondent may confer with DTSC to discuss the additional work DTSC has requested. If required by DTSC, Respondent shall submit to DTSC a workplan for the additional work. Such workplan shall be submitted to DTSC within 30 days of receipt of DTSC's determination or according to an alternate schedule established by DTSC. Upon approval of a workplan, Respondent shall implement it in accordance with the provisions and schedule contained therein. The need for, and disputes concerning, additional work are subject to the dispute resolution procedures specified in this Consent Agreement.
Additional Work. A. Upon County request, Contractor shall submit supplemental proposals for Additional Work not called for under the Scope of Work of this Contract. Contractor must obtain County Project Manager’s written approval prior to commencing any additional work.
Additional Work. The cost of any work done or facility provided in any Apartment in addition to those mentioned in the Specifications at the request of or with the consent of the Allottee the same will be decided by the Promoter and the Allottee shall be deemed to have agreed to this.