For all employees Sample Clauses

For all employees. In order to qualify for insurance, an employee must be able to have the employee share of the cost as a payroll deduction; i.e., the employee share can not become a collection item for the Board of Education.
For all employees. The Health Centre is committed to equitable scheduling practices as referenced in the Central and Local Agreements. The Health Centre believes that it is unreasonable to expect any employee to be continuously available for previously unbooked shifts.
For all employees. Is the employee legally responsible for the Self-direction member/participant? ☐ YES ☐ NO If the employee is legally responsible for the member/participant, please mark the box that best describes the employee’s relationship to the member/participant. ☐ Parent (biological, legal or adoptive) of member/participant who is a minor ☐ Guardian of member/participant who is a minor ☐ Spouse of the member/participant If the employee is a Legally Responsible Individual (LRI) for the Self-Direction member/participant, State approval to be a paid provider must be submitted with the employment agreement. If the LRI will be a provider for more than one service, State approval must be submitted for each service.
For all employees. Section 2. The Employer will provide the Local Union on a monthly basis, a list of all newly hired employees, additions to the bargaining unit, transfers into or out of the bargaining unit, a list of terminations and deletions from the bargaining unit, a list of dual status employees, a list of name and address changes, a seniority and an alphabetical bargaining unit list with Social Security numbers.
For all employees. All employees shall be entitled to four weeks’ annual leave in addition to public holidays and additional paid holidays provided for in clause 6.1.1(a). Where the employee commences employment with an employer after the beginning of the school year the employer shall, in that first year, pay to the employee, when they take leave at the end of the school year, an amount equal to 8% of gross earnings for the period worked for that employer during that school year, less any annual leave payment made in advance by that employer. Where an employee’s employment terminates before the end of the school year annual leave shall be paid in accordance with the Holidays Act 2003.
For all employees. Weekend Scheduling (Full-Time and Part-Time)
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For all employees. The Board of Education, based on reasonable suspicion that an employee’s job performance is adversely affected by drug and/or alcohol usage will with the consent of the employee, notify the Union of its concerns orally, (with written follow up) and of the circumstances/conditions that support the reasonable suspicion. The District will work cooperatively with the Union (if notified), and the employee, to solve problems which might be identified. The employee may be required by the District to submit to a drug/alcohol assessment, including but not limited to testing, conducted by a certified practitioner of the District’s choice. Should such assessment be negative, no further action would be necessary unless reasonable suspicion is again demonstrated. Should such an assessment be positive, the employee will agree to participate in a treatment program, if recommended by medical or other qualified personnel. Nothing in this section shall affect the District’s ability to act un Board of Education policy, GAMA, Alcohol and Drug Abuse.
For all employees. 1. The Participant has received copies of each of the Plan, the Agreement and the Management Partnership, and has had sufficient opportunity to review such documents.
For all employees. All manual adjustments to the seniority list shall happen as early as practicable following receipt of the annual quarterly report as per Article 11.09 (c). Using the quarterly report, Human Resources shall make the necessary adjustments to employee(s) seniority and shall send confirmation of such to the Union President (or designate) for review. The Union President (or designate) shall forward any question or concern with the adjustment(s) to Human Resources immediately, otherwise the adjustments shall be deemed final. It is understood that there may be a lag between when employees work outside of the bargaining unit and when adjustments to seniority are made, and as such decisions based on seniority that happen during such period of lag shall be made using the most recent published seniority and not what will be a future seniority date.
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