Entitlement to Sample Clauses

Entitlement to divulge PFC54 Either party, and its Affiliates, and its and their respective officers, employees and agents, shall be entitled in good faith to divulge any Confidential Information without the approval of the other party in the following circumstances:
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Entitlement to paid Annual Leave accrues progressively during a year of service according to the employee’s ordinary hours of work, and accumulates from year to year. Employees may apply to take credited Annual Leave in advance of the 12 month anniversary.
Entitlement to treat holder as owner Except as ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction or may be required by law, each of the Agents shall (whether or not the relevant Bond is overdue and regardless of any notice of ownership, trust or any interest, or writing on, or the loss or theft of, the Certificate issued in respect of it) be entitled to treat the registered holder of any Bond as the absolute owner for all purposes.
Entitlement to. An employee who is not a probationary employee shall have seniority.
Entitlement to funds Each Seller shall only be entitled to funds pursuant to the Facility on account of the Purchase Price of Purchased Receivables specifically referable to such Seller, being Purchased Receivables which are readily identifiable as such and assigned to the Bank under this Agreement.
Entitlement to. Study Leave shall be granted-for studies which are relevant to employment at the establishment.
Entitlement to. Leave An employee shall be entitled to family care and medical leave as set forth in Government Code 12945.2 (California Family Rights Act) and the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) if the employee has worked for the district for at least twelve (12) months and has worked at least twelve hundred fifty (1250) hours.
Entitlement to treat holder as owner The Issuer, the Trustee and any Paying and Conversion Agent may deem and treat the holder of any Note and any Coupon appertaining to the relevant Note as the absolute owner of such Note or such Coupon as the case may be (whether or not such Note or such Coupon shall be overdue and notwithstanding any notation of ownership or other writing thereon or any notice of previous loss or theft of such Note or Coupon) for all purposes and, except as ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction or as required by applicable law, the Issuer, the Trustee and the Paying and Conversion Agents shall not be affected by any notice to the contrary. All payments made to any such holder shall be valid and, to the extent of the sums so paid, effective to satisfy and discharge the liability for the moneys payable upon the Notes and Coupons.
Entitlement to proceeds in relation to the Maintenance Contracts and the Multi Year Maintenance Contracts shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Appendix 3.
Entitlement to paid personal leave and payment An Employee is entitled to 10 days personal/carers leave per year. Subject to Subclause 46.4, an Employee will be required to comply with the documentary evidence requirements Subclauses 46.6 and 46.7. For the purpose of 10 or 12 hour rosters, the entitlement will be for that day, i.e. a day is a day 10 or 12 hours. Leave shall be credited in advance on the date of commencement of employment. In the second and subsequent years, the leave shall also be credited in advance on each anniversary date of the commencement of employment. If an Employee takes personal/carer’s leave, the Employer must pay the Employee, for the period of the personal leave, the amount the Employee would reasonably have expected to be paid by the Employer if the Employee had worked during that period.