Late Start Sample Clauses

Late Start. Education Assistants who are scheduled and report to work before the delayed start time shall receive one and one half times the regular rate of pay for that amount of delayed time. Adventure Club Education Assistants who are scheduled to work but are not requested to report to work shall receive their regular pay for the delayed time. If the schools close during the middle of the school day, all staff scheduled to work are expected to report to work as soon as possible, unless told by a supervisor not to report. Staff will be allowed to leave work as soon as parents pick up children. Education Assistants will be paid for the hours actually worked, or their normal shift, whichever is greater.
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Late Start. May 4th (Wed): Full Day of School 11th (Wed): PD K-6 Early Release; 7-12 Late Start 18th (Wed): PD K-6 Early Release; 7-12 Late Start 25th (Wed): Full Day of School 30th (Mon): No SchoolMemorial Day June 1st (Wed): Full Day of School 8th (Wed): Full Day of School 14th (Tue): 7-12 Half Day – 2nd Semester Exams 7-12 15th (Wed): K-12 Half Day – 2nd Semester Exams 7-12; K-12 PM Work Time August 3rd (Mon): AM Building PD; PM Work Time 4th (Tue): First Day of School 5th (Wed): Full Day of School 12th (Wed): PD Early Release 19th (Wed): PD Early Release 26th (Wed): PD Early Release September 2nd (Wed): AM District PD; PM Work Time 3rd (Thu): AM District PD; PM Begin Labor Day Weekend 7th (Mon): No School – Labor Day 8th (Tue): School Resumes 9th (Wed): Full Day of School 14th – 18th: Balanced Calendar Conference Week 16th (Wed): PD Early Release 23rd (Wed): PD Early Release 30th (Wed): PD Early Release October 7th (Wed): Full Day of School – Count Day 14th (Wed): Full Day 15th (Thu): Half day 16th (Fri): Half day 19th (Mon): Fall Break Begins November 2nd (Mon): School Resumes 4th (Wed): PD Early Release 11th (Wed): PD Early Release 18th (Wed): Full Day of School 23th (Mon): Thanksgiving Break Begins 30th (Mon): School Resumes December 2nd (Wed): PD Early Release 9th (Wed): PD Early Release 16th (Wed): Full Day of School 21st (Mon): Winter Holiday Begins January 4th (Mon): School Resumes 6th (Wed): PD Early Release 13th (Wed): PD Early Release 18th (Mon): No School – XXX Xx. Day 20th (Wed): Full Day of School 27th (Wed): PD Early Release February 3rd (Wed): PD Early Release 10th (Wed): Full Day of School – Count Day 12th (Fri): Begin Mid-Winter Break 22nd (Mon): School Resumes 24th (Wed): PD Early Release 29th (Mon): Conference Week March 1st - 4th: K-12 Conference Week 2nd (Wed): Full Day 3rd (Thu): Half day 4th (Fri): Half day 9th (Wed): PD Early Release 16th (Wed): PD Early Release 23rd (Wed): PD Early Release 30th (Wed): Full Day of School April 1st (Fri): Spring Break Begins 18th (Mon): School Resumes 20th (Wed): PD Early Release 27th (Wed): PD Early Release May 4th (Wed): Full Day of School 11th (Wed): PD Early Release 18th (Wed): PD Early Release 30th (Mon): Memorial Day Break Begins June 6th (Mon): School Resumes 8th (Wed): Full Day of School 15th (Wed): Full Day of School 21st (Tue): AM Half Day; PM Work Time APPENDIX D: ESEA “Highly QualifiedCONTENT AREA RUBRIC Xxxx Public Schools Content Area Rubric (Pursuant to requirements mandated by the Elemen...
Late Start. In the event of a late start, all employees shall be allowed to work their regularly scheduled hours if the employee is able to arrive at their designated start time safely. Should the employee choose to start their work day after their regular scheduled time they will be allowed to make up any work time missed during the week of the late start. However, any work time missed on a Friday will need to be made up on that Friday or a loss of salary for the missed time will be incurred. Any makeup of work time missed, if chosen by the employee, shall not be counted toward the calculation of overtime.
Late Start. 8:08 Employees called in after their regular starting time shall receive pay from their regular starting time. Employees so called shall be allowed one (1) hour to report for work unless reasonable circumstances warrant a longer reporting time being allowed.
Late Start. An AM start time scheduled later than the regularly scheduled start time offered as extra work if the regular route Employee has a schedule conflict.
Late Start. I understand that if the school start time is delayed, Tiger Club will remain OPEN and keep my child in their care until school begins.
Late Start. In the event of an unanticipated late start, employees are expected to report to work (as road conditions allow) before the students arrive at school. Employees have a responsibility to notify their building contact person if they are going to be delayed beyond the start of school.
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Late Start. Employees who commence work after midday on any given day shall receive a 15% loading on all ordinary hours of the shift.
Late Start. High school and middle school teachers may use up to one (1) professional development day for late start days at the building level. Four late start days will substitute for one (1) professional development day. On those late start days, students will report to school 80 minutes later than the regular starting time. High school and middle school classes will be in regular session on the day when the rest of the district is having professional development and high school and middle school staff will observe the normal professional day. The professional development date’s affected and specific dates for late start will be identified collaboratively by the school improvement teams at the high school and two middle schools with the approval of the high school and middle school principals. Those dates will be established no later than two weeks before the end of the prior school year.
Late Start. April 1st (Wed): Full Day of School 3rd (Fri): Spring Break Begins 13th (Mon): School Resumes 15th (Wed): Full Day of School
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