Bonus Sample Clauses

Bonus. Commencing on August 4, 2021, and during the period Executive employed with the Company, Executive shall be eligible to earn for Executive’s services to be rendered under this Agreement a discretionary annual cash bonus of up to 50% of Base Salary (“Target Amount”), subject to review and adjustment by the Company in its sole discretion, payable subject to standard federal and state payroll withholding requirements, and prorated in the year initiated through the end of that then current calendar year. Whether or not Executive earns any bonus will be dependent upon (a) Executive’s continuous performance of services to the Company through the date any bonus is paid; and (b) the actual achievement by Executive and the Company of the applicable performance targets and goals set by the Board in advance of, or within the first quarter of, each calendar year. The annual period over which performance is measured, other than pro-rated year of bonus plan initiation, for purposes of this bonus is January 1 through December 31. The Board will determine in its sole discretion the extent to which Executive and the Company have achieved the performance goals upon which the bonus is based and the amount of the bonus, which could be above or below the Target Amount (and may be zero). Any bonus shall be subject to the terms of any applicable incentive compensation plan adopted by the Company. Any bonus, if earned, will be paid to Executive within the time period set forth in the incentive compensation plan, or if no such time period was established, within two and one-half months following the end of the year during which the bonus is earned.
Bonus. The Company shall continue to pay to the Executive an annual bonus through the remainder of the Term of Employment then in effect; provided, however, that the amount of the annual bonus determined in accordance with this Section 8(a) (ii) for the fiscal year of the Company in which such Term of Employment ends shall be prorated on the basis of the number of days of such Term of Employment occurring within such fiscal year. The amount of each annual bonus payable pursuant to this Section 8(a)(ii), prior to any proration, shall be equal to the annual bonus that the Executive would have earned had no such termination under Section 8(a) occurred, contingent on the relevant annual bonus plan performance goals for the respective year having been obtained. However, in no case shall any such post-termination annual bonus exceed 100% of the Executive's target bonus for the fiscal year of the Company in which the Executive's termination of employment occurs. Such bonuses shall be paid on the later of the date they would otherwise be paid in accordance with the applicable Company bonus plan or sixty days after the date of the Executive's termination of employment.
Bonus. Executive shall be eligible to receive an annual performance-based bonus (“Annual Bonus”) based on the attainment of annual performance targets to be mutually agreed upon by Executive and the Board of Directors. The Annual Bonus shall be paid within two and one-half months following the end of the fiscal year in which such bonus was earned, provided that if by such time the determination of whether the Annual Bonus was earned (and the calculation of the amount thereof) is not complete, the Annual Bonus, if any, shall be paid as soon as practicable after such determination and calculation is complete, but in no event later than the last day of December in which the fiscal year end occurs. If (a) Executive is employed by the Company for at least nine months of a fiscal year, but not on the last day of such fiscal year, (b) Executive’s employment is terminated by the Company for reasons other than Cause (as defined in Section 9(e) below) or Executive resigns with Good Reason (as defined in Section 9(g) below), and (c) based on the results of operations and financial performance of the Company for the entire fiscal year, Executive would have been entitled to an Annual Bonus in respect of such fiscal year had Executive remained employed by the Company on the last day of such fiscal year, Executive shall be entitled to a pro-rata portion of the Annual Bonus (payable at the time set forth above) based upon the portion of the fiscal year during which Executive was employed (e.g., 9 months of employment = 75% of Annual Bonus).
Bonus. The Executive will be eligible for an annual bonus for each calendar year of his employment targeted at 50% of his Base Salary (the “Target Bonus”) based on the attainment of performance metrics established and revised annually by the Board or the Compensation Committee. The Board or the Compensation Committee, in its sole discretion, shall establish the eligibility criteria for such annual bonus, which may include Company financial projections and management goals specific to the Executive. Each bonus earned by the Executive shall be paid to the Executive in cash, less all required or authorized tax and other withholdings, during the 2 1/2 month period following the end of the calendar year in which the bonus was earned.
Bonus. Executive will be eligible for an annual discretionary bonus with a target amount equal to 40% of Executive’s Base Salary (the “Annual Bonus”). Whether Executive receives an Annual Bonus for any given year, and the amount of any such Annual Bonus, will be determined by the board of directors of the Company (the “Board”) or the compensation committee thereof in its sole discretion based upon the Company’s and Executive’s achievement of objectives and milestones to be determined on an annual basis by the Board or the compensation committee thereof. Executive will not be eligible for, and will not earn, any Annual Bonus (including a prorated bonus) if Executive’s employment terminates for any reason before any Annual Bonus is paid.
Bonus. In addition to the Base Salary, during the Term, Executive will be eligible to participate in the Company’s incentive bonus plan applicable to senior executives of the Company. The amount of any incentive bonus may be based on the attainment of performance criteria established and evaluated by the Board in accordance with the terms of such incentive bonus plan as in effect from time to time or, if no incentive bonus plan is or has been established, in the discretion of the Board. Each incentive bonus shall be paid no later than March 15th of the year following the year in which such incentive bonus is earned. The Company, acting in its sole and absolute discretion, may review, on an annual basis, Employee’s performance and as a result of such review, may proactively and not retroactively, adjust the Bonus, the calculation thereof, or the metrics used to determine the Bonus, based upon the performance of Employee and/or the Company, market conditions, or other factors in the Company’s sole discretion.
Bonus. “Bonus” means an amount equal to the average of the bonuses awarded to Executive for each of the three (3) fiscal years prior to the date of termination, or such lesser number of years as may be applicable if Executive has not been employed for three (3) full years on the date of termination. For purposes of determining Executive’s “Bonus,” to the extent Executive received no bonus in a year due to a failure to meet the applicable performance objectives, such year will still be taken into account (using zero (0) as the applicable bonus) in determining Executive’s “Bonus” for purposes of Section 4. If any portion of the bonuses awarded to Executive consisted of securities or other property, the fair market value thereof shall be determined in good faith by the Board.
Bonus. During the Term of Employment, the Executive shall be eligible to receive an annual bonus paid under the Company’s existing incentive bonus plan under which the Executive is eligible (which is currently the Incentive Compensation Plan) or any replacement plan that may subsequently be established and in effect during the Term of Employment. The current target annual bonus the Executive is eligible to earn upon achievement of 100% of all applicable performance targets under such incentive bonus plan is __% of the Executive’s then effective annual salary rate. Annual bonuses are not earned until the date any such bonus is paid in accordance with the terms of the applicable bonus plan. As such, the Executive’s termination for Cause or Voluntary Termination (as described in Sections 6(c) and 6(f), respectively) prior to the Company’s payment of the bonus for a fiscal year of the Company will cause the Executive to be ineligible for any annual bonus for that fiscal year or any pro-rata portion of such bonus.
Bonus. During the Executive’s employment under this Agreement, the Company shall cause the Executive to be eligible to participate in each bonus or incentive compensation plan, program or policy maintained by the Company from time to time, in whole or in part, for the executive officers of the Company (each, an “Incentive Compensation Plan” and payments thereunder, “Incentive Compensation”). The Executive’s target and maximum compensation under, and his performance goals and other terms of participation in, each Incentive Compensation Plan shall be determined by the Company’s Compensation Committee in its sole discretion. Any such Incentive Compensation is not guaranteed and is contingent upon the Executive and the Company achieving deliverables or goals agreed upon. Any such Incentive Compensation shall not be consideredearnedby the Executive until the Company has allocated payment to be made to the Executive for any performance period. Payment under any such Incentive Compensation Plan shall be made, if at all, after the close of the relevant performance period and by no later than March 15th of the year after the year in which the performance period ends. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, to the extent permitted or required by governing law, the Company’s Compensation Committee shall have discretion to require the Executive to repay to the Company the amount of any Incentive Compensation to the extent the Compensation Committee or Board determines that such bonus was not actually earned by the Executive due to (A) the amount of such payment was based on the achievement of financial results that were subsequently the subject of a material accounting restatement that occurs within three years of such payment (except in the case of a restatement due to a change in accounting policy or simple error); (B) the Executive has engaged in fraud, gross negligence or intentional misconduct; or (C) the Executive has deliberately misled the market or the Company’s stockholders regarding the Company’s financial performance.