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A Schedule. “A.1” employee on‐call shall be paid at straight time of two (2) hours per day. An employee shall be paid at straight time of two and one‐half (2.5) hours per day for recognized statutory holidays and weekends.
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A Schedule. “A.1” employee on-call shall be paid at straight time of two (2) hours per day. An employee shall be paid at straight time of two and one-half (2.5) hours per day for recognized statutory holidays and weekends. 12:6.2.7 A Schedule “A.1” employee designated as “on-call” is authorized to use a District vehicle, if available, to travel from the Maintenance yard to his/her residence and the call-out location and return as required. If no District vehicle is available the applicable mileage rate (pursuant to Board policy) will apply provided the employee is called out. 12:6.2.8
A Schedule. 2.6 Each contract entered into in respect of a Proposal, with its relevant Schedules, constitutes a separate agreement. There may be more than one agreement between the Parties in force at the same time as this Agreement.

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  • RDO Schedule a) The Schedule of RDO’s to be observed each year will generally be as provided under the VBIA.

  • Schedule The Work shall be performed as expeditiously as possible in conformity with the schedule requirements contained herein and in the Statement of Work. The draft and final versions of all deliverables shall be submitted by the dates specified in the Exhibit A Schedule and Project Period noted in Item No. 7 of this Agreement. It is understood and agreed that the delivery of the draft and final versions of such deliverables by the Contractor shall occur in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements of the Exhibit A Schedule.

  • Master Schedule At the start of the schematic design phase, the Construction Administrator will be given a copy of the updated DAS initial schedule as described in the pre-design phase. The Construction Administrator will then create its master schedule based on the DAS’ initial schedule. Utilizing CPM-based software, the Construction Administrator will assign a duration and relationship to each task, add or delete tasks, identify the logic of interrelationships and milestones, and perform schedule management activities to identify the project's critical path and timeline. The master schedule shall include all tasks from the pre-design phase through design, construction, and project closeout. Items to be identified during subsequent refinements include milestones for departmental occupancy, shop drawing and Construction Administrator reviews, special support services, mobilization and demobilization, long lead item purchases, and float times.

  • Pay Schedule 48.1 The regularly scheduled payday shall be bi-weekly, every other Thursday.

  • Fourth Schedule All petroleum as defined in the Xxxxxxxxx Xxx 0000 on or below the surface of the land the subject of this lease is reserved to the Crown in right of the State of Western Australia with the right of the Crown in right of the State of Western Australia and any person lawfully claiming thereunder or otherwise authorised to do so to have access to the land the subject of this lease for the purpose of searching for and for the operations of obtaining petroleum (as so defined) in any part of the land. FIFTH SCHEDULE (Date of commencement of the lease). SIXTH SCHEDULE (Any further conditions or stipulations).

  • PROGRESS SCHEDULE The Contractor, within ten (10) working days of receiving notice of the award of the contract, shall prepare and submit for the State's and Architect's information an estimated progress schedule for the Work. The progress schedule shall be related to the entire Project to the extent required by the Contract Documents, and shall provide for expeditious and practicable execution of the Work.

  • SCHEDULE OF WORK FIRST PARTY’S proposed schedule for the various services required will be set forth in Exhibit A-1. A4. CHANGES IN WORK -- EXTRA WORK In addition to services described in Section A1, the parties may from time to time agree in writing that FIRST PARTY, for additional compensation, shall perform additional services including but not limited to: • Change in the services because of changes in scope of the work. • Additional tasks not specified herein as required by the CITY. The CITY and FIRST PARTY shall agree in writing to any changes in compensation and/or changes in FIRST PARTY’s services before the commencement of any work. If FIRST PARTY deems work he/she has been directed to perform is beyond the scope of this agreement and constitutes extra work, FIRST PARTY shall immediately inform the CITY in writing of the fact. The CITY shall make a determination as to whether such work is in fact beyond the scope of this agreement and constitutes extra work. In the event that the CITY determines that such work does constitute extra work, it shall provide compensation to the FIRST PARTY in accordance with an agreed cost that is fair and equitable. This cost will be mutually agreed upon by the CITY and FIRST PARTY. A supplemental agreement providing for such compensation for extra work shall be negotiated between the CITY and the FIRST PARTY. Such supplemental agreement shall be executed by the FIRST PARTY and may be approved by the City Manager upon recommendation of the Department Head.

  • Wage Schedule ‌ The pay rate (including increments and stated extras) as agreed to and hereinafter in this Schedule provided, shall be in effect during the term of the Agreement, from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022.

  • Shift Schedule The words "shift schedule" when used in this Agreement shall mean a timetable of the shifts and off days assigned to a position or group of positions which commences at the beginning of a pay period and includes one complete rotation of said shifts.

  • Time Schedule 4.1. A project schedule is included in Appendix A.

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