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Of the District. (a.) The District shall by no later than 120 days after , obtain all necessary votes, resolutions, appropriations, and voter approvals, in accordance with the format prescribed by the Authority, for the Proposed Project. The District shall immediately notify the Authority of the date by which the District shall have received all necessary votes, resolutions, appropriations, and local approvals for the Proposed Project.
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Of the District. The District represents and warrants as of the date hereof:
Of the District. At its discretion, the Board may designate any individual(s) as its representative(s) for Negotiations. However, in the event the Board chooses to designate any individual(s) other than the Superintendent or elected Trustee(s) of the School District, the Local Education Organization is authorized to designate any individual(s) of its choosing to represent the organization for Negotiations. Negotiations will only occur between the respective designated representatives. 446 Exhibit A - Approved Teacher Union Representation Consent Form Legal Idaho Code 33-1271 through 33-1276

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  • Representations of the District The District represents, covenants and warrants to the Developer as follows:

  • Responsibilities of the District 12.1. The District shall examine the documents submitted by the Architect and shall render decisions so as to avoid unreasonable delay in the process of the Architect’s Services.

  • District The public agency or the school district for which the Work is performed. The governing board of the District or its designees will act for the District in all matters pertaining to the Contract. The District may, at any time:

  • School District For purposes of administering this Agreement, the term "School District" shall mean the School Board or its designated representative.

  • The City of Milwaukee, by its Milwaukee Board of School Directors, shall pay the Contractor for the full and complete performance of the work, the sum of Two Hundred Forty One Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Dollars and 60/100 ($241,270.60) as provided in the General Conditions of the Contract.

  • THE CITY OF LINCOLN, NEBRASKA ATTEST: City Clerk CITY OF LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Mayor Approved by Executive Order No. dated Lancaster County Signature Page AMENDMENT TO CONTRACT Annual Repair Services For Construction and Purpose-Built Equipment Bid No. 18-167 City of Lincoln and Lancaster County Renewal Xxxxxx Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc.

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