TO BE COMPLETED Sample Clauses

TO BE COMPLETED. BY BORROWER (If additional space is needed, attach additional sheets)
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TO BE COMPLETED. BY BORROWER (if additional space is needed, attach additional sheets) Planned Income Next 12 Months Name Age Wages Other Name and address of employer or source of income 1. 2. 3.
TO BE COMPLETED. A theorem of Xxxx [Wikipedia] says that a completely simple semigroup S is iso- morphic to a Xxxx matrix semigroup Reem(G) where G is a group. If both directions of the isomorphism are efficient (are they?), then the wedge problem in S is reducible to the wedge problem in a group G, which should be equivalent to inversion in the group.
TO BE COMPLETED. 3.2 The employee agrees to work at any other site that the Employer may deem to be applicable to complete the work.
TO BE COMPLETED. If this agreement is considered satisfied only when the Consultant completes the project defined as “Services”, select the second check box. (8)
TO BE COMPLETED by residents of a jurisdiction other than ther United States who are not “U.S. Persons”. Notwithstanding anything contained in Section 2.2, by initializing _____ this line the Subscriber represents, warrants and acknowledges that:
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TO BE COMPLETED. BY PURCHASER IF (3) ABOVE IS CHECKED ---------------------------------------------------- The undersigned represents and warrants that it is purchasing this Security for its own account or an account with respect to which it exercises sole investment discretion and that it and any such account is a "qualified institutional buyer" within the meaning of Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933, and is aware that the sale to it is being made in reliance on Rule 144A and acknowledges that it has received such information regarding the Company as the undersigned has requested pursuant to Rule 144A or has determined not to request such information and that it is aware that the transferor is relying upon the undersigned's foregoing representations in order to claim the exemption from registration provided by Rule 144A. Dated: ___________________ ____________________________________ NOTICE: To be executed by an executive officer [TO BE ATTACHED TO GLOBAL SECURITIES] SCHEDULE OF INCREASES OR DECREASES IN GLOBAL SECURITY The following increases or decreases in this Global Security have been made: Date of Amount of decrease Amount of increase Principal amount Signature of Exchange in Principal in Principal amount of this Global authorized officer amount of this of this Global Security following of Trustee or Global Security Security such decrease or Securities Increase Custodian EXHIBIT A FORM OF FACE OF EXCHANGE SECURITY OR PRIVATE EXCHANGE SECURITY*/** CUSIP No. 50540R AD 0 XXXX Xx. XX00000XXX00 No. ___________________ $ ________________ Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, a Delaware corporation, promises to pay to CEDE & CO., or registered assigns, the principal sum of [ ] Dollars on February 1, 2013.
TO BE COMPLETED by the School Erasmus Coordinator in the presence of the student
TO BE COMPLETED. .g. the selection aspects mobile students and or staff D Additional requirements [ if , e , requirements may necessary criteria for other be added on measures students and staff; or organisational receiving and academic for preparing, integrating / ] 5 For an easier and consistent understanding of language requirements, use of the Common European Framework of Reference for CEFR) is recommended see eu en resources - levels cefr languages ( , xxxx://xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xxxxxx. / / /european language Please disabilities. infrastructure [ specify whether the Institutions have the ] to welcome students staff with and A SAI 7BIIPnB: Infrastructure for students / visitors with physical disabilities is restricted in some of the buildings. It is individual s essential to communicate with the international office at least 6 months before the exchange period in order to clarify if the ' requirements and needs can be met. .
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