Regular Pay Sample Clauses

Regular Pay. 415 Compensation shall include regular pay after severance of employment if:
Regular Pay. The regular salary of an employee shall be paid every other Friday. When a payday falls on a day that is not a workday, the paycheck shall be issued on the last preceding workday for the employees.
Regular Pay. Whenever in this Agreement the phrase !regular payfi appears, it shall be deemed to include shift differential for those permanently assigned to second and third shifts but shall exclude overtime.
Regular Pay. Exclude Post-Severance OR Compensation composed of regular pay. See Section 1.11(I)(1)(a). [Note: 415 testing Compensation (versus allocation Compensation) must include Post-Severance Compensation composed of regular pay. See Section 4.05(D).]
Regular Pay. An employee’s Regular Pay shall include Base Pay, including Education Incentive Pay plus Longevity Pay. Regular Pay shall not include Call-Back Pay, Call-In Pay, Court Call-Back Pay, Court Standby Pay, Overtime Pay, or Uniform Cleaning Reimbursement.
Regular Pay. Regular pay means the payment of regular Compensation for services during the Participant's regular working hours, or Compensation for services outside the Participant's regular working hours (such as overtime or shift differential), commissions, bonuses, or other similar payments, but only if the payment would have been paid to the Participant prior to a Severance from Employment if the Participant had continued in employment with the Employer.
Regular Pay. (a). Wages shall be paid weekly in cash or by a check, drawn on a bank or financial institution operating within the jurisdiction of this Agreement, no more than five (5) calendar days after the end of the Employer=s payroll period. If the Employer elects to use a delivery service, the delivery date of the paycheck to the Employee shall not be later than the contractor=s designated payday. In accordance with applicable law, the Employer may pay employees by way of direct deposit of wages on a weekly basis to the bank or financial institution of the Employee=s choice, in which case, pay stubs will be provided to employees within the referenced 5-day period. If an Employee does not have an account at a bank or other financial institution within the jurisdiction of this Agreement, the Employee shall be entitled to receive payment by check in accordance with the timing requirements set forth above. The optional manner of payment, once adopted by the Employer, may not be changed except upon advance notification to the Employees and the Union.
Regular Pay. Pay for any such day of absence shall be the same as the pay which would have been received had the unit member served during the day. A unit member who is absent because of illness or injury for less than a school day shall have a prorated amount of sick leave deducted.