Public Schools Sample Clauses

Public Schools. 5.14.1. Subject to obtaining any required approvals from the State of North Carolina, the University will lease to the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (or Orange County as the case may be) sufficient land within the Carolina North Tract for a site for an elementary school at a rental rate of no more than one dollar ($1) per year.
Public Schools. The Developer Owner or Representative shall engage in conversations with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School Board regarding appropriate contribution of land and/or financial support for educational purposes. The Developer Owner or Representative shall include an update on these conversations and any decisions in the first Annual Report (see OBEY CREEK: reference Annual Report.]
Public Schools. 7.5 The basic contract will call for 190 days of service to be served over 188 days for the duration of this contract between the starting day of the school calendar and June 30. If contracts are written wherein the length of service demanded or expected is more than 190 days of service, then compensation shall be granted for such extra days and will be computed for each individual professional employee on a per diem basis in accordance with his/her position on the schedule. The contract will state the number of days expected.
Public Schools a. Full credit will be granted for teaching experience gained in all public schools in Canada, the United States, and in countries currently or previously members of the British Commonwealth.
Public Schools. Districts with security staff available as part of their normal work week (non-overtime) may provide a portion of the security requirement for the event, with prior approval by the Los Xxxx Police Department Chief of Police, or designee. Generally no more than three
Public Schools. 1639 While public schools are not required to subscribe to Contractor’s services, Contractor is required to 1640 offer Franchised Solid Waste, Franchised Recyclable Materials, and Franchised Organic Materials 1641 Collection services to public schools in the same manner it offers service to Commercial Subscribers. 1642 Upon school request, Contractor shall provide 96‐gallon Carts to public schools for use on school 1643 property including indoor use. Contractor shall charge all schools that Subscribe to service the same 1644 Rates for Recyclable Materials and Green Materials Collection services. The Green Materials Rate shall 1645 be not more than the Maximum Rate less CCCSWA and Member Agency fees and payments identified in 1646 Article 9. CCCSWA may pay for the Green Materials Collection services provided to public schools. In 1647 such case, Contractor shall xxxx the CCCSWA for such service. 1648
Public Schools a) The Schools Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (SAPFO) shall apply to the Developed Property and a summary of impact fees shall be included in the Annual Report.
Public Schools. E. 1. After one year of service, bargaining unit members who are scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week both during the school year and during the summer will be credited with five (5) days of paid vacation at the start of the next contract year and thereafter.
Public Schools. Pursuant to §38- 1802.04(c)(3)(B) of the Act, the School Corporation shall be exempt from District of Columbia statutes, policies, rules, and regulations established for District of Columbia Public Schools by OSSE, the Board of Education, the Mayor of the District of Columbia, or District of Columbia Council, except as otherwise provided in the Charter or in the Act.
Public Schools. The Concord-Carlisle Regional School District and the Concord Public Schools.