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Examples of. Conceptual Targets" are set forth in Exhibit A attached to this Agreement.
Examples of minor changes" include the following: o Changes to values being posted into the receiving system (i.e. payroll mappings) o Changes to translation table values (i.e. department rates) o Changes to individual field manipulations (i.e. Labor Level concatenation) o Changes to source or destination addresses (i.e. target file name and directory) Examples of changes that are not "minor changes" include the following: o Changes to rate calculation logic o Changes to input or output record formats o Addition of incremental functionality ( i.e. new table translation logic) o Addition of incremental sources or destinations (i.e. a second payroll output)
Examples of for federal grants. Allowable costs under this grant include all reasonable and ordinary costs for direct labor & benefits, travel, equipment, supplies, contractual services, construction services, and other direct costs identified and approved in the Project budget that are necessary for and incurred as a direct result of the Project and consistent with the requirements noted in Appendix B 3

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  • Examples of situations, which may require restrictions, are provided at FAR 9.508.

  • Examples of such an interest include shares in a corporation, partnership interest in a partnership or joint venture, interest of a member or manager in a limited liability company, or interest of a beneficiary of a trust, estate, or other similar entity.

  • Examples of apparent clerical errors are: 1) misplacement of a decimal point; and 2) obvious mistake in designation of unit.

  • Examples of job titles found here are heating, ac, and refrigeration mechanics and installers; telecommunication line installers and repairers; heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians and mechanics; small engine mechanics; security and fire alarm systems installers; electric/electronic repair, industrial, utility and transportation equipment; millwrights; riggers; and manufactured building and mobile home installers.

  • Examples of such causes include (1) acts of God or of the public enemy, (2) acts of the State in either its sovereign or contractual capacity, (3) fires, (4) floods, (5) epidemics, (6) quarantine restrictions, (7) strikes, (8) freight embargoes, and (9) unusually severe weather.

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Examples of plays The following section shows examples of various types of plays. Each is given in three different ways: description of the play, what the spotter would call out, and what the inputter should type in. Note where the spotter needs to say “home” or visitor and where this can be assumed. Made Field Goals
Examples of unprofessional attire includes but is not limited to: • T-shirts (and college wear may be worn on designated days and special occasions as outlined at the building or district level). • Sweatpants/yoga pants/exercise wear and other than a Physical Education Teacher. • Sleepwear • Clothing with revealing holes • Shirts/pants with inadequate coverage • Flip Flops Appendix E Grievance # GRIEVANCE FORM Contract Year 20 _ _ - 20 _ _ Distribution of Forms: 1. Teacher 3. Administrator/Supervisor 5. School Board 7. MEA
Examples of using styled content outside of a website include but are not limited to producing merchandise, .pdf documents, image files, or personalized physical objects using the styled content or opening the website through an application.
Examples of transaction types by category include: License applications and payments Benefits applications Filing of complaints Public requests for information Registrations Tax payments Reservations for public facilities Fine payments
Examples of. A" level talent include:
Examples of disturbances" shall include but are not limited to: loitering or congregating about the Premises and parking area for purposes not benefiting the use of the Premises or other's use of the Industrial Center; making noise in, on or about the Premises or Industrial Center that bothers others; swearing or intimidating others; disturbances may be any ___ that elicit complaints by other tenants, neighbors and police visits to the Industrial Center in response to complaints. In the event that the Lessor ___; at its sole reasonable discretion, that the Lessee/Associates are disturbing the enjoyment of the Property for others, then Lessee shall take immediate ___ action upon notification by Lessor. In addition, the Lessor shall have the option to take such action as Lessor deems necessary to ensure compliance with this Paragraph 53 and any costs associated with the Lessor's action shall be reimbursed by the Lessee to the Lessor upon demand. The Lessor may hire a ___ firm or take whatever other measures it deems necessary to enforce this agreement, at Lessee's costs.
Examples of. SEGfL Management Group Work: § SEGfL needs to constantly monitor its strategies. The SEGfL Management Group will discuss aims and objectives and feedback to Steering Group any perceived strategic priorities.