Work Time Sample Clauses

Work Time. The Employee shall work five (5) days per week, eight (8) hours per working day, and shall work overtime as may be required by specific circumstances.
Work Time. Studio rates and working conditions shall prevail for all work performed within the studio zone. However, for newly-called employees and those employees notified on the previous day prior to their departure from the studio (or the zone location) to report at the zone location, work time shall begin and end at the zone location; otherwise, work time shall begin and end at the studio. Such work time includes travel time both ways between the studio and the zone location.
Work Time. Work time consists of all time spent on the job in the performance of Company duties. Work time excludes meal periods.
Work Time. All of the following shall be included in work time.
Work Time. The following items will be regarded as hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime pay:
Work Time. At the time of hire, the contract rate of pay will be determined based on each individual employee’s work experience. Hours worked during the orientation period, non-weekend shifts and paid non-worked hours shall be paid at the employee’s contract rate of pay.
Work Time. Normal hours and days of work, time off and holidays to be observed shall be as provided in the applicable Supplemental Agreements hereto or as otherwise agreed by the Parties.
Work Time. Work time is defined as all hours actually spent in pay status including travel time required by and at the direction of the Employer before, during or after the regularly assigned work day, excluding sick leave.
Work Time. Deputies are paid a salary and are expected to devote such time to their job duties as may be required in order to perform their duties in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession.
Work Time. Work time includes time during which an employee: