Extra Work Sample Clauses

Extra Work. At any time during the Term of this Agreement, City may request that Consultant perform Extra Work. As used herein, “Extra Work” means any work which is determined by City to be necessary for the proper completion of the Project, but which the Parties did not reasonably anticipate would be necessary at the execution of this Agreement. Consultant shall not perform, nor be compensated for, Extra Work without written authorization from City’s Representative.
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Extra Work. Should work beyond that described in Exhibit A be required, it will be paid for as extra work at a cost to be agreed upon in separate written agreement by the Town and the Contractor prior to commencement of the additional work. Such additional agreements shall be executed and approved by all persons required by Town purchasing ordinances or policies.
Extra Work. If the CONSTRUCTION MANAGER believes that any work it has been directed to perform is beyond the scope of this Contract and constitutes Extra Work, it shall promptly so notify the OWNER in writing. The OWNER shall determine whether or not the work is in fact beyond the scope of this Contract and is Extra Work. If the OWNER determines that the work is Extra Work, this Contract shall be modified to equitably reflect the cost of said Extra Work.
Extra Work a) This Agreement shall be continuously reviewed by the CONSULTANT. The CONSULTANT shall notify the STATE of the results of those reviews in writing by submittal of a monthly Cost Control Report similar to EXHIBIT "D". b) If the CONSULTANT believes that any work is or may be beyond the scope of the Agreement (extra work), or that additional work is necessary, the CONSULTANT shall notify the STATE, in writing, of this fact prior to beginning any of the work. The notification shall include all information required by the Department. The STATE shall be the sole judge as to whether or not such work is in fact beyond the scope of this Agreement and constitutes extra work. No extra or additional work shall be started prior to written authorization from the STATE. The STATE shall be under no obligation to reimburse the CONSULTANT for any extra or additional work performed without the prescribed notification and authorization. The STATE will not allow fixed fee for any extra work undertaken without prescribed notification and authorization. In the event that the STATE determines that such work does constitute extra work, the STATE shall provide extra compensation to the CONSULTANT in a fair and equitable manner. If necessary, a Supplemental Agreement providing the compensation and describing the work authorized shall be issued by the STATE to the CONSULTANT for execution after approvals have been obtained from necessary State officials and, if required, from the Federal Highway Administration. c) In the event of any claims being made or any actions being brought in connection with the PROJECT, or if construction support services are requested of the CONSULTANT by the STATE, the CONSULTANT agrees to render to the STATE all assistance required by the STATE. Compensation for work performed and costs incurred in connection with this requirement shall be made in a fair and equitable manner. In all cases provided for in this Agreement for the additional services above described, the STATE's directions shall be exercised by the issuance of a separate Agreement, if necessary.
Extra Work. Contractor will do no extra work under this Agreement without first receiving prior written authorization from the City.
Extra Work. The City may desire to have the Consultant perform work or render services in connection with this project other than that expressly provided for in the "Scope of Work" section of this Contract. This will be considered extra work, supplemental to this Contract, and shall not proceed unless authorized by an amendment. Any costs incurred due to the performance of extra work prior to execution of an amendment will not be reimbursed under this Contract or an amendment.
Extra Work. Extra work shall be per the Agreement Section 1.5.3. In the event extra work is required, the Schedule of Fees as submitted by the A/E in the Agreement (Attachment B) shall determine the basis of payment for extra work.
Extra Work. Should changes in the work occur, the Subcontractor shall, in a timely manner, submit to the Contractor, in writing, the associated cost or credit related to the change. No claims for extra work beyond the scope of this Subcontract will be honored without prior written approval by Contractor.
Extra Work. Extra work shall be defined to include additional products or services ordered in connection with this project other than that expressly provided for in the “Scope of Work” section of this Contract. Contractor shall not proceed with extra work unless authorized by a written amendment issued by the RFP Coordinator. Such extra work may be authorized by a Contractor proposal and a written acceptance from the City through a Change Order issued to the Contractor, or may be authorized by a Change Order signed by both parties, whichever the City Buyer requires. Any costs incurred due to the performance of extra work prior to execution of an amendment will not be reimbursed under this Contract or an amendment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the RFP Coordinator may make reasonable and immaterial changes to this Contract, including place of delivery, installation or inspection, the method of shipment or packing, labeling and identification, extension of the contract, and ancillary matters that Contractor may accommodate without substantial additional expense to Seattle.
Extra Work. The parties hereto recognize that the demands made upon the Com- mission’s services fluctuate widely during the normal day and to a lesser extent from day to day and from season to season. When an emergency requires employees to continue at work for extra time, the parties hereto agree that the employees represented by the Union shall perform the necessary work at the premium rates as set out herein, provided that such extra work is kept to a minimum consistent with the emergency, and if employees have adequate rea- sons they shall be excused. Emergency procedures (where necessary) will be initiated by aT.T.C. Official at or above the level of Operations Superintendent. The most senior Executive Officer of the Union available will be informed of the emergency as soon as possible after it is called, and again when it is cancelled.