Planning Time Sample Clauses

Planning Time. The teachersload in the Rockford Middle Schools, Freshman Center and Rockford Senior High shall consist of 310 minutes. During the workday, each teacher in the Middle Schools, Freshman Center and Senior High shall be entitled to one (1) period of planning time.
Planning Time. 11-4-1 High school and middle school teachers shall have a minimum of five (5) planning periods per week unless they are compensated for additional instruction or extra duty responsibilities. A planning period shall be equivalent to one (1) regular class period. Elementary school teachers shall have a minimum of forty (40) consecutive minutes of planning time per school day during the student contact time unless they are compensated for additional instruction or extra duty responsibilities. During the planning time teachers shall not be assigned to other duties except for emergencies or conferences. In case of an emergency, or any disrupted schedule, program, or staffing, elementary school teachers can be assigned planning time any time during the contract workday.
Planning Time. The Board, administrators, and the Association acknowledge that teachers donate significant personal time working outside School contract hours for the benefit of the District and its students. The Board, administration and the Association agree that teachers shall be provided with as much time as is reasonable to prepare the classroom environment and to prepare for classes and students during contract hours. Minimum planning time at each building level shall be as follows:
Planning Time. All teachers are to be guaranteed an uninterrupted daily block of at least 45 minutes of planning for a traditional schedule or an uninterrupted block of at least 90 minutes every other day for a block schedule. Planning time shall be used primarily for lesson/program planning, parent conferences, student conferences, and conferring with other faculty members. A good faith effort must be made by the principal or designee to ensure equitable scheduling among the faculty for teacher participation and involvement for any accommodation plan meeting (IEP (Individual Education Plan), 504, BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan), etc.) in which the teacher’s planning time and instructional time are disrupted as little as possible.
Planning Time. A. Except in case of emergency, each teacher will receive a minimum of 290 minutes per six-day cycle during the regularly scheduled workday for preparation and planning related to the instructional program. Teachers will receive at least 270 minutes of this planning time during the student instructional day.
Planning Time. It is the intent of the parties that the plan time for all teachers shall be in a range of 410 minutes to 580 minutes per regular workweek, which shall include the 20 minutes of non- instructional time before the start of the studentsregular school day. This provision, in regard to plan time, does not apply to nurses. Part-time teachers shall receive prorated planning time. Plan time for all teachers shall include at least one twenty-five (25) minute segment excluding the 20 minutes before the school day. If a teacher participates in a staffing or professional meeting during planning time that results in the teacher having less than 25 minutes of planning time for that day, the teacher will be compensated for the loss of the planning time at the contractual Professional Rate or receive equivalent alternative planning time within the same week, if possible. If the alternative planning time offered is inconvenient, the teacher and administrator will work together to determine and agree upon a different option. The choice of pay or alternative plan time will be made by the Superintendent or designee. When a teacher substitutes during his/her planning time, the time will be compensated at the contractual Professional Rate. When a teacher is assigned by administration or designee to substitute by assuming responsibility for a class in addition to his/her own class, the time will be compensated at the contractual Professional Rate. Example: A physical education teacher has his/her own class and, due to a lack of substitute teachers, also assumes responsibility for another physical education class. In such a situation, the teacher will receive the contractual Professional Rate. In the absence of a nurse which requires the remaining nurse to address the needs of students in both schools, the nurse will be compensated at the contractual Professional Rate. In the event a physical education teacher is assigned to locker room supervision within his/her plan time, the teacher shall be paid at the extra duty supervisory rate of pay for the time.
Planning Time. The District shall provide instructional planning time for teachers at the full-time equivalency rate of two hundred twenty-five minutes per five (5) day work week during the student contact day. This applies to teachers working a minimum of .5
Planning Time. 6.8.1 Planning time shall be provided during the student day as follows: