The Salary Sample Clauses

The Salary. Paying Unit agrees to comply fully with all eligibility, participation, underwriting, financial, actuarial, legal and administrative policies, guidelines and procedures of the Plan, as amended.
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The Salary. Paying Unit agrees to offer Plan coverage to all of its eligible deacons (if the Conference Plan Sponsor has not elected to cover deacons at the Conference level), lay employees or both as specified below, on a nondiscriminatory basis.
The Salary. Paying Unit agrees to make any necessary records and data available to the Plan Sponsor and Wespath in order to determine the eligibility of all eligible and potentially eligible deacons, lay employees, spouses and other dependents.
The Salary. The 2020-2022 salaries are obtained by adding the following factors:
The Salary. 5.1 The Company shall pay the Employee a gross monthly salary in the amount as set forth in Exhibit A hereto (the “Base Salary”).
The Salary. 20. The Company shall pay the Employee as of the Effective Date and thereafter a gross monthly salary in the sum set forth in appendix A attached hereto (hereinafter" "the Salary"). The salary shall be paid to the Employee no later than the 9th day of each month in respect of the previous month. Payment shall be linked to the cost of living allowance in the economy in accordance with an expansion order that shall be announced and applicable to all employers and employees in Israel.
The Salary. 7.1. In consideration for the fulfillment of his position and all the duties of his employment, as of the Commencement Date the Company shall pay Employee a gross total monthly salary of 65,000 NIS (the “Salary”). Such Salary shall be based on the following: - A gross monthly salary of 48,750 NIS (the "Base Salary"). - An additional global supplement for overtime work hours in the gross sum of 16,250 NIS per month (the "Overtime Payment"), based on the assumption that the Employee’s position requires work at extra hours from time to time, estimated at ~50 hours of work per month (the “Extra Hours Quota”). The Overtime Payment shall be adjusted simultaneously in accordance with the adjustment of the Base Salary. Employee hereby undertakes to not work extra hours exceeding the Extra Hours Quota, unless authorized to do so by the Company, in advance and in writing.
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The Salary. Article 5 The gross salary of the employee at the start of his employment is €6,700 per month, with a full-time position. The payment of the salary takes place no later than on the last day of the month. Salary in case of disability and waiting period
The Salary. The 2016-18 salaries are obtained by adding the following factors:
The Salary. Floors for Librarian Members shall be as follows (with salary floors increased by scale effective July 1, 2012 and July 1, 2013): Rank July 1, 2011 July 1, 2012 July 1, 2013 Librarian IV $78,230 $79,795 $81,390 Librarian III $67,513 $68,863 $70,240 Librarian II $58,940 $60,119 $61,321 Librarian I $53,582 $54,654 $55,747
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