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ROLES AND. The Employer shall make all reasonable provisions for the occupational safety and health of its employees during the hours of their employment. Protective devices on machinery and other devices deemed necessary to properly protect employees from injury shall be provided by the Employer. It is the responsibility of all employees to wear safety equipment which is supplied, to observe safe working practices and to report unsafe conditions to the Employer. All rights and privileges established under the laws of the Province of Ontario in respect to health & safety shall form part of this Agreement.
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ROLES AND. RESPONSIBILITIES OF EACH PARTY Role of the Commonwealth The Commonwealth will be responsible for: monitoring and assessing achievement against milestones in the delivery of the projects under this Agreement to ensure that outputs are delivered within the agreed timeframe; and providing a consequent financial contribution to Queensland to support the implementation of this Agreement. Role of Queensland Queensland will be responsible for: providing an in-kind contribution to support the implementation of this Agreement; all aspects of delivering on the project outputs set out in this Agreement; and reporting on the delivery of outputs as set out in Part 4Project Milestones, Reporting and Payments.
ROLES AND. Program Coordinator: Contact the employee immediately following receipt of an incident, injury or accident appropriate duration of absence. Ensure that all the necessary paperwork has been completed; arrange for Physical Demands Analysis and Medical Abilities Form to be provided to the employee. Meet with the employee and Accommodation Committee to develop specific goals and objectives for each case. the immediate in the employee’s return to work plan. Monitor progress of employees in the programs and maintain regular communication with the Administrator, to ensure a successful outcome. Maintain communication with all parties involved to ensure consistency and accuracy of information. Review all current employees on short disability to determine eligibility for these programs. Present in-service training to all Accommodation Develop knowledge and understanding of Disability Management and Early and Safe Return to Work programs. Assist in the development of mutually agreed upon objectives. Conduct thorough physical demands analysis positions at the Sun Parlor Home including possible modifications. Participate in the individual return to work plans. Educate workers on the benefits of participating in the Early and Safe Return to Work Communicate potential labour relations problems to management. Employee:
ROLES AND. RESPONSIBILITIES Employees are responsible for understanding and complying with the Policy Prohibiting Weapons in the Workplace. Whenever there is a question as to whether an instrument, article or substance is considered a weapon in violation of this policy, it is the employee’s responsibility to seek clarification. Employees seeking clarification should direct their questions to the agency’s Security & Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at 000-000-0000 prior to bringing the item(s) to Omnitrans work sites and events, as well as agency- owned or leased facilities or vehicles. H. SAFETY FIRST In applying this policy, no employee shall take any action that will risk his or her own safety or the safety of other individuals. No attempt should ever be made by an employee to restrain or forcibly evict an armed person from agency premises. An individual’s continued non-compliance after being properly informed of the law (California Penal Code 171 (b)) will result in notification to law enforcement and discipline, up to and including separation of employment. Employees should notify security immediately. An employee who feels an imminent danger to his or her own safety or the safety or security of others, should avoid any interaction with the individual. Immediately contact law enforcement by calling 9-911 and security at 000-000-0000. I. ANTI-RETALIATION PROVISION Omnitrans strictly prohibits any retaliation against an employee who has reported a possible breach of policy. If an employee feels that he or she has been subjected to retaliation in violation of this policy, the employee must immediately report it to his or her supervisor or other designated Human Resources representative. PERSONNEL POLICY MANUAL POLICY 707 PAGE 5 OF 6
ROLES AND. RESPONSIBILITIES DOH agrees to ▪ serve as the lead agency in Florida for the administration of IDEA, Part C, as required in 34 CFR 303.142 ▪ provide staff to ensure that state collaboration is consistent with IDEA, Part C, for policy and program development and coordination ▪ transmit funds to DOE for one full-time staff position to support DOE's role in the implementation of IDEA, Part C ▪ provide state level planning, policy development, and coordination to support local implementation of the following components as required by IDEA, Part C and the CMS Program Office and described in the policy and guidance documents: public awareness/central directory, referral/child find, evaluation and assessment, service delivery, family support plans, service coordination, transition, procedural safeguards, family involvement, local quality assurance, fiscal management, data and record keeping, and personnel development and training ▪ provide policy and supports that promote delivery of IDEA, Part C services for eligible infants and toddlers in the natural environment ▪ in partnership with DOE, participate in the continued development/revision of State Board of Education Rules for the coordination and implementation of IDEA, Part C requirements at both state and local levels ▪ in collaboration and partnership with DOE and local public and private agencies, participate in the continued development of outcome measures for which local Early Steps Programs will be held accountable ▪ in collaboration and partnership with DOE and local and private service providers, assure the provision of technical assistance, training, and quality assurance reviews to local Early Steps Programs ▪ support a central directory of information consistent with the requirements of IDEA, Part C ▪ in collaboration with DOE, participate in the implementation of a comprehensive system of personnel development for professionals and paraprofessionals working with or preparing to work with infants and toddlers from birth to age three with established conditions or developmental delays and their families ▪ implement policy pertaining to contracting or making other arrangements with public or private service providers to provide Early Steps services which include the requirement that all early intervention services meet State standards and are consistent with the provisions of IDEA, Part C ▪ participate as a member of DOE’s State Advisory Committee for the Education of Exceptional Students established ...
ROLES AND. Responsibilities 2.1 The Environm ent Agency The Environment Agency [hereafter referred to as 'the Agency'] has been established with the prim ary role of ’protecting and enhancing the environment in line with the government's overall commitment to sustainable development'. Part of this role involves managing flood risk. This is done by: supervising all matters relating to flood defence in England and Wales. advising planning authorities on the implications of development proposals on flood risk issues and the environment carrying out works to reduce the risks of flooding from designated rivers called “main rivers" and the sea. issuing flood warnings and preparing written Dissemination Plans, clearing obstructions from rivers which may cause a flood hazard. • using our powers to consent works that may affect flood risk The flood-defence powers of the Agency are generally permissive, and are complemented by the wider planning powers of Planning Authorities to control development in flood risk areas. Rivers and watercourses are divided into two legal categories “Main Rivers" and Environment Agency/LG A Flood Defence Technical Protocol, August 1998
ROLES AND. RESPONSIBILITIES (a) City's Role. The City will maintain overall responsibility for public involvement and information for the entire HHCTCP from East Kapolei to Ala Moana. The Design-Builder will be responsible for implementing the P AlCR Program for this specific Contract. The City's responsibilities will include: (l) Providing leadership in establishing the Project's communications policy and strategic direction; (2) Providing the Design-Builder with communications goals and objectives; Kamehameha Highway Guideway Design-Build Request for Proposals (Part 2) - 93 - Addendum 17 -September 2010 SP-8 Public Awareness and Community Relations ( Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project (3) Ensuring that the Design-Builders' communications programs and products are consistent system wide and in line with the City's overall public information and involvement efforts; (4) Conducting City-sponsored public relations activities targeted to the general public; (5) Monitoring the Design-Builder's performance for compliance with the Design- Builder's PAICR Program; and (6) Identifying stakeholder representatives in each construction segment. (b) Design-Builder's Role. The Design-Builder will be the focal point for the public awareness and community relations effort to prepare affected neighborhoods for construction and to minimize the actual impact of construction. The Design-Builder shall have primary responsibility for performing the project-specific PAiCR activities. The Design-Builder shall be responsible for day-to-day PAiCR and mitigating the impact of construction for businesses and residents in the project area, as defined in the Contract Documents, including the Design-Builder's Proposal Documents. SP-8.3 DESIGN-BUILDER'S RESPONSIBILITIES (a) Design-Builder's Public Awareness and Community Relations Plan. Within thirty (30) Days of any Notice to Proceed (NTP), the Design-Builder shall complete and submit to the City for Review and Comment, its P AlCR Program Plan based on the summary submitted with its Proposal Documents and the other Contract Documents. The Business and Residential Impact Mitigation Plan defined in this Section must be included as a subset ofthe PAiCR Program Plan. The PAiCR Program Plan must reflect the City's communications goals and objectives and must target P AlCR activities to those most affected by the construction of the project. The Design-Builder's PAICR Program must include, at a minimum, the items described in these Special...
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  • Roles and Responsibilities 1. The Donor States shall make funds available in support of eligible programmes proposed by the Beneficiary State and agreed on by the Financial Mechanism Committee within the priority sectors listed in Article 3.1 of Protocol 38c and the programme areas listed in the Annex to Protocol 38c. The Donor States and the Beneficiary State shall cooperate on the preparation of concept notes defining the scope and planned results for each programme.

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Parties The AEDC and the URA each agree to assume and undertake their respective roles and responsibilities relating to the Project as set forth below:


  • Roles & Responsibilities During the MOU Period, the Parties will work together to develop the final scope of the CCA project. The Parties are entering into this MOU in good faith and final project approval is contingent on satisfactory completion of the milestones outlined in Appendix A. CCAG is solely responsible for all costs throughout the approval process. As applicable, CCAG shall maintain adequate insurance coverages for any work conducted on the property ("Property”) depicted in Appendix B during the MOU Period.

  • Contractor’s Responsibilities Unless stated specifically to the contrary in the tender with full supporting explanations, the contractor will be deemed to have concurred as a practical manufacturer with the design and layout of the works as being sufficient to ensure reliability and safety in operation, freedom from undue stresses and satisfactory performance in all other essentials as a working material.

  • Client Responsibilities You are responsible for (a) assessing each participants’ suitability for the Training, (b) enrollment in the appropriate course(s) and (c) your participants’ attendance at scheduled courses.

  • Client’s Responsibilities In addition to other responsibilities herein or imposed by law, the Client shall:

  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGER’S RESPONSIBILITIES The Construction Manager’s Preconstruction Phase responsibilities are set forth in Sections 2.1 and 2.2. The Construction Manager’s Construction Phase responsibilities are set forth in Section 2.3. The Owner and Construction Manager may agree, in consultation with the Architect, for the Construction Phase to commence prior to completion of the Preconstruction Phase, in which case, both phases will proceed concurrently. The Construction Manager shall identify a representative authorized to act on behalf of the Construction Manager with respect to the Project.

  • Student Responsibilities The Student Agrees to:

  • SERVICES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 2.1 Contractor hereby agrees to perform the services described and for the fee set forth in the Scope of Work. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for the satisfactory and complete execution of the Scope Work. The Contractor shall provide and pay for all labor, materials, equipment, tools, construction equipment and machinery, water, utilities, transportation and other facilities and services necessary for the proper execution and completion of the Scope of Work. The Scope of Work shall generally be performed at the direction of the NMCRA and completed and completed within that certain number of days from the issuance of a Work Order by the NMCRA to the Contractor (the “Term”). Time is of the essence in the performance of all obligations within the Term. Final Completion of the Scope of Work shall be completed prior to the expiration of the Term and the failure of the Contractor to do so shall be a material default under this Agreement. “

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