Days of receipt Sample Clauses

Days of receipt. The Contractor shall provide the Department a copy of all survey results. A description of the methodology to be used conducting surveys, the targeted audience, the number and percentage of stakeholders, Providers or Enrollees to be surveyed, response rates, and a sample survey instrument, shall be submitted to the Department along with the findings and interventions conducted or planned. All survey results must be reported to the Department, and upon request, disclosed to Enrollees.
Days of receipt. BALANCE of Guarantee, Plus Percentage Payments, if any, and Sound and lights Payments, if any, to be paid in United States Currency by PURCHASER to ARTIST no later than Prior to Performance, evening of engagement 6. Riders Attached Hereto Are Hereby Made a Part Hereof.
Days of receipt. Where a meeting is held, the Manager’s reply will be given within a further five (5) days of such meeting. If a settlement is not reached at Stage 2, the matter may be referred to arbitration within thirty (30) days of submission of the grievance at Stage 2.
Days of receipt. If the outstanding objections are resolved, the Company shall be free to proceed with the Direct Marketing.
Days of receipt. 6 RELINQUISHMENTS
Days of receipt. If no settlement is reached in Step One, the Guild representative acting on the Officer’s behalf must, within fourteen (14) days the date the Manager replied under Step One, meet with a Company representative in order to discuss the grievance, and if possible, to achieve a settlement. The Company representative shall render his decision in writing.
Days of receipt. The Parties shall thereafter promptly meet to consider Contractor’s comments and revise and finalize the plan as necessary. PSGC shall proceed with the acquisition of capital spare parts in accordance with the finalized plan.
Days of receipt. Signing indicates commitment to fully participate per this Agreement.
Days of receipt. Each of the Parties shall instruct the Pricing Expert to render a determination of whether the price proposed by Carrier or Operator most nearly reflects the current market price of Rocky Station based upon actual and anticipated market conditions for the time period in consideration within twenty (20) Days of the Pricing Expert’s receipt of both Parties’ Pricing Submissions, regardless of whether the Pricing Expert has posed or the Parties have responded to written questions. For the avoidance of doubt, the Pricing Expert may select either the price proposed by Carrier or Operator, but no other price.
Days of receipt. Should the parties be unable, within this time period, to resolve this matter by either a written agreement or withdrawal of the application, the matter shall be set for arbitration. Similarly situated applications may be scheduled for arbitration collectively. The employee(s) and the Union shall mutually agree upon an Arbitrator, and except as may otherwise be agreed upon, in writing, between the employee and the Union, the arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with this agreement. If the parties cannot agree to an Arbitrator, then they shall secure a list of seven (7) Arbitrators from FMCS and use the alternative strike method to determine the Arbitrator. The expense of the arbitration shall be borne by the Union. The Arbitrator shall analyze the claim in accordance with the standards of Title VII and all applicable case law. If the Arbitrator determines that the employee is entitled to relief under Title VII, the Arbitrator shall direct that the appropriate portion of the dues or fair share fee attributable to the employee be directed to a non-religious charitable organization mutually agreed upon between the employee and the Union. If the Arbitrator determines that the employee is not entitled to relief under Title VII, then the application shall be dismissed. Any accommodation shall comply with Title VII. The Union shall forward a copy of the arbitration decision to OCB in order to direct the payment of funds that have been withheld but not remitted to the Union, and any future dues or fair share fees of the affected employee in compliance with the decision and this section.