Other Arrangements Sample Clauses

Other Arrangements. This Agreement supersedes any and all cash severance arrangements and vesting acceleration arrangements on change in control under any prior option agreement, restricted stock unit agreement, severance and salary continuation arrangements, programs and plans which were previously offered by the Company to the Executive, including change in control severance arrangements and vesting acceleration arrangements pursuant to an employment agreement or offer letter, and Executive hereby waives Executive’s rights to such other benefits. In no event shall any individual receive cash severance benefits under both this Agreement and any other severance pay or salary continuation program, plan or other arrangement with the Company. For the avoidance of doubt, in no event shall Executive receive payment under both Section 3 and Section 4 with respect to Executive’s Separation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, or any provision of this Agreement to the contrary, the Board may accelerate, in full or in part, the vesting of the Equity Awards in its sole discretion, including, without limitation, upon termination of Executive’s employment or upon a Change in Control.
Other Arrangements. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to prevent or inhibit other arrangements or practices of any party state or states to facilitate the interchange of educational personnel.
Other Arrangements. The Board of Trustees is further empowered, at any time and from time to time, to contract with any Persons to provide such other services to the Trust, as the Board of Trustees determine to be in the best interests of the Trust, including appointing one or more Persons to act as the custodian, transfer agent, dividend disbursing agent, fund accountant, and/or shareholder servicing agent for the Trust, any Series or Class.
Other Arrangements. 1. For any cases that are not explicitly mentioned in this Contract there are valid instructions of the Civil Code and Internal Directives regarding accommodation.
Other Arrangements. CLEC's use of CBT Structure is subject to any valid, lawful and nondiscriminatory arrangements CBT may now or hereafter have with others pertaining to the Structure.
Other Arrangements. Except as described in the Registration Statement, any Preliminary Prospectus, the Statutory Prospectus and the Prospectus and except with respect to the Underwriters in connection with the Offering, the Company has not entered into any agreement or arrangement (including, without limitation, any consulting agreement or any other type of agreement) during the 180-day period prior to the initial filing date of the Registration Statement, which arrangement or agreement provides for the receipt of any item of value and/or the transfer of any warrants, options, or other securities from the Company to a FINRA member or, the knowledge of the Company, any person associated with a member (as defined by FINRA rules), any potential underwriters in the Offering and any related persons.
Other Arrangements. The Finance Parties may, without prejudice to their rights under or pursuant to the Security Documents, at any time and from time to time, on such terms and conditions as they may in their discretion determine, and without notice to the Borrower, grant time or other indulgence to, or compound with, any other person liable (actually or contingently) to the Finance Parties or any of them in respect of all or any part of the Indebtedness, and may release or renew negotiable instruments and take and release securities and hold funds on realisation or suspense account without affecting the liabilities of the Borrower or the rights of the Finance Parties under or pursuant to the Security Documents.
Other Arrangements. (a) Except for the Principal Agreements, (i) no Shareholder shall grant any proxy or enter into or agree to be bound by any understanding or any voting trust, voting proxy or other agreement with respect to any matters relating to the Company, its management, or any Shares, (ii) nor shall any Shareholder enter into any shareholders agreement or other arrangement of any kind (whether written or oral) with any Person with respect to any matters relating to the Company, its management or any Shares, including, without limitation, any agreement, understanding or arrangement with respect to the acquisition, ownership, registration, Transfer or other disposition or voting of Shares, and (iii) nor shall any Shareholder act, for any reason, as a member of a group or in concert with any other Person in connection with the acquisition, Transfer or other disposition or voting of Shares in any manner which is inconsistent with any obligation of such Shareholder under this Agreement; provided that each Shareholder shall be permitted to Transfer its Shares in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Other Arrangements. Parent is not a party to any contract, commitment or agreement, nor are any of its assets subject to, or bound or affected by, any order, judgment, decree, law, statute, ordinance, rule, regulation or other restriction of any kind or character which is not applicable to Parent generally, which would, individually or in the aggregate, cause a Material Adverse Effect on Parent. Parent is also not a party or subject to any agreement, contract or other obligation which would require the making of any payment, other than payments contemplated by this Agreement, to any other person as a result of the consummation of the transactions contemplated herein.
Other Arrangements. Guarantor is not a party to any agreement or instrument materially and adversely affecting Guarantor’s present or proposed business, properties or assets, or operations or condition (whether financial or otherwise); and Guarantor is not in default in the performance, observance or fulfillment of any of the obligations, covenants or conditions set forth in any agreement or instrument to which Guarantor is a party, the failure of which to perform, observe or fulfill could have a material adverse effect upon the Guarantor’s present or proposed business, properties or assets, or operations or condition.