Record Keeping Sample Clauses

Record Keeping. The Adviser will maintain records in a form acceptable to the Trust and in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, including but not limited to records required to be maintained by Section 31(a) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 and the rules thereunder, which at all times will be the property of the Trust and will be available for inspection and use by the Trust.
Record Keeping. The Grantee agrees to maintain records of the expenditure of the Grant.
Record Keeping. 8.1 Licensee agrees to keep accurate and correct records of Licensed Products made, used, sold, or imported and Licensed Processes practiced under this Agreement appropriate to determine the amount of royalties due PHS. These records shall be retained for at least five (5) years following a given reporting period and shall be available during normal business hours for inspection, but not more than once during any twelve (12) month period (whether the audit is pursuant to this Paragraph 8.1 or Paragraph 8.2), at the expense of PHS, by an accountant or other designated auditor selected by PHS for the sole purpose of verifying reports and royalty payments hereunder. The accountant or auditor shall only disclose to PHS information relating to the accuracy of reports and royalty payments made under this Agreement. If an inspection shows an underreporting or underpayment in excess of [*] for any [*] period, then [*] at the time Licensee pays the unreported royalties, including any additional royalties as required by Paragraph 9.8. All royalty payments required under this Paragraph shall be due within sixty (60) days of the date PHS provides Licensee notice of the payment due.
Record Keeping. The Contractor and the Authority shall maintain such personnel records as are deemed necessary by the Authority to assure a proper account for all engagement costs. These records will be made available for audit purposes to the Authority and the Auditor General of the State of Michigan, or any authorized representative, and will be retained for seven years after the expiration of the Agreement unless permission to destroy them is granted by both the Authority and the State of Michigan.
Record Keeping. You will (i) maintain all records required by law to be kept by you relating to transactions in Shares and, upon request by any Fund, promptly make such of these records available to the Fund as the Fund may reasonably request in connection with its operations and (ii) promptly notify the Fund if you experience any difficulty in maintaining the records described in the foregoing clauses in an accurate and complete manner.
Record Keeping. CMISC will maintain records, which at all times will be the property of each respective Trust and available for inspection by the Trust and Distributor, showing for each shareholder’s account the following:
Record Keeping. The Servicer must maintain complete and accurate records of all transactions affecting any Mortgage Loan. Each Mortgage Loan must be clearly marked to indicate that it is being serviced for the Trustee, its successors and assigns.
Record Keeping. 1. The IP agrees to maintain books and records that are accurate, complete and up-to-date.