The Programs Sample Clauses

The Programs a. Under the Programs, Clients will be provided with mutual fund investment choices presented to them by financial professionals associated with Correspondents that clear through Service Provider or another affiliated or non-affiliated clearing firm. Clients will select mutual funds from a menu of funds Correspondents select from a complete list of mutual funds assembled by Service Provider. Shares of the mutual funds made available by Correspondents in the Programs will be sold to Clients without the imposition of initial or contingent deferred sales charges.
The Programs. The deliverables for the Programs are defined as including, but not limited to, all functionality in the Reference Version, plus all additions and less all deletions as listed in this Exhibit. Unless otherwise specified, all paragraphs of this Exhibit refer to both deliverables.
The Programs. Public Law 102-314 established the FMNP under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), to compliment the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program. PDA administers the FMNP for the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth, through passage of its annual budget, provides state funding in support of FMNP. The regulations addressing participation in the SFMNP are established at Title 7 CFR, Part 249, titled Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP).
The Programs. The television programs licensed to Licensee hereunder are all television programs delivered by UPN to its affiliates for telecast on a network basis during the License Term (collectively the “Network Programs”).
The Programs. In consideration of being permitted to participate in the adventure course of GMCC, the Participant recognizes that the program may involve a variety of activities including, but not limited to, LOW AND HIGH CHALLENGE COURSE ELEMENTS, OFF-SITE WATER BASED ACTIVITIES, backcountry events, mountain biking, climbing, or similar, and is aware of and accepts the physical and emotional risks inherent in the participation in such activities and in the use of GMCC equipment and facilities.
The Programs. The Programs shall consist of (i) one (1) program which shall be 52 minutes in length (the "Initial Program") and (ii) one (1) program which shall be 104 minutes in length (the "Special"), each of which shall be of the subject matter contained in each of the treatments attached hereto as Schedule 2(a). Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ellipse may, at its sole cost, edit (subject to the editorial standards set forth in this Agreement) the Special for the exhibition thereby in the Ellipse Territory (as defined herein) to instead consist of two (2) programs, each of which shall be 52 minutes in length.
The Programs a) On , 20 the City Council of the City, in furtherance of the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City, approved the attached 2021 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program and the 2021 Lead-Based Paint Program (the “Programs”) developed by the HRA. If there is a conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and the Programs, this Agreement shall control.
The Programs. (a) Contractor represents and warrants that it is the sole creator of the Programs, and that it owns and controls the exclusive right to distribute and license the Programs. Contractor hereby grants to USA the exclusive right to transmit, and authorize the transmission of, the Programs during the Term (as defined in Section 4 below) throughout the United States, its territories and possessions, including Puerto Rico and, on a nonexclusive basis, all U.S. Armed Forces Bases throughout the world (the "Territory"). USA, however, may transmit the Programs only over the USA Network program service and/or the Sci Fi Channel program service (the "USA networks") in the English and/or Spanish language to each of its affiliates for transmission by such affiliates. Such affiliates may consist of CATV, MDS, MMDS, SMATV, MATV, DBS and TRVO dishes or any similar services now known or hereafter created. During the Term, and for thirty (30) days thereafter, Contractor shall not transmit or otherwise authorize the transmission of the Programs (or any promotions or advertisements of any kind or nature for future transmissions of the Programs within the Territory by Contractor or third parties), in any language, by any other means within the Territory, including, without limitation, over- the-air television networks, over-the-air television stations, basic or pay cable program services, locally-originated cable channels, via personal computers, video on demand or similar technologies. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Contractor, after the date such Program is scheduled to be transmitted the first time on the USA Network program service and/or the Sci-Fi Channel program service, as the case may be, (a) may authorize the transmission of any "CNet Central" Program, solely within the San Francisco ADI on a local broadcast station, (b) may transmit excerpts of any Program (not to exceed five minutes (5:00) in aggregate in length) on any on-line computer service owned by Contractor, and (c) may transmit excerpts of any Program (not to exceed one minute and thirty seconds (1:30) in the aggregate for each Program) in connection with the promotion and advertising of such Program or the Series on the USA networks (or local broadcast station) or for sale on a syndicated basis into local news markets. In connection with subsection (a) above, Contractor shall advise USA, in writing, at least thirty (30) days prior to the first such broadcast as to the local broadcast station in the San Fra...
The Programs. The "Programs" relate to the computer ------------ applications (the "Applications") known as "Internet Script Writer", "Med-E- Practice 3.0" (pharmacy- and/or prescription-related applications only), "Med-E- Practice 3.1" (pharmacy- and/or prescription-related applications only), "Med-E- Practice 3.2" {pharmacy- and/or prescription-related applications only), and "Med-E-Practice 4.0" (pharmacy- and/or prescription-related applications only), in the form they exist as of the Effective Date, except that the Programs shall not include any Third Party Software (as defined herein) embedded in or used in conjunction with the Applications. The functionality of the Programs is as described in the Documentation (as defined in Section 3.2 herein), and will include, at a minimum, the functionality generally described on Schedule B hereto, the functionality demonstrated to Licensee, and the functionality as is set forth in the "Advanced Health Requirements Specifications for Internet Script Writer" dated as of 2/28/97. The Programs shall include, for each of the Applications, and excluding Third Party Software: all development environments, test environments, test beds, and test suites; interfaces (either operational or inactivated) with any pharmacy benefit managers ("PBMs"), managed care organizations, pharmacies or physician practice management systems; and source code, compilers or similar computer programs which can convert the source code into the object code form, object code, job control language, tools, procedures, routines, modules or other software which are used in the development, testing, operation, maintenance, enhancement or other use or exploitation of such Applications. The Programs shall also consist of any (a) corrections to defects or malfunctions, (b) modifications or (c) enhancements made, in whole or in part, to the Applications ("Updates") by Licensor during the period commencing upon 4.0 Installation (as defined in Section 5.2 (c) herein) and extending for two (2) years therefrom (such period referred to herein as the "Update Period"), including, without limitation, such Updates as are necessary to complete Internet Script Writer and Med-E-Practice 4.0 (pharmacy- and/or prescription-related applications only). Such Updates shall be made available to Licensee within ten (10) days after Licensor's determination that such Updates are substantially completed or otherwise ready for live productive use.
The Programs. CTC or any of its affiliates or any of its licensees or assignees shall have the exclusive sub-licensable right in the Territory to the unlimited use and reuse of the Programs, in connection with the promotion, marketing and distribution of the Endorsed Product and any component of the Endorsed Product, including the Accessories by CTC or any of its affiliates or any of its licensees or assignees, and may, without limitation, air the Programs or cause them to be aired throughout the Territory on cable, broadcast and satellite television and all other forms of television or radio transmission or other electronic or computer retailing media now existing or hereafter developed. Subject to the terms of Sub-section 1(c), CTC shall have the right to duplicate and modify the Infomercial, including the right to make insertions and deletions, dub foreign languages or voiceovers, or to use time compression or expansion techniques.