Local Level definition

Local Level means the Rural Municipality or Municipality.
Local Level means a Rural Municipality or Municipality.
Local Level means rural municipality or municipality.

Examples of Local Level in a sentence

  • The Kokoda Track Local Level Government Special Purpose Authority (the ‗KTA‘) was established in 2003 in order to manage the trekking fees paid by people walking the Kokoda Track, which were in the early stages of a period of rapid growth (Table 2).

  • Approve a one (1) year agreement with Local Level Events for online collection of registration fees for the Preschool Peer Model Program for the 2017-2018 school year at no cost to the district.

  • ECRI reiterates its recommendation that the Russian Federation ratifies Protocol No. 12 to the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, and that it signs and ratifies the Convention on Cybercrime and its Additional Protocol, the Convention on the Participation of Foreigners in Public Life at Local Level and the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families.

  • These include Provincial, District and Local Level Government offices, Department of Health and Department of Education, NGOs, private sector organizations and other partners.

  • Hermer, Municipal Home Rule in New York: Tobacco Control at the Local Level, 65 BROOK.

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Local Level means a Rural Municipality or a Municipality and the words also include Sub-Municipal Corporation and Municipal Corpo- ration as well.
Local Level. A grievance which arises out of, or in connection with, the application or interpretation o f this Agreement must be submitted in writing to the of Talent Relations at the location or the representative o f at the location, as the case may be. The written grievance shall be delivered to the appropriate officer o f the other party within thirty (30) calendar days o f the occurrence giving rise to the grievance. A written reply t o the grievance shall be made within seven (7) calendar days o f its receipt. A reply deemed unsatisfactory may be referred by the dissatisfied party to a Local Grievance Meeting within four days of receipt of the reply. Minutes o f such meetings shall be kept, read and signed by both parties at the close thereof. Where the local settlement of a grievance calls for payment o r remedial action, instructions shall be given t o make payment or to take the required action as soon as the minutes recording the grievance settlement are signed. No local settlement, however, shall have the weight o f precedent until it has been reviewed and ratified by the parties at a National
Local Level means any Rural Municipality or Municipality.
Local Level means the local administrative unit (LAU) level as set out in Regulation
Local Level means Rural Municipality, Municipality or District Assembly constituted under the prevailing law.
Local Level means rural municipality or urban municipality.