Mitigation plan definition

Mitigation plan means a proposal that includes the process or means to achieve carbon dioxide mitigation through use of mitigation projects or carbon credits.
Mitigation plan means a written document prepared by a license applicant or licensee that identifies drinking water sources that have tested at or above 2.01 ppb for lead and the strategies and interim measures the applicant/licensee will take to reduce the lead level to below 2.01 ppb.
Mitigation plan means an action plan developed by the Registered Entity to (1) correct a violation of a Reliability Standard and (2) prevent re-occurrence of the violation.

Examples of Mitigation plan in a sentence

  • Contractor will abide by all applicable COVID-19 protocols set forth in the District’s Reopening and COVID-19 Mitigation Plan and the safety guidelines for COVID-19 prevention established by the California Department of Public Health and the Ventura County Department of Public Health.

  • The number of credits expected to be generated by this Bank is described in Exhibit C, Mitigation Plan, and the ratios and release schedule are described in Exhibit D, Crediting and Debiting Procedure.

  • Final Beneficiary Mitigation Plan – The Department will consider all comments received, review any new or revised requirements the trustee develops, make any relevant revisions, and post the final BMP on the Department’s VW website (xxxx://

  • Exhibit “A” Legal Description and Vicinity Map MOU-30437 Exhibit B Preliminary Title Report Exhibit C Compensatory Mitigation Plan i.

  • Due to the presence of sensitive geologic formations within the project limits, a Paleontological Mitigation Plan was prepared to address potential discoveries during project construction.

More Definitions of Mitigation plan

Mitigation plan means an agreement entered into on or after May 1, 2024, among the operators and the division for resolving issues arising from concurrent operations.
Mitigation plan means a detailed plan indicating actions necessary to mitigate adverse impacts to shorelines and/or critical areas.
Mitigation plan means a proposal that includes the process
Mitigation plan shall have the meaning set forth in Clause 13.3.2 of this Consortium Agreement.
Mitigation plan means a plan that outlines the activities that will be undertaken to alleviate or compensate for project impacts. Mitigation plan requirements are found in CCC 19.15.170.
Mitigation plan means a mitigation plan, developed by the Company, that includes the identification and assessment of methods to reduce the maximum Point of Impingement concentration of each of the Mitigation Plan Contaminant(s), and that includes, but is not limited to, methods such as pollution prevention, material conservation, material substitution, process modification, alternative production methods, product modification, product substitution, and/or add-on controls.