Review and Comment Sample Clauses

Review and Comment. The Company shall permit the Holder and a single firm of counsel, as designated by him to review and comment upon the Registration Statement and all amendments and supplements thereto at least three (3) business days prior to the filing thereof with the SEC, and not file any document in a form to which such counsel reasonably objects. The Company shall not submit to the SEC a request for acceleration of the effectiveness of the Registration Statement or file with the SEC the Registration Statement or any amendment or supplement thereto without the prior approval of such counsel, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Review and Comment. Genentech shall provide Lexicon with a copy of any patent application (including any provisional applications) within (i) Project Patents and (ii) Lexicon Pre-Existing Patents or Restricted Rights Project Patents relating to Protein Candidates prior to filing in any jurisdiction for review and comment by Lexicon. Genentech shall reasonably consider comments and suggestions provided in a timely manner by Lexicon. Lexicon shall maintain any such applications in confidence.
Review and Comment. OPKO shall keep Pfizer advised on the status of the prosecution and maintenance of all Licensed Products and Compounds of the OPKO Prosecuted IP in the ordinary course of patent prosecution and in such manner as OPKO or OPKO’s counsel and/or management is informed. OPKO shall provide quarterly docket reports as well as updated docket reports as requested by Pfizer for all Licensed Product and Compounds of the OPKO Prosecuted IP. For the Major Market Countries, and any other countries or patent offices specifically requested in writing by Pfizer, OPKO shall allow Pfizer a reasonable opportunity and reasonable time to review and comment regarding substantive communications from the relevant patent offices or Governmental Authorities and drafts of any responses or other proposed substantive filings before any such filings are submitted to any relevant patent offices or Governmental Authorities, and OPKO shall consider in good faith any reasonable comments offered by Pfizer in preparing any final filings to be submitted to any relevant patent offices or Governmental Authorities.
Review and Comment. (a) The Agency may, but shall have no obligation to, raise comments or questions on the Implementation Plan submitted in line with this Section 5.5 within [⚫] Days from its submission, provided that such comments or questions relate to compliance of the plan with the Design and Technical Specifications including Prudent Utility Practice or other design and technical requirements of this Agreement. Following the receipt of those comments or questions, the Company shall modify the Implementation Plan and submit the revised document to the Agency within [⚫] Days for its final review.
Review and Comment. The State and Tribes will have a reasonable opportunity for review and comment prior to:
Review and Comment. The Parties shall have the opportunity to review, discuss with DSW and/or WAPA HQ, and comment on: O&M. The O&M budget execution, which shall at least include the O&M and Non-Capital RRADs’ initial budget submission, the revised budget allocation levels, the actual budget execution, and Materials including RRADs that were not otherwise included in the TYP or identified as Capital RRADS, together with the prior three years’ O&M and Non-Capital RRADs budgets and actual expenditures. The review and comment process for the O&M Work Plan shall be done according to the schedule included herewith at Attachment __. O&M Work Plans may be revised as system conditions, DSW, Parties’ or other Customers’ needs change. DSW shall adhere to the O&M Work Plan provided to the Parties, except in the event of emergencies. When emergencies occur, DSW shall conduct the work necessary to relieve the emergency, as provided herein and in the Exhibit and Attachments hereto. DSW shall inform the Parties and other Customers of any noncapital O&M emergency within two weeks of its occurrence. For emergencies with an anticipated cost in excess of $1 million, DSW shall provide the details of the emergency, anticipated costs, impact(s) to the Desert Southwest Region Systems and recommendations as to how DSW plans to offset the costs associated with an emergency by adjusting other Approved Projects or requesting additional funds as provided herein and in the Exhibit and Attachments hereto.
Review and Comment. MorphoSys shall have the right to review and comment before each act of Xencor’s filing and/or prosecution of Licensed Candidate-Specific Patents, Licensed Broader Anti-CD19 Patents and Xencor Pre-Sublicensing Product Invention Patents. Xencor shall have the right to review and comment before each act of MorphoSys’s prosecution of Joint Collaboration Product Invention Patents and MorphoSys Product Invention Patents. For each of the foregoing, each Party shall provide the other Party with a copy of each substantive communication received from any patent authority within a reasonable time (ideally, within […***…] of the respective mailing date); and a copy of each proposed submission to a patent authority in the MorphoSys Territory regarding such Patent reasonably in advance of making such filing (normally […***…] in advance but sometimes less under exigent circumstances). Furthermore, with respect to the preparation, filing, prosecution and maintenance of each such Patents each Party agrees to the following: (i) keep the other Party reasonably informed with respect to such activities; (ii) consult with the other Party regarding such matters, including the final abandonment of any such Patent claims; and (iii) reasonably consider the other Party’s comments.
Review and Comment. In connection with an Underwritten Shelf Takedown or Piggyback Registration, at least 5 Business Days before filing a registration statement (other than the initial registration statement, in which case such period shall be at least 15 Business Days), prospectus, prospectus supplement or an amendment to the foregoing with the SEC, the Issuer shall furnish Investors’ Counsel with such documents, and such documents are subject to the reasonable review, comment and approval of such counsel before filing.
Review and Comment. Lexicon shall provide Genentech with a copy of any patent application (including any provisional applications) within Lexicon Knock-Out Technology specifically related to a Protein Candidate prior to filing in any jurisdiction, for review and comment by Genentech. Lexicon shall reasonably consider comments and suggestions provided in a timely manner by Genentech. Genentech shall maintain any such applications in confidence.
Review and Comment. The Outside Patent Counsel shall also be instructed to (a) keep the Parties informed as to the Prosecution of all Patent Rights relating to Other Collaboration IP and Xenon Background IP (including those matters involving which countries to initiate or continue prosecution (including validation) of all such Patent Rights, the question of scope of, the issuance of, the rejection of, and interference involving, or an opposition to any such Patent Rights), such that the Parties each have sufficient time to review and comment upon any documents intended for submission to any patent office; (b) promptly furnish to each Party a copy of any documents relevant to such Prosecution, including copies of correspondence with or from any patent office, foreign associates, and outside counsel; and (c) reasonably consider the comments/instructions of all Parties provided to Outside Patent Counsel respecting such Prosecution, subject to Section 10.4(a)(vii);