Client’s Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Client’s Responsibilities. (a) Client agrees to advise Consultant regarding Client's Project requirements and to provide all relevant information, surveys, data and previous reports accessible to Client which Consultant may reasonably require.
Client’s Responsibilities. Client recognizes the value and usefulness of the services of Everhart Advisors will depend upon the accuracy and completeness of the information that Client provides to Everhart Advisors, upon Client’s active participation in the formulation of the objectives and in the implementation of the advice to attain those objectives. Client will provide Everhart Advisors all requested information and required documents that Everhart Advisors may reasonably request in order to permit a complete evaluation and preparation of the recommendations for Client. Everhart Advisors will not be responsible for the verification of the information and documentation provided by Client. Client will notify Everhart Advisors in writing of any material change to Client's financial circumstances or investment objectives.
Client’s Responsibilities. 4.1 The Client shall: (a) undertake all reasonable enquiries to satisfy itself that the Services are suitable for its needs before entering into this Contract; (b) adopt such processes and make such changes to its working practices as are necessary to make effective use of the Services; (c) have in place appropriate Client Infrastructure and Connectivity Infrastructure necessary for the provision of Services; (d) maintain and upgrade the Client Infrastructure and Connectivity Infrastructure in accordance with good industry practice, Notify’s reasonable instructions, and any minimum environment recommendations published as part of Software specifications/guidelines (including Notify guidance as to supported internet browsers); (e) carry out all of its responsibilities set out in this Contract in a timely and efficient manner and, in particular, not act (or fail to act) in a manner that will delay or otherwise adversely impact on Notify (or its subcontractors) performance of Services; (f) provide Notify with all necessary information, co-operation, and assistance as may be required by Notify in order to provide Services;
Client’s Responsibilities. 3.1. Client shall provide all criteria and full information as to Client's requirements for the Project(s); designate and identify in writing a person to act with authority on Client's behalf in respect of all aspects of the Project(s); examine and respond promptly to Olsson's submissions; and give prompt written notice to Olsson whenever Client observes or otherwise becomes aware of any defect in the Olsson’s services.
Client’s Responsibilities. The Client recognizes that the value and usefulness of our firm’s financial planning services will be dependent upon the information that the Client provides and the Client’s active participation in the formulation and implementation of the financial planning objectives. The Client may be required to complete a questionnaire to assist us in formulating the Client’s financial planning objectives. Copies of certain Client documents may be requested by our firm to assist us in conducting a more complete evaluation of the Client’s financial planning objectives and to prepare a financial plan. We may reasonably request certain of the following documents in order to permit a complete financial evaluation: insurance policies, wills, tax returns, and other documents depending upon the Client’s circumstances.
Client’s Responsibilities. The entity that will own the Project, whether it is the Client or another entity, shall hereinafter be referred to as “Owner.” Client shall perform, or cause Owner to perform, the following tasks to assure development of the Project, and such other tasks as may be required to achieve funding for the Project:
Client’s Responsibilities. 4.1. Before deciding to copy a specific trader or traders, strategy and/or portfolio, the Client must consider his entire financial situation including his financial commitments, risk tolerance and objectives. The Client understands that using Social Trading services is highly speculative and that the Client may sustain significant losses exceeding the amount used to copy a trader or trades.