Lead Agency Sample Clauses

Lead Agency. Signature: Date: Print Name: Position held: [Insert position of Authorised Signatory] Email: For and on behalf of: [Insert name of organisation ] Table 19 .0 19.2 Other Party/Parties OTHER PARTY Signature: Date: Print Name: Position held; [Insert position of Authorised Signatory] Email: For and on behalf of: [Insert name of organisation ] Table 19.1 [Append further Authorised Signatory sections for each additional Party, use same format as above table 19.1.]
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Lead Agency a. For purposes of this Settlement Agreement, the Lead Agency with respect to the Savannah Facility is the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division (“GA EPD”). The Non-Lead Agency with respect to the Savannah Facility shall be US EPA. GA EPD and US EPA may provide the Savannah Trustee with joint written notice that the Lead Agency for the Savannah Facility has changed.
Lead Agency. The City shall be lead agency for the Project in regard to State Environmental Policy Act and National Environmental Policy Act compliance and responsible for obtaining all necessary permits. As lead agency, the City shall be responsible for accomplishing all actions necessary for the construction of the Project.
Lead Agency. The County shall serve as the lead agency for the Services provided by the County. The City shall serve as the lead agency for Services provided by the City.
Lead Agency. 5.1 King County will be the Lead Agency for receipt and disbursement of funds collected through annual dues, and general administrative and program support for the Eastside Transportation Partnership. King County assumes wage and benefit costs of its staff performing Lead Agency responsibilities to the extent that King County appropriates such funds. The Lead Agency shall, in its sole discretion, determine the level of staffing available based upon funding.
Lead Agency. The County shall serve as the lead agency for the Project for purposes of Project design and deployment.
Lead Agency. A. .Thurston County will act as the Fiscal Agent and Lead Agency on behalf of the Jurisdictions in administering all contracts and processing all invoices and receipts. Thurston County shall name a program manager who shall be responsible for the operations of the RHC. The task of the program manager will include, but are not limited to: meeting coordination and agenda preparation in consultation with the chair and vice-chair, preparation of meeting minutes, support to develop and implement the annual work plan, and coordination of the annual request for proposal and award process. The Lead Agency will submit invoices to each Jurisdiction for their share of the costs as identified in Section 6.B.a. The Jurisdiction will remit payment to the Lead Agency no later than 30 days from the date of the invoice.
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Lead Agency. The Policy Committee may redesignate the Lead Agency by at least a three- fourths (3/4) affirmative vote of all members, provided that no members shall be designated Lead Agency without its consent, and provided further that, unless the parties agree otherwise, no change in the Lead Agency shall take place without at least one hundred and eighty (180) days’ prior notice prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year of the current Lead Agency.
Lead Agency. The county or tribal nation that administers HCBS waiver programs. Limited-use vendors (LUVs): Service providers not accredited with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). LUVs registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State may conduct business with Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services after approval of a professional and technical (P/T) services master contract. Performance based agreements (PBAs): The structure through which Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services purchases placement and retention services. The first PBA milestone payment is made after a placement plan is signed. A second PBA milestone payment is made after the first shift is completed. The final PBA milestone payment is made after the employee has successfully retained competitive integrated employment for a minimum of 90 days. Person-centered principles: The values at the foundation of person-centered practices, including: • Promoting dignity, respect and trust for people with disabilities • Ensuring a person’s ability to contribute to the community in a meaningful way through appropriate supports and services • Understanding and demonstrating how to balance a person’s preferences, health and safety • Using a “power with” as opposed to a “power over” approach to support a person in pursuing what is personally important • Promoting and establishing a shared vision between the person and those who support the person • Promoting and demonstrating a person’s ability to select appropriate supports and services • Honoring a person’s ability to express choice and preferences even with limited rights or mandates, such as civil commitment or guardianship • Affirming a person’s civil and legal rights • Honoring a person’s unique identity and culture, including planning supports and services accordingly Placement services: Services such as identifying and developing job opportunities, assisting with creating and updating resumes, completing job applications, preparing for job interviews, completing cover and thank you letters, providing on site job analysis, and helping employers to identify and eliminate barriers to competitive integrated employment and the advancement of people with disabilities.
Lead Agency. 4.3 The lead agency concept is an organizational tool for managing international operational activi- ties. In a given situation, one organization is entrusted with the function of lead agency. That or- ganization carries out the general direction and coordination of the international operational activi- ties.
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