Police Department Sample Clauses

Police Department. Xxxxx Xx Xx Xxxxxxxxx Captain Milwaukee (WI) Police Department Xxxx Xxxxxx Inspector of Police Minneapolis (MN) Police Department Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Commander Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Chief of Police Xxxxxxxxxx County (MD) Police Department Xxxxx Xxxxx Director Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Assistant Chief of Police Motorola Solutions, Inc. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Vice President Xxxxx Xxxxxx Corporate Vice President Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Business Development Manager MPH Industries Inc. Xxxxx Xxxx Senior Training Officer National Institute of Justice U.S. Department of Justice Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Social Science Analyst Xxxxxxx Xxxx Division Director National Law Enforcement Museum Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Associate Curator National Press Photographers Association Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx General Counsel New Haven (CT) Police Department Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Assistant Chief of Police New Orleans (LA) Police Department Xxxxx Xxxxxx Superintendent of Police New South Wales (AUS) Police Force Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Chief Superintendent New York City Police Department Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Inspector Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program: Recommendations and Lessons Learned Newark (NJ) Police Department Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Chief of Police Xxxxxx XxXxxx Director Xxxxxxx XxxXxxx Lieutenant Xxxxx X’Xxxx Lieutenant Norfolk (VA) Police Department Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Captain Xxxxx Xxxxx Lieutenant Northern California Regional Intelligence Center Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Deputy Director Oakland (CA) Police Department Xxxx Xxxxx Chief of Police Office of Community Oriented Policing Services U.S. Department of Justice Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Program Specialist Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Supervisory Policy Analyst Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Acting Director Xxxx Xxxxxxx Social Science Analyst Xxxx Xxxxxx Acting Chief of Staff Xxxxx XxXxxxxxxx Senior Social Science Analyst Xxxxxxxxx XxXxxx Senior Policy Analyst Xxxxxx Xxxxx Senior Program Specialist Xxxx Xxxxx Program Specialist Office of Justice Programs U.S. Department of Justice Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Intergovernmental Affairs Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Policy Advisor Panasonic Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Group Manager Philadelphia (PA) Police Department Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Police Commissioner Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Inspector Phoenix (AZ) Police Department Xxxx Xxxxxx Assistant Chief of Police Police and Public Safety Consultant Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Consultant Police Foundation Xxx Xxxxxxxxx President Xxx Xxxxxx Assistant to the President for Communications and Policy Poulsbo (WA) Police Department Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Chief of Police Prince Xxxxxx’s County (MD) Police Department Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Corp...
Police Department. All personnel required to wear uniforms must comply with the Police Department Rules and Regulations and the following provisions:
Police Department. The hours of work of the Police Department shall be scheduled by the Chief of Police after approval from the Town Administrator. All eligible Employees under the Police Department will be provided a thirty (30) minute paid meal period during their work shift. Eligibility to be provided such a meal period shall be determined by the Chief of Police. Authorized meal periods shall be taken when work requirements allow, it being expressly understood that the requirement to maintain public safety, welfare and the Police Department’s mission outweigh or cancel the ability at times to exercise this requirement or the requirements for mid-shift rest periods.
Police Department. Police Department Sergeants covered under this Agreement shall be paid for overtime work at a rate equal to time and one-half their regular rates of pay for all work in excess of forty (40) hours per week. Other Police Department Employees covered under this Agreement at the time of its approval are salaried Employees and do not receive overtime.
Police Department. A newly hired employee shall be provided with two complete sets of regular work uniforms. Replacement of uniforms by the City shall be made on an as-needed basis, up to a maximum of two complete uniforms per year, upon approval of the Police Chief. Replacement uniform items shall be issued only upon receipt by the department of the items to be replaced.
Police Department. Uniforms required by Management will be provided, replaced, maintained and cleaned by each employee. Management will provide to each such employee in the classes listed below, an allowance for uniform maintenance and cleaning of twenty-six dollars and fifty cents ($26.50) each pay period. Class Code Class Title 2209-1 Senior Police Service Representative I 2209-2 Senior Police Service Representative II
Police Department. The City shall initially provide Animal Control Officers and Process Servers with three (3) long-sleeve shirts, three (3) short-sleeve shirts, two (2) winter pairs of pants, two (2) summer pairs of pants, one (1) summer jacket, one (1) winter jacket, and a badge.
Police Department. 1. By this Agreement the TOWN and the VILLAGE do hereby create a joint police department hereinafter to be known as the Village of Police Department. This department shall continue in operation for the term of this Agreement as a full-time police department.
Police Department. The intent of this procedure is to establish an orderly method of administering personnel transfers for full-time, non-sworn personnel within the Police Department and to transfer the employee who best meets the requirements of a position.
Police Department. On his first day as a police officer with the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), Xxxxx XxXxxx arrested a homeless man for public intoxication. Twenty-three years later, that same man still lives on the streets in downtown San Antonio. “Every day we were doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome, but what we were doing didn’t help our homeless population one bit,” says XxXxxx’x partner Officer Xxx Xxxxxx. “That gentleman shows you just how ineffective it was.” Although it wasn’t doing anything to reduce homelessness in San Antonio, the status quoissuing tickets, making arrests, and moving people along—was all XxXxxx and Xxxxxx had. That is, until January 2016. “Our supervisor recognized that the traditional formula wasn’t working, so we were tasked with trying something different,” XxXxxx says. “Our only marching orders were to be creative and think outside the box.” Because they had recently received crisis intervention training from SAPD’s Mental Health Unit, XxXxxx and Xxxxxx decided to apply the same principles to homeless outreach by creating a network of social service providers who could collaboratively address homelessness the same way the behavioral health system collaboratively addresses mental illness. The product of their vision is the Homeless Outreach and Positive Encounters (HOPE) Team, a unit of plainclothes officerssimilar to the Atlanta Police Department unit—whose main objective isn’t policing the homeless community, but rather helping it. “What we advocate is compassion and accountability: If you’re responding to a crime in progress, then bring a criminal response. If you’re not, bring a crisis response,” XxXxxx says. “Our goal isn’t arresting people; it’s connecting the homeless population to the service providers that are there for them.” To that end, the HOPE Team—including McCann, Farris, and three part-time officers they have trained— focuses on three primary activities: interacting with San Antonio’s homeless population, whom it assists with finding food, shelter, health care, and employment; communicating with service providers about what needs exist in the community and what services they can offer to meet them; and training fellow SAPD officers in CIT principles in pursuit of an agency-wide pivot in police-homeless relations. Although their colleagues initially were skeptical, XxXxxx says the HOPE Team’s approach has catalyzed exactly the paradigm shift they hoped it would. “When you take a pers...