Chief of Staff definition

Chief of Staff means the member of the Medical Staff appointed by the Board of Directors to be responsible for the professional standards of the Professional Staff, and the quality of professional care rendered at the Health Centre Sites;
Chief of Staff means the member of the Professional Staff appointed by the Board to serve as Chief of Staff in accordance with the regulations under the Public Hospitals Act;
Chief of Staff means the member of the Active Medical Staff who is duly elected in accordance with these bylaws to serve as chief officer of the Medical Staff of this Hospital or his/her designee.

Examples of Chief of Staff in a sentence

  • When matters affecting a particular Departmental agency are at issue, the Associate Administrator for Adminis- tration for that agency, or the Chief of Staff for the U.S. Coast Guard, as the case may be, will participate as an ad hoc member, together with the Chief Counsel of that agency.

  • Nathan Deal; Senior Vice President, Head of Government Affairs, United States Export Import Bank FrankTillotson Executive Director and Staff Director, House DemocraticCaucus; Staff Director, Committee on House Administration; Chief of Staff, Rep.

  • Solis, Administrative JudgeKimberly Bizor Tolbert, Chief of Staff to the City Manager Majed A.

  • So why don’t we go ask them?” Watkins re- sponded immediately with, “Why don’t you?” And at the end of that session, Polly Gault, who was his Chief of Staff, walked up to me and John Nuck- olls and said, “Can you go to Russia before Christmas?” Christmas was toosoon, but by mid-February their Direc- tors were here, and by the end of Feb- ruary, John Nuckolls and I went over to Russia.

  • The Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Chief of Staff, Assistant Secretary, Regional Managing Director, Hospital Administrator, or other persons with authority delegated by one of the above.

More Definitions of Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff means the chief officer of the Medical Staff elected by the Medical Staff.
Chief of Staff means the individual elected by the Medical Staff as its chief administrative officer.
Chief of Staff means the most senior employee of the Society that directly or indirectly manages all other employees;
Chief of Staff means the Physician appointed by and responsible to the Board for quality of medical care, diagnosis and treatment, and reporting regularly to the Board on the work and recommendations of the Medical Advisory Committee and its component parts and subcommittees; and to the Medical Advisory Committee on the decisions and Policies of the Board;
Chief of Staff means the medical staff member appointed by the Board to serve as such in accordance with the Public Hospitals Act and the Professional Staff By-law;
Chief of Staff means any officer of the rank and command not below that of brigadier or its equivalent who is empowered by warrant to convene general courts martial and includes, for the purposes of sections 61 and 67, any officer of the rank not below the said rank who is authorized in writing by such chief of staff to exercise or perform in any particular case the powers and duties conferred or imposed on a chief of staff by sections 61 and 67, respectively;
Chief of Staff means the individual elected by the Medical Executive Committee as the chief administrative officer of the Medical Staff.