Department Chairs Sample Clauses

Department Chairs. Section A: Department chairs are created in specific academic disciplines and programs based on the needs of the College as determined by the college administration. The administration will select the department chairs from willing instructional faculty in each of the academic disciplines and program areas. Instructional faculty members within each department may make recommendations to the administration on the selection of instructional faculty to serve as Department Chair with their department. Instructional faculty employed in such positions may, at the discretion of the administration, receive release time for the department chair duties. Release time may vary from 0 to 45 points per contractual year. In addition, all department chairs would get the prorated amount ($4,501.00) of the current stipend. If department chairs were determined to be necessary by the administration for summer work they would receive a $1,100 stipend. This will include ten-hour workweeks throughout either Summer A or Summer B to handle program management duties as assigned by the Xxxx. The college will develop consistent criteria in determining release time. Contracts for instructional faculty serving as department chairs may vary in length from 168 to 210 days and may be granted for up to a three (3) year term upon the agreement of the Associate Xxxx. Department chairs may be assigned to work up to an additional 12 duty days per year and will work a 35 hour per week work schedule.
Department Chairs. The release time required to perform the administrative functions of the Department Chair positions shall be deducted from the total workload of the Department Chair with no less than fifty percent (50%) of this release taken from direct instructional duties.
Department Chairs. 29.4.1 OC shall appoint a Chair for the Counselling, Library, and every instructional department from among those departmental members holding continuing appointments.
Department Chairs. Department Chairs as faculty report directly to their respective Xxxx on all departmental and School matters. Reassigned time for Department Chairs shall be determined as a percentage of load as indicated in Appendix C and shall be consistent with section 4.5 of this Contract, Effect of Reassigned Time Upon Teaching Load and Office Hours. Reassigned time shall be applied for the duration of a faculty member’s contract, regardless of whether the length of contract is 10, 11, or 12 months.
Department Chairs. 10.1 The department chairs in English, math, social studies, and science at each of the school sites shall receive one (1) release period designated as a department chair period.
Department Chairs. 3.5.1 All Department Chairs shall be elected for a three (3) year term from and by the faculty in the department(s) concerned. Positions shall be declared vacant and posted for one (1) month, two (2) months prior to the end of the three-year term. Applications shall be submitted to the Xxxx who, at the end of the posting period, shall pass them to an Election Committee composed of three (3) faculty, selected by the departmental faculty, none of whom shall be candidates for the position. The Election Committee shall conduct a secret ballot, and shall refer the elected candidate to the President of the College for appointment. If the position of Department Chair becomes vacant, the Xxxx shall immediately post the position and appoint an interim replacement until an election is conducted. All regular faculty are eligible to run for the position of Department Chair. In those instances where no regular faculty member is available to fill the position, the Department, in consultation with the administration, may elect a sessional employee as Chair.
Department Chairs in consultation with the appropriate Xxxx, shall assure that a properly constituted DRC is assembled. The DRC shall have a membership of at least five (5), and be composed of: