The Constitution Sample Clauses

The Constitution. This Constitution, and all its appendices, is the Constitution of the Council of the London Borough of Southwark.
The Constitution. 7.1 The Purchaser acknowledges and accepts that he and his successors-in-title shall on registration of transfer of the property into his name, become a member of the Outeniquasbosch Home Owners Association and as from the transfer date be bound by the provisions of the Constitution as if the Purchaser and his successors-in- title were signatories to the Constitution.
The Constitution. The Fund is governed by a constitution that sets out the Fund’s operation (the “Constitution”). This Constitution, together with the Fund’s PDS, this RG, the Corporations Act and other laws, regulate our legal relationship with investors in the Fund. If you invest in the Fund, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Fund’s PDS, this RG and the Fund’s Constitution. You can request a copy of the Constitution free of charge. Please consider these documents before investing in the Fund. We may amend the Constitution from time to time in accordance with the provisions in the Constitution and the Corporations Act. ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING AND COUNTER TERRORISM FINANCING (AML/CTF) Australia’s AML/CTF laws require Equity Trustees to adopt and maintain a written AML/CTF Program. A fundamental part of the AML/CTF Program is that Equity Trustees must hold up-to-date information about Investors (including beneficial owner information) in the Fund. To meet this legal requirement, we need to collect certain identification information (including beneficial owner information) and documentation (“KYC Documents”) from new investors. Existing investors may also be asked to provide KYC Documents as part of an ongoing customer due diligence/verification process to comply with AML/CTF laws. If applicants or investors do not provide the applicable KYC Documents when requested, Equity Trustees may be unable to process an application, or may be unable to provide products or services to existing Investors until such time as the information is provided. Under the AML/CTF laws, Equity Trustees is required to submit ongoing regulatory reports to, and share collected information with, AUSTRAC. This may include the disclosure of your personal information. Equity Trustees may be prohibited by law from informing applicants or investors that such reporting has occurred. AUSTRAC may require Equity Trustees to deny you access to your investment (temporarily or permanently). This could result in loss of the capital invested or you may experience significant delays when you wish to transact on your investment. In order to comply with AML/CTF Laws, the Responsible Entity may also disclose information that it holds about the applicant, an investor, or any beneficial owner, to its related bodies corporate or service providers, or relevant regulators of AML/CTF Laws (whether inside or outside Australia). The Responsible Entity shall not be liable to applicants or investors for any loss you may suff...
The Constitution. As the only country to have suffered the affects of the atomic bomb, we affirm our intention to uphold the three principles of the Japanese Constitution, namely “pacifism”, “the sovereignty of the people” and “respect for fundamental human rights”, and will make every effort to rebuild the lives of the Japanese people, prioritising the various rights guaranteed in the Constitution.
The Constitution. 32.1 The Shareholders agree that the provisions of this Agreement override the provisions of the Constitution if there is any inconsistency.
The Constitution. 8.1. If during the continuance of this Agreement there shall be any conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and the provisions of the Constitution or of the constitution of any company in the Group then during such period the provisions of this Agreement shall prevail.
The Constitution. 1.1 The Provisional Federal Constitution is a social contract agreed upon by the Somali people in the spirit of social and political reconciliation and power sharing. Chapter 15 of the Provisional Federal Constitution (June, 2012) states the procedures for constitutional amendments. Caasimada Online
The Constitution. 19.1.2 The Conduct Rules. Which the purchaser has perused and the contents whereof the purchaser accepts and will be subject to.
The Constitution. On and from the Commencement Date, the Shareholders shall ensure that the Constitution is not amended in any way which is contrary or inconsistent with the provisions of this Deed unless the proposed amendment or amendments are unanimously agreed by the Shareholders.