New York City Sample Clauses

New York City. In accordance with Section III.A. of the Decree, and subject to the limitations provided herein, at no time during the twelve-month period, commencing June 1, 2015 shall the aggregate total quantity of water diverted by the City, divided by the number of days elapsed since May 31, 2015 exceed 800 million gallons per day (mgd). The City shall be subject to the conditions and obligations in connection with the diversions, and releases to maintain the Montague flow objective, set forth in Section III.B. of the Decree. For this Agreement, the City shall make releases from its Delaware Basin Reservoirs in accordance with the releases schedules incorporated herein.
New York City. The arbitration shall be carried on by a single arbitrator selected in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce, and all hearings shall be before and transcribed by a certified court reporter certified in the jurisdiction in which the arbitration is pending. The arbitration shall be conducted entirely in the English language. Until a determination hereunder, the parties shall not cease to perform under this Agreement, and shall share the payment of the expenses of the arbitrator and the court reporter. The arbitrator shall have no power or jurisdiction to grant any party any remedy or relief inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement. The arbitrator shall have the power and jurisdiction to determine what issues are arbitrable under this Agreement.
New York City. The first New York CBA was completed in 2005 in relation to the $3.5 billion development of the Atlantic Yards arena, future home to the Nets basketball team, and an attached residential and office complex to be made up of several high-rise buildings.47 44 Center on Policy Initiatives, Issue Areas » Responsible Development » Community Benefits Agreements » Ballpark Village Project, xxxx:// 45 The Partnership for Working Families, Policies & Tools » Community Benefit Agreements » CBAs Currently In Effect, xxxx:// 46 The Partnership for Working Families, CBAs Currently In Effect, xxxx:// (last visited Mar. 14, 2007). 47 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx Touts Net gains to nabe, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 28, 2005. The agreement was negotiated by eight community groups48 and was based on the Staples Center CBA. It includes affordable housing,49 living wage, first source and minority hiring provisions,50 and it also offers the perks of free basketball tickets for neighborhood residents and the construction of a daycare center.51 Reaction to the agreement has not been completely positive, however. First, unlike the agreements reached in California, the Atlantic Yards CBA is not incorporated into a development agreement with the city, making enforcement possibly more difficult. Secondly, concerns have been raised in relation to the propriety of the CBA negotiating process. It has been suggested the eight-member coalition did not adequately represent the needs of the Brooklyn community,52 and critics have pointed out that several of the coalition members will receive funds from the developer, Forest City Xxxxxx, as part of the deal.53 Given that the Atlantic Yards project will ultimately receive more than $200 million in state and city funds, it has even been suggested that the CBA is inherently undemocratic in its exclusion of the broader New York City and state community.54 48 The groups involved in the negotiations were the All-Faith Council of Brooklyn, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development (BUILD), the Downtown Brooklyn Educational Consortium, the Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance, the First Atlantic Terminal Housing Committee, the New York State Association of Minority Contractors and the Public Housing Communities. Atlantic Yards Community B...
New York City. If you reside in New York City, you can find the New York City Consumer Xxxx of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers here (available in other languages).
New York City. An Affiliate of LodgeWorks, Manhattan LW Hotel Associates, L.P. (“MLWHA”) has undertaken the construction and operation of a hotel in Manhattan, New York City as an Avia Hotel. Hyatt and MLWHA agree to enter into a license agreement on mutually acceptable terms pursuant to which Hyatt will provide MLWHA with a royalty-free license to use the Avia name effective at the Primary Closing; provided, however, that if Hyatt elects to further develop the Avia brand as a Hyatt brand or to continue operation of any of the purchased Properties under the Avia names and marks at any time after June 2012, MLWHA and Hyatt will negotiate in good faith a name change transition period, not to exceed 180 days from the date that Hyatt provides MLWHA of notice of its intent to further develop and brand the Avia name or continue use of the name at any of the purchased Properties.
New York City. The City Council has no scheduled meetings
New York City. I certify that I am not a resident of New York City and that my residence is as stated above. Part 3 — Yonkers I certify that I am not a resident of Yonkers and that my residence is as stated above. I estimate that % of my services during the year will be performed within Yonkers. I will notify my employer within 10 days of any change in the percentage of my services performed within New York State or Yonkers, or of a change in my status from nonresident to resident of New York State, New York City, or Yonkers. Date Employee’s signature Employer: You must withhold the applicable amount of New York State, New York City, or Yonkers tax from wages (or from the percentage of wages shown above) paid to employees who file this certificate. Keep this certificate with your records. You must keep this certificate and have it available for inspection by the Tax Department. IT-2104.1 (7/04) (back) Resident and nonresident defined To determine whether or not you are a resident of New York State, New York City, or Yonkers, you must consider your such portion of the tax year bears to 548. This condition is illustrated by the following formula: number of days in the domicile and permanent place of abode. In general, your domicile is the place you intend to have as your permanent home. A permanent place of abode is a residence (a building or nonresident portion X 90 = 548 maximum days allowed in New York State structure where a person can live) you permanently maintain, whether you own it or not, and usually includes a residence your husband or wife owns or leases. Resident New York State resident — You are a New York State resident if:
New York City. (citation omitted and emphasis added). We must determine which analytical framework provides the proper point of departure for our inquiry into whether a taking has occurred here. The Xxxxxx see a direct analogy between Xxxxxxx's occupation of land for the purpose of installing an antenna and the Marketing Order's reserve requirement. The Secretary argues Xxxxxx and Xxxxx [**24] provide better guidance to evaluate the constitutionality of what the Secretary characterizes as a use restriction on raisins. We must first identify which of the categorical takings case lines, if any, the Marketing Order implicates. Second, we must apply that case line's substantive law to determine whether a taking has occurred. C Loretto applies only to a total, permanent physical invasion of real property. Two independent reasons assure us that the Marketing Order does not fall within the "very narrow" scope of the Loretto rule, 458 U.S. at 441: First, the Marketing Order operates on personal, rather than real property, and second, the Marketing Order is carefully crafted to ensure the Xxxxxx are not completely divested of their property rights, even with respect to the reserved raisins.
New York City. For purposes of this Agreement, any change in the Alternate Base Rate due to a change in the Prime Rate shall be effective on the date such change in the Prime Rate is announced as effective.
New York City