Development Program Sample Clauses

Development Program. Subject to Bukwang’s timely performance of its obligations hereunder, and in complete fulfillment of Triangle’s diligence obligations hereunder and any such obligations implied by law, Triangle will undertake, or, if applicable, will cause its Affiliates and sublicensees to undertake, the development activities described in this Article 6. Triangle shall, at its expense, use its [BUKWANG REDACTED] (a) to conduct a development 20 program (the “Development Program”) relating to the use of the Licensed Product for HBV and (b) if the results of the Development Program so justify, to seek Registration for such Licensed Product in the United States. As part of the Development Program, Triangle shall be responsible for conducting 3-month toxicity studies in two species of animals pursuant to protocols which it develops or approves, as applicable. Triangle shall commence both toxicity studies as promptly as practicable [BUKWANG REDACTED] after it obtains Bulk Drug Substance of a quality and in such quantities reasonably necessary to perform such toxicity studies. Bulkwang shall promptly reimburse Triangle for [BUKWANG REDACTED] of the out-of-pocket costs (excluding all drug costs, which shall be the responsibility of Triangle) incurred by Triangle in conducting such toxicity studies, subject to reasonable substantiation by Triangle of such out-of-pocket costs. The Development Program shall be mutually discussed by the parties hereto at the meetings of the Joint Project Committee held pursuant to Article 7 and shall take into consideration studies and experiments carried out, or to be carried out by, Bukwang and its licensees, if any, outside the Territory, but the activities within the Territory comprising the Development Program shall be determined at Triangle’s sole discretion. Anything in this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, Triangle shall be entitled to exercise prudent and justifiable business judgment in meeting its [BUKWANG REDACTED] obligations hereunder. For purposes of this Article 6, [BUKWANG REDACTED].
Development Program. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, MERCK hereby grants to ARCHEMIX and its Affiliates a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license during the Term, including the right to subcontract as provided in Section 8.5, under MERCK Technology and MERCK Patent Rights and MERCK’s interest in Joint Technology and Joint Patent Rights and under Licensed Technology and Licensed Patent Rights exclusively licensed to MERCK under Section 8.1.1(c), for the sole purpose of conducting ARCHEMIX Development Activities in any Development Program, to the extent such ARCHEMIX Development Activities are mutually agreed by the Parties and of conducting the co-Development of Co-Developed Products.
Development Program. During the life of this Agreement, it is anticipated that the Parties will meet from time to time to explore opportunities to collaborate with each other under a Development Program to develop new products and/or technology that could potentially benefit the Parties. If, as a result of these meetings, the Parties mutually agree to pursue a Development Program, the Parties will work in cooperation, through the Steering Committee or as otherwise agreed by the Parties, to define goals and objectives of such Program and, thereafter, the scope of work, milestones and timelines of the Development Program. The Parties shall also define the roles and responsibilities of each Party, and nominate program leaders from each of their respective organizations, as further described in Section 6, who will work with each other to oversee and manage the establishment and implementation of the Development Program and jointly develop protocols for the exchange of experimental plans, technical program data and reporting periodic progress reviews. All of the foregoing activities, etc. will be described in a separate written Development Program Form, substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A (Development Program Form). Each Development Program Form shall be signed by a duly authorized representative of each Party and maintained by the Parties in a separate database and/or in the file where this Agreement is maintained. Each Party agrees to regularly share data and information generated as a result of each Development Program undertaken hereunder, and to promptly notify the other Party of any new Development Program Technology, including without limit, any Invention conceived or reduced to practice in the course of a Development Program. For the purpose of clarity, in the event that any joint development activity or initiative is carried out by the Parties and, in so doing, the Parties fail to complete and execute a Development Program Form, such activity will nevertheless be subject to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and such failure will not relieve a Party or the Parties from complying with this Agreement.
Development Program. Promptly following the Effective Date, Eagle and Lyotropic shall each designate a development program manager to coordinate its activities under this Agreement (each a “Development Program Manager”). The Development Program Managers shall be the primary contacts between Eagle and Lyotropic with respect to their respective activities under this Agreement and shall meet to determine the goals, strategy and principal activities for the development of the Product. The written record of such meetings shall be deemed to be the “Development Program”. Each Development Program Manager shall respond to all reasonable requests and other communications from the other Development Program Manager. Each of Eagle and Lyotropic will use its Commercially Reasonable Efforts to fulfill its obligations set forth in the Development Program, recognizing that the Development Program will call in part for experimental and scientific work with its attendant uncertainties, and there is no guarantee that the goals identified in the Development Program can be achieved. Subject to the Development Program and the other terms and conditions contained in this[*] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 406 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. ConfidentialAgreement, Eagle shall have control over and responsibility for executing all aspects of the Development Program, including planning, strategy, administrative management and fiscal control. The Development Program Managers will discuss the possibility of pursuing additional indications beyond malignant hyperthermia for the use of the Product. Subject to Section 3.4.1, each Party may at its own expense investigate additional indications for the Product outside of the Development Program.
Development Program. Coronado shall use its Commercially Reasonable Efforts to carry out all of the Product Development with the overall objective of obtaining all Regulatory Approvals necessary for the Commercialization of Product(s); including, but not limited to, all clinical development, the filing with the FDA of an NDA for a Product and seeking to obtain the FDA’s Regulatory Approval to market such Product in accordance with its terms and in compliance with all Applicable Laws. Without limiting the foregoing, Coronado and/or its Affiliates shall perform all Development activities in compliance with all cGMP, good laboratory practices, standard industry practices and Applicable Laws.
Development Program. Immunicon shall conduct Research under the Development Plan (as set forth in Exhibit A) with the goal of developing Cellular Analysis Products and Automated Cell Analysis Systems for commercial sale. Immunicon shall use its reasonable efforts to conduct the activities for which it is responsible in the Development Program, in accordance with the Development Plan and the provisions of this Agreement, in each case within the time schedule set forth therein and herein. Immunicon will conduct the Development Program in a prudent and skillful manner in accordance in all material respects with the Development Plan then in effect, and in accordance with all applicable Federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and other requirements (including, without limitation, Good Laboratory Practices, cGMP, QSR, ISO and the regulations of other non-US Regulatory Authorities). **Certain information in these exhibits has been omitted and will be filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to a confidential treatment request under 17 C.F.R. Sections 200.80(b)(4), 200.83 and 230.406.
Development Program. Project Phases. The development and production program will be conducted in accordance with the following two phases:
Development Program. Scope: The scope of the project consists of: