Law enforcement agency definition

Law enforcement agency means an agency of the state, or of a county, municipality, or other political subdivision of the state, that employs peace officers who make traffic stops in the routine performance of the officers' official duties.
Law enforcement agency means the same as that term is defined in Section 53-1-102.
Law enforcement agency means a public agency, or part

Examples of Law enforcement agency in a sentence

  • The prohibition against operating a drone over a school does not apply to a:• Person operating a drone with the prior written consent of the school principal, district school board, superintendent, or school governing board; or• Law enforcement agency that is in compliance with s.

More Definitions of Law enforcement agency

Law enforcement agency means any of the following:
Law enforcement agency means the police department, the
Law enforcement agency means a department, division, bureau, commission, board or other authority of the State or of any political subdivision thereof which employs law enforcement officers.
Law enforcement agency means any authority or person charged with the duty of investigating offences or charging offenders under any written law;
Law enforcement agency means a police department of a city, village, or township, a sheriff's department, the department of state police, or any other governmental law enforcement agency in this state.
Law enforcement agency means the Kentucky State Police, DEA, or other federal, state, or local law enforcement agency or drug suppression unit.