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Law enforcement agency means the same as that term is defined in Section 53-1-102.

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Answer: No YesAPPLICANT DISCLOSURE STATEMENTPage 4 of 4 An inquiry may be made to the Washington State Patrol, a Federal, or other Law enforcement agency to verify your responses to the above inquiries.

DNA backlog reduction strategy: Law enforcement agency partnerships for a successful biological screening laboratory presentation by Cecelia Crouse, PhD, D-ABC Volunteer, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

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Law enforcement agency means any authority or person charged with the duty of investigating offences or charging offenders under any written law;
Law enforcement agency means a governmental unit of one (1) or more persons employed full-time or part-time by the state or a political subdivision of the state for the purpose of preventing and detecting crime and enforcing state laws or local ordinances, employees of which unit are authorized to make arrests for crimes while acting within the scope of their authority.
Law enforcement agency means a police agency of a city, village, or township; a sheriff's department; the department of state police; and any other governmental law enforcement agency.
Law enforcement agency means the police department, the
Law enforcement agency means a department, division, bureau, commission, board or other authority of the State or of any political subdivision thereof which employs law enforcement officers.
Law enforcement agency means any of the following: