TECHNICAL AND Sample Clauses

TECHNICAL AND. ORGANISATIONAL MEASURES – GENERAL; ENCRYPTION Supplier shall take the technical and organisational measures for the protection of the personal data that are appropriate with regard to the sensitivity of the personal data; the particular risks that exist; existing technical capabilities and the costs of implementing the measures. The personal data shall be protected from any type of unauthorized processing such as change, destruction or unauthorised access and dissemination. Supplier, accordingly, undertakes to take all measures stipulated in Article 32 of the GDPR. The technical and organisational measures we have implemented are summarized below.
TECHNICAL AND. ORGANIZATIONAL MEASURES The following sections define the current security measures established by SAP. 2.1
TECHNICAL AND. ORGANIZATIONAL MEASURES Настоящее Приложение 2 содержит две группы технических и организационных мер (“TOM”): • Группа TOM 1 (последнее обновление в Апреле 2018, без изменений): применяется ко всем Облачным услугам, за исключением услуг, к которым применима Группа ТОМ 2. • Группа TOM 2: применяется только к Услугам Группы ТОМ 2. На 1 июля 2020, “Услуги Группы ТОМ 2” включают следующие Облачные услуги: SAP Analytics Cloud. Время от времени SAP вправе исключать Облачные услуги из переченя Услуг Группы ТОМ 2. В этом случае к таким Облачным услугам будут применяться Группа ТОМ 1. Группа TOM 1 Последнее обновление: Апрель 2018 1. ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ И ОРГАНИЗАЦИОННЫЕ МЕРЫ The following sections define SAP’s current technical and organizational measures. SAP may change these at any time without notice so long as it maintains a comparable or better level of security. Individual measures may be replaced by new measures that serve the same purpose without diminishing the security level protecting Personal Data. В следующих разделах определяются текущие технические и организационные меры SAP. SAP может менять эти меры в любой момент без уведомления при условии обеспечения аналогичного или более высокого уровня безопасности. Индивидуальные мероприятия могут быть заменены новыми мерами, если они служат той же цели и не уменьшают уровень безопасности Персональных данных.
TECHNICAL AND. ADMINISTRATIVE A design team of experienced architects and engineers familiar with this type of building will be assembled to create construction drawings, and to consult throughout the construction phase. All structures will be designed to meet the applicable seismic zone criteria. The Contractor will provide plumbing, mechanical, fire protection and electrical construction documents. Contractor may, at its option, utilize design/build subcontractors to prepare some of the design documents. The Architect, Structural Engineer and Civil Engineer will be providing errors and omission insurance coverage for their work in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in aggregate. General Contractor shall carry general liability insurance of $2,000,000 per occurrence and $5,000,000 umbrella coverage. Architect will control the distribution of all prints and maintain a record of such distribution. Architect to employ line-of-site analysis to assure wall parapets are tall enough to screen anticipated roof mounted equipment.
TECHNICAL AND. PHARMACEUTICAL RESPONSIBILITIES The technical and pharmaceutical responsibilities, of each Radius and Xxxxxx Pharma, respectively, with respect to the quality of the Product are as listed and set forth in Appendix 5. Radius and Xxxxxx Pharma shall each, respectively, appoint contact persons, as listed in Appendix 4, for Manufacture and Product quality related matters. Radius shall be responsible for the Regulatory Approvals whereas Xxxxxx Pharma shall have obtained and maintained the manufacturing authorization with respect to the Facility.


  • Technical Safeguards SSA and OPM will process the data matched and any data created by the match under the immediate supervision and control of authorized personnel in a manner that will protect the confidentiality of the data, so that unauthorized persons cannot retrieve any data by computer, remote terminal, or other means. Systems personnel must enter personal identification numbers when accessing data on the agencies’ systems. SSA and OPM will strictly limit authorization to those electronic data areas necessary for the authorized analyst to perform his or her official duties.

  • Project Management Project Management Institute (PMI) certified project manager executing any or all of the following: • Development of Project Charter • Development of project plan and schedule • Coordination and scheduling of project activities across customer and functional areas • Consultation on operational and infrastructure requirements, standards and configurations • Facilitate project status meetings • Timely project status reporting • Address project issues with functional areas and management • Escalation of significant issues to customers and executive management • Manage project scope and deliverable requirements • Document changes to project scope and schedule • Facilitate and document project closeout

  • Technical Support State Street will provide technical support to assist the Fund in using the System and the Data Access Services. The total amount of technical support provided by State Street shall not exceed 10 resource days per year. State Street shall provide such additional technical support as is expressly set forth in the fee schedule in effect from time to time between the parties (the “Fee Schedule”). Technical support, including during installation and testing, is subject to the fees and other terms set forth in the Fee Schedule.

  • TECHNICAL EVALUATION (a) Detailed technical evaluation shall be carried out by Purchase Committee pursuant to conditions in the tender document to determine the substantial responsiveness of each tender. For this clause, the substantially responsive bid is one that conforms to all the eligibility and terms and condition of the tender without any material deviation. The Institute’s determination of bid’s responsiveness is to be based on the contents of the bid itself without recourse to extrinsic evidence. The Institute shall evaluate the technical bids also to determine whether they are complete, whether required sureties have been furnished, whether the documents have been properly signed and whether the bids are in order.

  • Technical Support Services 2.1 The strategic consulting services (the "Services"): Party A engages Party B to provide to Party A the strategic consulting services specified in Exhibit 1 attached hereto ("Exhibit 1") from the execution date of this Agreement.

  • Design Development An interim step in the design process. Design Development documents consist of plans, elevations, and other drawings and outline specifications. These documents will fix and illustrate the size and character of the entire project in its essentials as to kinds of materials, type of structure, grade elevations, sidewalks, utilities, roads, parking areas, mechanical and electrical systems, and such other work as may be required.


  • Curriculum Development This includes the analysis and coordination of textual materials; constant review of current literature in the field, some of which are selected for the college library collection, the preparation of selective, descriptive materials such as outlines and syllabi; conferring with other faculty and administration on curricular problems; and, the attendance and participation in inter and intra-college conferences and advisory committees.

  • Manufacturing Intrexon shall have the option and, in the event it so elects, shall use Diligent Efforts, to perform any manufacturing activities in connection with the Aquaculture Program that relate to the Intrexon Materials, including through the use of a suitable Third Party contract manufacturer. To the extent that Intrexon so elects, Intrexon may request that AquaBounty and Intrexon establish and execute a separate manufacturing and supply agreement, which agreement will establish and govern the production, quality assurance, and regulatory activities associated with manufacture of Intrexon Materials. Except as provided in Section 4.1, any manufacturing undertaken by Intrexon pursuant to the preceding sentence shall be performed in exchange for cash payments equal to Intrexon’s Fully Loaded Cost in connection with such manufacturing, on terms to be negotiated by the Parties in good faith. In the event that Intrexon does not manufacture Intrexon Materials or bulk quantities of other components of AquaBounty Products, then Intrexon shall provide to AquaBounty or a contract manufacturer selected by AquaBounty and approved by Intrexon (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld) all Information Controlled by Intrexon that is (a) related to the manufacturing of such Intrexon Materials or bulk qualities of other components of AquaBounty Products for use in the Field and (b) reasonably necessary to enable AquaBounty or such contract manufacturer (as appropriate) for the sole purpose of manufacturing such Intrexon Materials or bulk quantities of other components of AquaBounty Products. The costs and expenses incurred by Intrexon in carrying out such transfer shall be borne by Intrexon. Any manufacturing Information transferred hereunder to AquaBounty or its contract manufacturer shall not be further transferred to any Third Party, including any Product Sublicensee, or any AquaBounty Affiliate without the prior written consent of Intrexon; provided, however, that Intrexon shall not unreasonably withhold such consent if necessary to permit AquaBounty to switch manufacturers.

  • Technical Specifications 1. A procuring entity shall not prepare, adopt or apply any technical specification or prescribe any conformity assessment procedure with the purpose or effect of creating an unnecessary obstacle to trade between the Parties.