LISTED BELOW Sample Clauses

LISTED BELOW. ORDERS BY EXISTING HOLDERS- NUMBER OF FUNDPREFERRED SHARES ORDERS BY NUMBER OF SHARES POTENTIAL OF FUNDPREFERRED HOLDERS- SHARES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POTENTIAL HOLDER BID/RATE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXISTING HOLDER HOLD BID/RATE SELL 1. /...... ------ ---------------- --------------------------- ------- --------- --------------------- ------------ ---------------------- ------- ------------------- 1. /........ 2. /...... ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ---------------- --------------------------- ------- --------- --------------------- ------------ ---------------------- ------- ------------------- 2. /........ 3. /...... ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ---------------- --------------------------- ------- --------- --------------------- ------------ ---------------------- ------- ------------------- 3. /........ 4. /...... ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ---------------- --------------------------- ------- --------- --------------------- ------------ ---------------------- ------- ------------------- 4. /........ 5. /...... ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ---------------- --------------------------- ------- --------- --------------------- ------------ ---------------------- ------- ------------------- 5. /........ 6. /...... ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ---------------- --------------------------- ------- --------- --------------------- ------------ ---------------------- ------- ------------------- 6. /........ 7. /...... ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ---------------- --------------------------- ------- --------- --------------------- ------------ ---------------------- ------- ------------------- 7. /........ 8. /...... ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ---------------- --------------------------- ------- --------- --------------------- ------------ ---------------------- ------- ------------------- 8. /........ 9. /...... ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ---------------- --------------------------- ------- --------- --------------------- ------------ ---------------------- ------- ------------------- 9. /........ 10. /...... ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ...
LISTED BELOW. Any employee employed by the Company shall be given credit for his previous experience for the purpose of determining his wage rate, providing the employee has comparable experience and has been employed in a retail food store covered by a Union Contract in the three (3) years immediately prior to commencement of his employment. Should an employee or the Union fail to file a complaint or grievance within thirty (30) days of the date the Company sends a “Form B” card to the Union, the Company shall be liable to make any resulting wage adjustment which may be required only from the date the complaint or grievance was brought to its attention. The Company may require the employee to provide proof of such experience and shall, in such an event, permit him a period of forty-five (45) days to do so. Upon satisfactory proof being presented, the employee’s wage rate shall be adjusted retroactive to the date of his employment. The employee will forfeit any right for this benefit after forty-five (45) days.” Name of Employee Address Telephone No. Employment Started Full-Time Part-Time Wage Rate Job Classification Store Employed Past experience in a retail food store covered by a Union Agreement: Name of Company Years or months of Experience If out of province, proof of previous experience submitted Employee: Company: APPENDIX “D” GENERAL FRAMEWORK FOR RESTRUCTURING LABOUR COSTS IN OUR SASKATCHEWAN RETAIL STORES
LISTED BELOW. ORDERS BY EXISTING HOLDERS- NUMBER OF SHARES OF ORDERS BY NUMBER OF SHARES PREFERRED SHARES POTENTIAL HOLDERS- OF PREFERRED SHARES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ POTENTIAL HOLDER BID/RATE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EXISTING HOLDER HOLD BID/RATE SELL 1. / ------ ------- ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. / 2. / ------ ------ --------- ------------------ ------- ------ ------- ------------------
LISTED BELOW. Each Eligible Borrower shall: not take any actions to prevent Workers (as defined below) from lawfully exercising their right of association and their right to organize and bargain collectively, and not take any action on the basis of such rights or activities, including, but not limited to any form of retaliation, such as termination, suspension, demotion, blacklisting or transfer of any Worker by the employer, or by an officer, agent or representative thereof; observe applicable laws relating to a minimum age for employment of children, conditions of work, minimum wages, hours of work, and occupational health and safety; not use forced or compulsory labor (including but not limited to any form of slavery, debt bondage, and serfdom); not employ persons, formally or informally, under the age of fifteen (15) for general work and under the age of eighteen (18) for work involving hazardous activity likely to harm the health, safety, or morals of those persons; pay all wages, including all bonus pay and premium pay for overtime work, in full, in legal tender, and in a timely fashion, to Workers except when Workers have agreed otherwise; not require Workers to work more than 48 standard hours of work per week (not including overtime work) and ensure that Workers shall be guarantied a weekly 24-hour rest period; not use funds hedged by the Eligible Hedge Transaction to make a loan (directly or indirectly) to any borrower that violates (i), (ii), (iii) or (iv) above; comply with any other applicable law or collective bargaining agreement that imposes a requirement that is more protective of worker rights than any of the foregoing requirements; and require contractors and their subcontractors employed by the Eligible Borrower to comply with the foregoing requirements. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Eligible Borrower shall not be responsible for any non-compliance with the above Worker Rights requirements resulting from the actions of a government.
LISTED BELOW. ORDERS BY EXISTING HOLDERS- NUMBER OF SHARES OF TAPS ORDERS BY POTENTIAL HOLDERS- NUMBER OF SHARES OF TAPS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ POTENTIAL HOLDER BID/RATE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EXISTING HOLDER HOLD BID/RATE SELL 1. / ------ ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. / 2. / ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. / 3. / ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. / 4. / ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. / 5. / ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5. / 6. / ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6. / 7. / ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7. / 8. / ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8. / 9. / ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ------ ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9. / 10. / ------ --------- ------------------ --------- ----- ------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...


  • Method and Place of Payment Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, all payments under this Agreement or any Note shall be made to the Administrative Agent for the account of the Lender or Lenders entitled thereto not later than 12:00 Noon (New York time) on the date when due and shall be made in Dollars in immediately available funds at the Payment Office of the Administrative Agent. Whenever any payment to be made hereunder or under any Note shall be stated to be due on a day which is not a Business Day, the due date thereof shall be extended to the next succeeding Business Day and, with respect to payments of principal, interest shall be payable at the applicable rate during such extension.

  • Detachability of Warrants The Common Stock and Public Warrants comprising the Units shall begin separate trading on the 52nd day following the date of the Prospectus or, if such 52nd day is not on a day, other than a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday, on which banks in New York City are generally open for normal business (a “Business Day”), then on the immediately succeeding Business Day following such date, or earlier (the “Detachment Date”) with the consent of Cantor Xxxxxxxxxx & Co., as representative of the several underwriters, but in no event shall the Common Stock and the Public Warrants comprising the Units be separately traded until (A) the Company has filed a current report on Form 8-K with the Commission containing an audited balance sheet reflecting the receipt by the Company of the gross proceeds of the Offering, including the proceeds received by the Company from the exercise by the underwriters of their right to purchase additional Units in the Offering (the “Over-allotment Option”), if the Over-allotment Option is exercised prior to the filing of the Form 8-K, and (B) the Company issues a press release and files with the Commission a current report on Form 8-K announcing when such separate trading shall begin.

  • Name and Principal Place of Business The name of the Company shall be , LLC. The principal place of business of the Company shall be at , City of , in the State of Georgia or at such other place of business as the Member(s) shall determine.

  • Name and Place of Business The name of the Company shall be GIPNC 000 XXXXXXXXX XXXX, LLC, and its principal place of business shall be 000 Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Suite 3300, Tampa, FL 33602. The Manager may change such name, change such place of business or establish additional places of business of the Company as the Manager may determine to be necessary or desirable.

  • Minimum Book Net Worth Permit Book Net Worth to be less than $1,488,255,000 (which represents approximately 85% of Book Net Worth as of June 27, 2010) as of the last day of any fiscal quarter (commencing with the fiscal quarter ending on or about December 31, 2010); provided, however, (i) such amount shall be increased at the end of each fiscal quarter (commencing with the fiscal quarter ending September 26, 2010) by an amount equal to 25% of the Borrower’s and its Subsidiaries’ net income for the fiscal quarter then ending (computed on a consolidated basis in accordance with GAAP and with no deduction for a net loss in any such fiscal quarter), such increases to be cumulative; and (ii) such amount shall be decreased Dollar for Dollar by the aggregate cumulative amount of all payments made by the Borrower on and after the Closing Date for the redemption, retirement or other repurchase of any shares of the capital stock of the Borrower so long as the Borrower’s Debt Rating is BBB+ or higher by S&P or Baa1 or higher by Xxxxx’x at the time of such payments. With respect to clause (ii) of the proviso in the immediately preceding sentence, if, as a result of the payments made by the Borrower for such redemption, retirement or other repurchase of any shares of the capital stock of the Borrower, the Debt Rating of the Borrower is lowered by either S&P or Xxxxx’x below the applicable level set forth in the preceding sentence within forty-five (45) days of the last of such payments, then any reduction in the minimum Book Net Worth amount previously made pursuant to clause (ii) of this Section 7.07 in connection with such payments shall be reversed.

  • Purchase Price and Payment Date Each Asset purchased by the Receiver pursuant to this Section 3.4 shall be purchased at a price equal to the Repurchase Price of such Asset less the Related Liability Amount applicable to such Asset, in each case determined as of the applicable Put Date. If the difference between such Repurchase Price and such Related Liability Amount is positive, then the Receiver shall pay to the Assuming Institution the amount of such difference; if the difference between such amounts is negative, then the Assuming Institution shall pay to the Receiver the amount of such difference. The Assuming Institution or the Receiver, as the case may be, shall pay the purchase price determined pursuant to this Section 3.4(d) not later than the twentieth (20th) Business Day following the applicable Put Date, together with interest on such amount at the Settlement Interest Rate for the period from and including such Put Date to and including the day preceding the date upon which payment is made.

  • Place of Payment Subject to Section 14.2, payments of principal, Make-Whole Amount, if any, and interest becoming due and payable on the Notes shall be made in New York, New York at the principal office of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. in such jurisdiction. The Company may at any time, by notice to each holder of a Note, change the place of payment of the Notes so long as such place of payment shall be either the principal office of the Company in such jurisdiction or the principal office of a bank or trust company in such jurisdiction.

  • Total Purchase Price (High Bid + Buyer’s Premium) $

  • Exercise Price The exercise price per share of the Common Stock under this Warrant shall be $0.30, subject to adjustment hereunder (the “Exercise Price”).

  • Settlement Price For any Valuation Date, the per Share volume-weighted average price as displayed under the heading “Bloomberg VWAP” on Bloomberg page CNMD <equity> AQR (or any successor thereto) in respect of the period from the scheduled opening time of the Exchange to the Scheduled Closing Time on such Valuation Date (or if such volume-weighted average price is unavailable, the market value of one Share on such Valuation Date, as determined by the Calculation Agent using, if practicable, a volume-weighted average method). Notwithstanding the foregoing, if (i) any Expiration Date is a Disrupted Day and (ii) the Calculation Agent determines that such Expiration Date shall be an Expiration Date for fewer than the Daily Number of Warrants, as described above, then the Settlement Price for the relevant Valuation Date shall be the volume-weighted average price per Share on such Valuation Date on the Exchange, as determined by the Calculation Agent in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner based on such sources as it deems appropriate using a volume-weighted methodology, for the portion of such Valuation Date for which the Calculation Agent determines there is no Market Disruption Event.