Deputy Director Sample Clauses

Deputy Director. On Call Allowance, as per Commissioner’s Determination No. 8.
Deputy Director. Employee responsible for assisting and, when called for, substituting the Xx- xxxxxx in their functions.
Deputy Director. Great Lakes Commission 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxx Xxxxx, XX 00000 Phone: (000) 000-0000 Administrative Representative(s) Xxx Xxxxxxx Financial Operations Manager Great Lakes Commission 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxx Xxxxx, XX 00000 Phone: (000) 000-0000
Deputy Director. General Who is duly authorized to execute the agreement by the order of the Department of comptroller-General No. 15/2515 dated 10th July B.E. 2515 hereinafter to be referred to as "employer" on the one part," etc.
Deputy Director. General Head of the Office Royal Norwegian Ministry The Office of the Government of the of Foreign Affairs Slovak Republic PIP 3.0 Technical Assistance Fund for Implementation of Financial Mechanisms - SK0001 - Annex II Project Implementation Plan Read the Project Implementation Plan user guide prior to completing this plan. You have received a tailored Project Implementation Plan - please complete the light blue fields and submit only the electronic version of the plan to the Financial Mechanism Office through the Focal Point. If any of the details in the Project Promoter section are incorrect, please inform the Focal Point without delay. To avoid loss of information on the printout of this plan, you must not exceed the sizes of the fill-in text boxes. Project Implementation Plan SK0001-PIP-00033-V1 PROJECT PROMOTER Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic Full Legal Name [0.1] Contact Person [0.2] Job title [0.3] Organisation [0.4] Nám. slobody 1 813 70 Bratislava Address [0.5] Slovakia Telephone [0.6] + Mobile [0.7] Fax [0.8] Email [0.9] sk PART I - Project Summary Project Title [1.1] Project Number [1.2] 1 Euro = [1.3] Final Eligibility Date [1.4] Planned start date [1.6] Summary of overall project funding Total cost [1.8] Total eligible cost [1.10] Total grant [1.12] Grant Rate [1.14] Explanation if [1.13] total to be disbursed is less than [1.12] total grant awarded [1.15] Summary of funding by Financial MechanismGrant awarded - FMC [1.16] Partial Grant Rate - FMC [1.18] Awarded by FMC/NMFA 1 492 225 1 488 725 1 265 400 85,00% 632 700 42,50% Total cost [1.9] Total eligible cost [1.11] Total to be disbursed [1.13] Grant awarded - NMFA [1.17] Partial Grant Rate - NMFA [1.19] Totals from this PIP 632 700 42,50% 30 Oct 11 Apr 11 Technical Assistance Fund for Implementation of Financial Mechanisms SK0001 38,00000 SKK 30 Apr 11 Deadline for final payment claim [1.5] Jun 06 Planned completion date [1.7] 1 492 225 1 488 725 1 265 400 PART II - Financial Breakdown Budget - Incurred expenses 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total % Cash Eligible Expenses - Budget Headings [2.1] Management Costs 0 0,00% 0 0,00% 0 0,00% 0 0,00% 0 0,00% Annual meetings and other staff 11 270 79 940 79 090 78 190 77 190 35 050 360 730 24,23% Annual meetings and other staff 0 35 000 35 000 35 000 35 000 35 000 175 000 11,76% Temp assignments and other staff 78 100 157 800 168 800 148 800 102 085 35 000 690 585 46,39% Others and publicity 9 000 000 000 93 250 29 890 5 500 4 200 ...
Deputy Director. This position will work under the direction of the Executive Director to create and implement Hope Park for the first 21 weeks after the agreement is executed.
Deputy Director. Material ---------------------------- DATE: Nov. 7, 1995 ---------------------------- APPROVED:
Deputy Director. International Programs, Australian Defense Force, Systems Command, Melbourne, Australia (1990-1993) Led a team of 36 persons responsible for cooperation programs with government agencies in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Italy, the UK, France, Canada and the USA. These programs involved logistics and engineering services, acquisition support services, training, technology sharing and equipment sales. Planned, organized and managed the performance of this team. Cultivated excellent relationships with counterparts in foreign countries, and used these personal relationships to maximum effectaccelerating agreements and innovating beneficial provisions. Developed an outstanding team spirit and productivity within the department, and mentored high performers into management positions. Defense Attaché Staff, Embassy of Australia (1986-1990) Responsible for financial, contractual and technical management of major equipment and technology acquisition programs. Liaised with multiple government departments in the US and in other countries. Education Honors Degree in Business Administration, University of Southern Queensland, Australia Spanish Language Certification-in progress. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Billing & Collections Qualifications Senior Professional with over 16 years of experience in increasingly responsible positions in the field of Accounting/Finance (eleven of those years being in the telecommunications industry). She has experience in several financial systems including G/L, A/P, A/R, Billing and Inventory with broad experience in banking operations, business acquisitions/mergers and systems integration. She exhibits outstanding organizational and management skills, as well as, extensive financial analysis expertise. Experience Director, Billing & Collections, NeuStar, Inc. (2000-Present) CXCVIII.Responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of all invoices, as well as, cash applications for all lines of businesses at NeuStar. CXCIX.Responsible for cash management support, billing system implementation and revenue to A/R cycle reconciliation. Controller, Program Control Operations, Spacenet, Inc. (1998-2000) CC.Directed accounting staff of 10 in Program Control Operations including billing and collections, capital lease accounting and program profitability analysis. CCI.Provided support for cash management, risk management and budget functions. CCII.Improved accuracy and timeliness of invoices, as a result of SAP invoicing and Order-To-Cash proc...
Deputy Director. Xxxx. Xx is an Associate Professor in Department of Engineering Science and her research group is based in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering in Oxford University. Xxxx. Xx holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Dalian University of Technology, PRC and a Ph.D. in Tissue Engineering from Oxford University. Xxxx. Xx’x research focuses are on providing engineering solutions to cell/tissue culture in vitro, especially in three-dimensional (3D) space. Within the broad research area of tissue engineering and stem cell technologies, Xxxx. Xx’x specific research interests lie in three interconnected areas, i.e. in vitro cancer model, biomaterials and bioreactor for tissue engineering and stem cell expansion. Xxxx. Xx has published over 20 journals/books/reports and attended numbers of conferences, presentations and seminars. To the best of the Directors’ knowledge, information and belief and having made all reasonable enquiries, as at the date of this announcement, Xxxx. Xxx and Xxxx. Xx are independent of and not connected with the Company and its connected persons under the GEM Listing Rules. Reasons and Benefits of the Close Collaboration Agreement Apart from echoing our mission and aim of striving for improving and promoting the quality of life and health of human being, the Group is committed to supporting and cultivating academic pursuit and leading-edge scientific development in the tissue engineering field. Elsewhere, the Group continues to seek collaboration opportunities with leading institutions, in particular with prestige universities around the globe to strengthen our primary and clinical research bases. With these collaborations, the Group seeks to diversify its products and explore other possible products in tissue engineering as well as stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine. The Board considers that the Close Collaboration Agreement offers opportunities to the Group to enhance its basis research capacity and capability in regenerative medicine technology, enabling the Group to widen its business scope in the regenerative medicine spectrum, envisioning itself to become the leading pioneer of regenerative medicine in Asia and beyond, which in turn would enhance the Group’s future business development in the long run. The Board believes that the terms of the Close Collaboration Agreement are on normal commercial terms, fair and reasonable, and in the interests of the Company and its shareholders as a whole. The Board considers that the...