AND TRAINING Sample Clauses

AND TRAINING. 3.1 There shall be a local Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) consisting of a total of six (6) members who shall also serve as trustees to the local apprenticeship and training trust. An equal number of three (3) members shall be appointed, in writing, by the local chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the local union of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). The local apprenticeship standards shall be in conformance with national guideline standards and industry policies to ensure that each apprentice has satisfactorily completed the NJATC required hours and course of study. All apprenticeship standards shall be registered with the NJATC before being submitted to the appropriate registration agency. The JATC shall be responsible for the training of apprentices, journeymen, installers, technicians and all other (unindentured, intermediate journeymen, etc.).
AND TRAINING a. TwinPeaks Software will create and grant access to the User.
AND TRAINING. All Employers party to this Agreement who hire three (3) or more journeymen should employ at least one (1) apprentice. A ratio of three
AND TRAINING. The parties have agreed to a Joint Training Agreement covering Apprenticeship and Skilled Training Programs which is incorporated in this Agreement as E.
AND TRAINING. All apprentices shall be employed in accordance with the provisions of the Industry Training Authority Act, and the patties hereto agree to observe all the provisions of the said Act. Each Employer employing one (1) journeyperson shall be allowed one (1) indentured apprentice For each four (4) additionaljourneypersons employed, one (1) apprentice shall be employed. Each shop employing three (3) journeypersons or more must employ at least one (1) apprentice. Any deviation from this must be approved by the Piping Industry Apprenticeship Board All apprentices, shall be registered with the Piping Industry Apprenticeship Board and the office of Local Union Apprentices who are in their last year of apprenticeship shall be recognized as "senior" apprentices and shall be allowed to work as journeypersons and only one (1) senior apprentice shall be allowed in any Local Part C Industrial Work Expiry April shop or job to each branch of the trade, except where there are more than five (5) journeyperson plumbers or five (5) journeyperson steamfitters employed, or as arranged by the PIAB. Journeypersons shall be allowed only one helper or one (1) apprentice. Piping Industry Apprenticeship Board see Common Terms, Section Monies made available for the upgrading of journeypersons shall be under the administration of the Piping Industry Apprenticeship Board. The apprentice will receive credit towards first term of apprenticeship for this entry level training. The Operations Committee to adjust the selection dates to coincide with entry level training dates and to decide length of course and credit. Employers will contribute on behalf of all indentured apprentices the portion of the pension contribution equal to the portion of the journeyperson wage to which they are entitled (e.g. wage, pension; wage, pension contribution.) The Director of Apprenticeship andlor the Business Representatives will periodically check the apprentices on the jobs to determine whether or not they are being trained in the proper manner. I All senior indentured apprentices (third and fourth year) shall be given employment opportunities to enable them to complete their apprenticeship program. It is therefore agreed that a mix of all indentured apprentices be adhered to by the Employers.
AND TRAINING. 6.1. Customer and Company shall work together to implement the use of the Service by Customer and its patients in accordance with an implementation plan mutually acceptable to Company and Customer (the “Implementation Plan”). Company and Customer shall not be liable for delays in the Implementation Plan due to accidents, strikes, fires, war, inability to obtain materials from regular sources, governmental regulations, acts of God or any other conditions beyond their reasonable control.
AND TRAINING. The parties have agreed to a Joint Training Agreement covering Apprenticeship and Skilled Training Programs which is in this Agreement as Appendix ARTICLE BULLETIN BOARDS Management will furnish the Local Union with bulletin boards in the plant. The Local Union will use this space for posting Union notices and papers. Notices will be posted only by named Union representatives and will be in keeping with the spirit and intent of this Agreement.
AND TRAINING. The Course Developer agrees to use NAU's Learning Management System (currently Blackboard Learn) to deliver the course. NAU will provide training on the use of the LMS, and the Course Developer agrees to complete any training recommended by NAU Online and the E-Learning Center.
AND TRAINING. 4.1. Upon execution of this Agreement, Company shall designate an appropriate senior member of its staff to serve as Company's project coordinator ("CPC").
AND TRAINING. The Employer will endeavour to give an Employee a minimum of one week notice of a staff meeting or training not taking place during the Employee’s scheduled hours of work. If one-week notice is not given to the Employee he may request to be excused from such staff meeting or training and the request will not be unreasonably denied. An Employee will be paid at the Employee’s straight time hourly rate for such a staff meeting or training taking place on Monday to Friday. An Employee will be paid at times the Employee’s straight time hourly rate for such a staff meeting or training taking place on a Saturday or Sunday and not during the Employee’s scheduled hours of work.