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Method of payment: ___________________________________________________ (Please Print) ______________________________________________________________ Medallion Signature Guarantee (required if an assignment of Shares acquired on exercise, or an assignment of Warrants remaining after exercise, is made upon exercise.) EXHIBIT B ASSIGNMENT FOR VALUE RECEIVED, _____________________________________ hereby sells, assigns and transfers all of the rights of the undersigned under the attached Warrant with respect to the number of shares of Common Stock covered thereby set forth below, unto: Name of Assignee Address No. of Shares ---------------- ------- ------------- and does hereby irrevocably constitute and appoint _____________________, Attorney, to transfer the attached Warrant on the books of the Company, with full power of substitution. Dated: ____________ Signature:__________________________________________ (Signature must conform in all respects to name of holder as specified on the face of the Warrant.) __________________________________________ (SSN or EIN of Warrantholder)
Method of payment: every calendar year Party A shall pay rental to the account as prescribed by Party B before January 31st.
Method of. Making an Access Graft and a Vascular Prosthesis" Priority: GB 91165639 1st August 1991 Filed: 1/st/ February 1994 (continuation of Serial No. 08/182,156)

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  • The bill of quantities (BOQ) unless or otherwise stated shall be deemed to have been prepared in accordance with the Indian Standard Method of Measurements and quantities.

  • III.2 III-IFB-006.1f Method of Award - All Bidders (April 2011) Award will be made to all responsive and responsible bidders.

  • Request Board Approval to Conduct the Public Hearing and Adopt a Resolution Electing to Use the Uniform Method of Collecting Annual Non-Ad Valorem Special Assessments(Jessica Welch, Communications & Public Services Director) Planning and Zoning (Members will be provided with planning and zoning amendment requests five (5) business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

  • Method of Measurement: The lines will be measured for payment in feet of urethane pavement marking lines applied and accepted, measured in place.

  • Method of Payment*Tick appropriate box O I wish to pay by bank transfer.

  • Method of Measurement: Mowing will be measured for payment in units of 100' (30 m) in horizontal distances along the roadway center line/survey line.

  • MODULE II ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS (12 Hrs)Differential Equations of First Order- Exact equations- Leibnitz’s linear equations- Bernoulli’s equation- Equations solvable for p- Clairaut’s equation- Differential equations of Higher order- Linear differential equations of higher order with constant coefficients- Euler’s linear equation of higher order with variable coefficients- Method of variation of parameters.

  • Perspectival Anthropology and the Method of Controlled Equivoca- tion.

  • Such information as the form or the instructions may require in addi- tion to, or in lieu of, information re- quired under this paragraph (c)(3).(4) Method of reporting—(i) Payments by U.S. withholding agents to recipients.

  • Twort) "On the Presence of tf-Imidazolethylamine in the Intestinal Wall; With a Method of Isolating a Bacillus from the Alimentary Canal which Converts Histidine into this Substance," J.

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Method of. Compounding: Flat at 3 month FRF-PIBOR-AFB Compounding Dates: Each 1 July, 1 October, 1 January, 1 April ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 JP MXXXXX Xxrst Full Coupon: From: 18 March 1996 To: 1 April 1996 (subject to adjustment in accordance with the Modified Following Business Day Convention) Counterparty Floating Rate Option: 3.34766 percent *Currency protected swap - DEM-LIBOR-BBA - sets TWO business day prior & compounds flat at 3 month FRF-PIBOR-AFB. Business Day Locations for Morgxx: Paris, New York Business Day Locations for Counterparty: Paris, New York Payments will be: Net
Method of transportation: Bus Student cost: None I consent to the participation of my child/xxxx in the above named activity. In consideration for my child/xxxx’x participation, I agree to reimburse and indemnify the above named parish/school/Diocese of Superior for all reasonable legal and court fees incurred by parish/school/Diocese of Superior in defending a lawsuit that I or my child/xxxx may bring against the parish/school/Diocese of Superior which relates to the above named activity if the parish/school/Diocese of Superior is found not legally liable by the courts and prevails in the lawsuit. If the parish/school/Diocese of Superior is found legally liable for the injuries sustained by my child/xxxx, this paragraph will not apply. I further agree to reimburse the diocese or any other agency for property damage or any bodily harm to other participants caused by my child/xxxx. I certify that I have an understanding of this agreement, as well as the risks and hazards associated with the activity (including illness, injury and the rare possibility of death) described above that my child/xxxx will be participating in. I further understand that I had the opportunity to fully discuss this agreement with a representative of the parish/school/Diocese of Superior to clarify any concerns or questions about the activity or this agreement that I may have had. Parent or guardian signature: Date: Address of parent or legal guardian: Phone numbers – Home: Work: Cell: This is a two-sided form. If you do not have a medical/emergency information card on file in the school/parish office OR information on the medical/emergency card has changed. Please fill out the back page. If this is an overnight trip, the back page must be filled out.
Method of noise control for each pump and/or generator;
Method of transportation: Car or Bus depending on number of registrations Student cost (if applicable): $15 per night attending (Checks to Nativity – Memo: Ignite Youth Ministry) I grant permission for Parent or Guardian Name Child Name to participate in the above named activity and I warrant that my child is in good health. In consideration of my child’s participation, I agree to hold parish/school and Archdiocese harmless from any and all claims resulting in my child’s participation in this event. I further agree to indemnify the parish/school and the Archdiocese of St. Xxxx & Minneapolis from any claims or law suits brought against the parish/school /Archdiocese of St. Xxxx & Minneapolis by myself, my child or others, that arises out of any behavior by my child at the event/activity described above and for any harm my child incurs by reason of their participation in the above described event. I also agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees or expenses incurred by the parish/school and the Archdiocese in defense of such a claim/suit. Use of Image: I grant permission to the parish/school and Archdiocese of Saint Xxxx and Minneapolis to use and publish for advertising, commercial or publicity purposes, the name and likeness of my child, or for any other lawful purpose whatsoever, including photographic portraits, pictures, reproductions, or audio or video recordings, made through any medium, including electronic media, and the undersigned parent/guardian does hereby release and the Archdiocese of Saint Xxxx and Minneapolis or anyone authorized by the Archdiocese of Saint Xxxx and Minneapolis with such use. This authorization and consent permits such use to associate my child’s name with the likeness for such purposes provided such use is consistent with the acceptable use policy for electronic communications and other policies. Parent / Legal Guarding Signature Date / Address Home phone/ Work phone EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT: In the event of an emergency, I give permission to transport my child to a hospital for emergency medical treatment. I wish to be advised prior to any further treatment by the hospital or doctor. In the event of an emergency, if you are unable to reach me at the above numbers, contact: Name: Relationship: Phone Number:
Method of. Distribution The Notes are being offered from time to time by the Issuers through the Agents. The Issuers may also sell Notes to the Agents acting as principals for resale in the United States to QIBs and outside the United States to individuals that are not U.S. persons (as defined in Regulation S) and may sell Notes directly on their own behalf. See “Notice to Purchasers” and “Plan of Distribution”.

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  • Option B has the meaning assigned that term in Section 8.03(e).

  • Medication-assisted treatment or “MAT” means the use of medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a holistic and patient-centered approach to the treatment of opioid use disorder.

  • Enrollment means the number of students who are enrolled in a school operated by the district on October 1. A student shall be counted as one whether the student is enrolled as a full-time or part-time student. Students enrolled in prekindergarten programs shall not be counted.