Local government definition

Local government means a unit of government in a State and, if chartered, established, or otherwise recognized by a State for the performance of a governmental duty, including a local public authority, a special district, an intrastate district, a council of governments, a sponsor group representative organization, and any other instrumentality of a local government.
Local government means any county, city, town, municipal corporation, authority, district,

Examples of Local government in a sentence

  • If the Contractor is not an individual doing business under his own name, the Contractor has the status indicated below and is organized or operating under the laws of : a corporation a partnership known as: a business association or a joint venture known as: a Federal, State or Local government or instrumentality thereof other (explain) 3.

  • Note: State or Local government agencies may not use the provision for a restricted indirect cost rate specified in 34 CFR 76.564(c)(2).

  • Local government units have the primary responsibility for planning, adopting, and enforcing land use regulations to accomplish proper floodplain management.It is the policy of the city to reduce flood damage and the number of people and structures at risk in flood hazard areas through floodplain management, including such measures as floodplain zoning ordinances, which require structures to be built at flood protection elevation and/or with floodproofing, depending on the type of structure.

  • Local government to develop new platforms, technologies and techniques to increase liquidity, hereby61 helping the members of their community as well as encouraging economic growth within their local62 community; 6364 3.

  • Local government and community planning partners have signed up to deliver these key outcomes for children and their families‟ through the Single Outcome Agreement.

More Definitions of Local government

Local government means a Texas governmental unit defined under and authorized to enter this contract by Texas Government Code, Chapter 791.
Local government means a unit of local government as
Local government means Local government as defined in Section 420.503, F.S.
Local government means a local government established under the Local Government Act 1995;
Local government means a county, a consolidated government, or an incorporated city or
Local government means the controlling elected governing body of the local jurisdiction (as defined in its Charter) in which the property is located at the time of Application (e.g., city council if within the city limits, or county commission if in an unincorporated area).