Review of Sample Clauses

Review of. In the **** of each of Contract Period 1, Contract Period 2 and where applicable **** and ****, to the extent necessary, the **** can be reviewed as follows: (a) Label may **** provided that (1) notice has been provided at least **** in advance of such date, and (2) Company will not be **** to ****; and (b) in the event that the **** in **** increases by more than **** compared to its equivalent at the date of execution of the Agreement, on no less than **** written notice to Company, Label may apply a **** not to ****, provided that (x) Company will not be **** to **** in respect of ****, and (y) in the event that Company presents evidence to Label that such **** in any of ****, Label and Company agree to have a good faith discussion regarding such ****.
Review of. ANTI-DOPING RULE VIOLATIONIf a Person recorded as having committed an anti-doping rule violation is subsequently found not to have committed that anti-doping rule violation or is otherwise cleared or pardoned of any relevant wrongdoing by CAS or any other Anti-Doping Organisation’s Appellate Body acting in conformity with the Code, CGA will overturn the anti-doping rule violation and any sanction which had been imposed as a result of that anti- doping rule violation and will report the decision to all those Persons notified of the initial imposition of the sanction pursuant to clause 12.
Review of. One year after the Effective Date, and each year thereafter, the Parties shall review and discuss revising the [*] payment rates provided in Section 6.3 *Confidential Treatment Requested. through good faith negotiation. Any revised [*] shall apply for an entire calendar year. The Parties acknowledge that such negotiation may result in the same [*], [*] rates or higher [*].
Review of. TUE Decisions by WADA
Review of applications vested under County regulations shall be in accordance with County regulations under which the application is vested.