Department Sample Clauses

Department. The term department(s) as referenced in this AGREEMENT shall be those established by the EMPLOYER in its organizational structure. For reference purposes, a current description of such department(s) is included in Attachment B.
Department. For the purpose of this Agreement, the term "department" shall be understood to mean those departments identified within this Agreement.
Department. Unless otherwise specified in the Collective Agreement or by the Labour/Management committee in a specific case, this shall mean the Employees and the related Manager in one of the units designated as a Department by Memorandum of Agreement, or by Appendix III, for each of which an official roster shall be kept, to be established by mutual agreement. Each member of the Department shall participate in deliberations and decision with a single voice and a single vote.
Department. A department consists of one or more disciplines or College service providers (Counselors, Librarians, etc.) organized to create a contractual structure which allows for faculty participation in the academic decision-making process.
Department. In accordance with the provisions of the 2018-2021 BOT-UFF Agreement, your salary increase, effective , is: Salary as of (date) $ Promotion (date) $ Retention Increase effective (date) $ Other (specify), if applicable: Effective Date: $ Effective Date: $ Effective Date: $ Total Salary effective (date) $ Biweekly Amount effective (date) The recommendation for your salary increase was prepared by: . You may request a meeting to discuss this increase. Florida International University/United Faculty of Florida APPENDIX G BOT-UFF POLICIES‌‌ PREAMBLE TO APPENDIX ON BOT-UFF POLICIES In accordance with the Agreement between the University and the United Faculty of Florida – FIU Chapter dated July 26, 2005, the parties have converted thirteen articles appearing in the BOR-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement into the BOT-UFF Policies (“Policies”) that are contained in this Appendix through collective bargaining negotiations. These resulting Policies are binding upon the parties and cannot be changed except by collective bargaining for a term coextensive with the duration of the BOT-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement (“BOT-UFF Agreement”). The Policies shall be enforced through the Policy on Neutral Internal Resolution of Policy Disputes that is included in this Appendix. The parties recognize that during the term of the collective bargaining agreement, circumstances may require the amendment or clarification of one or more of the policies found in Appendix G. Under such circumstances the union is authorized to negotiate and enter into memoranda of agreement to amend or clarify a policy or policies contained in Appendix G without having the memorandum or memoranda ratified by the bargaining unit members. The Policies in this Appendix are contained herein for information purposes only and are not made a part of the BOT-UFF Agreement. The parties agree that the inclusion of these Policies as an Appendix to the Agreement does not subject the Policies, or any right or benefit contained therein, to the Article on Grievance Procedure and Arbitration, of the BOT-UFF Agreement. BOT-UFF POLICY APPOINTMENT Purpose: To establish policy and procedures governing appointment of applicants for new and vacant positions and employees Policy: