Department Sample Clauses

Department. The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities or any successor state agency.
Department. The term department(s) as referenced in this AGREEMENT shall be those established by the EMPLOYER in its organizational structure. For reference purposes, a current description of such department(s) is included in Attachment B.
Department. Any and all departments, commissions, boards, bureaus, agencies, institutions, public authorities, offices, councils, associations, instrumentalities, entities or political subdivisions of the State that issue duly authorized Purchase Orders against this Contract.
Department. Department" means the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. [PL 1975, c. 293, §4 (AMD); PL 2003, c. 689, Pt. B, §6 (REV).]
Department. The Department of Technology, Management and Budget, Facilities and Business Administration, Design and Construction Division. The Department will represent the State of Michigan in all matters pertaining to this Project. This Professional Services Contract will be administered through the Department on behalf of the State of Michigan and The State/Client Agency.
Department. The operational units within the division.
Department. For the purpose of this Agreement, the term "department" shall be understood to mean those departments identified within this Agreement.
Department. Specialized section of a division (i.e., Property Accounting, Finance, Payroll, School Lunch, Internal Accounts, Purchasing).
Department. “Department” shall mean any organizational unit of faculty at any University that is now, or may from time to time hereafter be, established and so designated by the President of such University; provided, however, that any such organizational unit shall cease to be a department if at any time hereafter it shall have been disestablished in accordance with any applicable provisions of this Agreement.