A Unit definition

A Unit. Member who receives an unsatisfactory evaluation shall have the right to receive a reevaluation the following semester in the event they are assigned a class. A Unit Member shall have the right to submit a rebuttal to his/her re- evaluation. Such rebuttal shall be attached to the re-evaluation in the Unit Member’s personnel file.
A Unit or "such Unit" shall be deemed to mean "the Facility".

Examples of A Unit in a sentence

  • A unit price and a total for the quantity must be stated for each item quoted.

  • A unit weekend schedule is defined as a schedule in which a full-time nurse works a weekly average of thirty (30) hours and is paid for 37.5 hours at her or his regular straight time hourly rate.

  • A unit weekend schedule may be developed in order to meet the Hospital’s need for weekend staff, and individual nurses’ preference for a weekend work schedule.

  • A unit of service for payment purposes shall not be credited to CONTRACTOR for CONTRACTOR’S staff development days.

  • A unit member who has been on such leave during the Fall semester only shall file the report no later than the following March 15th.

More Definitions of A Unit

A Unit means the performance of one or more of the Performance Tests, Demonstrations Tests, the Emission Test, the Availability Test or the Utility Tests for such Unit in accordance with the general requirements of Section 3.0 of Appendix C and the particular requirements of the individual tests.
A Unit representing the right granted to a Beneficiary pursuant to an Award requiring that the Trustee pay to him a bonus sum calculated in accordance with the Rules by reference to the value of a Share on the basis that one Unit shall be representative of the value of one Share.
A Unit member abusing the provisions of section 8.1.1 shall not be entitled to regular pay for the days of abuse. For continued abuse, the unit member will be subject to disciplinary action.
A Unit is an individual department Lab, etc.
A Unit. B member who assumes an administrative position outside of Unit B shall retain all rights and benefits that he/she accrued as a member of Unit B.
A Unit. C employee whose job title is classified in the “instructional” or “clerical” column in Appendix B of this agreement will be compensated at the “AS” rate (Appendix A, Section 1) if they hold an associate’s degree or higher at the time of hire or when the Employee earns an associate’s or higher degree during the course of employment. Employees seeking movement to the “AS” pay level during the course of a school year may be asked to submit a transcript showing satisfactory completion of the degree.
A Unit means the quotient obtained by dividing (x) 30% of the Aggregate ------ Liquidation Preference amount, by (y) the total number of Series A Units outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time.