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In the community means residing outside of confinement or incarceration for a disqualifying offense.
In the community means residing outside of confinement or
In the community means residing outside of confinement or incarceration for a

Examples of In the community in a sentence

  • In the community setting where the students have indirect or direct patient care with a community partner the ratio is one faculty member to fifteen students (1:15).

  • In the community in which the main office is currently located and in the commu- nity to which it is proposed the main office will relocate.

  • In the community engagement category, the replacement representative will usually be a nominee of the same political group as was the outgoing representative.

  • In the community setting, street clothing that projects a professional image must be worn unless the clinical setting has a uniform requirement.

  • In the community pharmacy setting, the CDTM agreement shall include a written referral of an identified patient from the supervising physician to an authorized pharmacist, and shall include a written consent to the CDTM agreement by the named patient.

  • In the community in which the beneficiary resides, to the extent possible.

  • Another witness, Carmen Perez, provided an example of police engaging with citizens in another way: In the community [where] I grew up in southern California, Oxnard, we had the Police Athletic League.

  • In the community pharmacy setting, the patient must be notified of, and provide written consent to, the collaborative drug therapy management services, and the supervising physician must provide the patient with a copy of the referral to the authorized pharmacist and the written consent to the referral provided by the patient.

  • In the community, local authorities are responsible for meeting eligible care and support needs for people ordinarily resident in their area.

  • In the community: I realize that, in the course of my interactions with others in the community, I may be asked about or have opportunity to speak about my experiences and observations as a student.

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In the community means there is a positive case where you work or live (e.g. in your family/flat/where you shop/go for medical treatment) or where you pray, learn or play (e.g. church/school/sports).
In the community means- in an Assisted Living residence or in a group home.
In the community in the Mental Health Act 2007 means "not in a mental health facility" and that the Mental Health Review Tribunal acted within the scope of the Act by approving a Community Treatment Order that transferred the patient to Villawood, and

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