Insurance Payment Sample Clauses

Insurance Payment. Each Restaurant shall pay to the General Partner a designated amount for general and comprehensive liability insurance for the Restaurant and the Partnership, and health and workers’ compensation insurance for employees working at the Partnership’s Restaurants (the “Insurance Payment”). The amount to be paid by a Restaurant as its Insurance Payment shall be established by the General Partner and shall be equal to a specified percentage of each Restaurant’s gross sales; and shall be reviewed on an annual basis by the General Partner and may be increased or decreased from time to time in accordance with the General Partner’s costs for providing such insurance generally.
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Insurance Payment. Teachers retiring pursuant to this Article, and who return to substitute teach in the district shall receive $135.72 per day paid to the employee’s Health Care Savings Plan account. Under this provision, teachers maintain insurance through the district and whose substitute teaching does not meet the full cost of the insurance premiums will individually pay the balance of the insurance premium.
Insurance Payment. If you are using your insurance to pay for services, it is your responsibility to be aware of your policy benefits and limitations. Please provide your insurance card at your initial appointment. Co-Payments are due at the beginning of each appointment. Client initial of understanding INSURANCE COMPANY: Amount due each session: Deductible: It is your responsibility to be aware of your policy benefits, financial obligations, insurance limitations as well as to verify that we are in network with your insurance plan. Please note that if you have a deductible you will be responsible for paying 100% of your insurance company’s allowable rate for the service until your deductible is met. Services provided in good faith will be billed directly to you if later determined that your policy has expired, lapsed or does not cover the service(s) provided. Please note that some insurance companies require pre- certification of services and may require personal information related to your diagnosis and treatment plan. Please refer to theNotice of Privacy Practices” or “HIPPA Notice” for more specific information which is made available at your first appointment. You are entitled to receive any additional copies upon request. If we do not accept your insurance, you will be responsible to pay our full fees as listed above. Upon request, you will be provided with a statement for any services rendered, which you may submit to your plan for reimbursement if your policy has “out of network” benefits. Client initial of understanding Payment: Payment is due at the beginning of each session unless other arrangements have been made. Payment options include cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Please note that you will be responsible for any bank fees for returned checks. GUARENTEE OF PAYMENT: I assign and authorize payment of all medical benefits payable, pursuant to the services rendered, to Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx and Coaching, LLC/Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, LCPC. I understand and acknowledge that the assignment of payment to Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx and Coaching, LLC/Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, LCPC does not in any way release me of the obligation to pay applicable deductibles, coinsurance, co-payments, any non-covered services or any collections fees. I agree to personally pay my balance in full if Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx and Coaching, LLC/Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, LCPC has not received reimbursement from my insurance company within 60 days or if my insurance company rejects claims su...
Insurance Payment. Article 18. Compensation payment methods
Insurance Payment. When occurrence of the Insurance Event, upon receiving an official document related to the luggage delay from the air company, the Health Insured shall ensure emailing of the mentioned document to the Insurance Company to the address: xxxxxx_xxxxxx@xxxxxx.xx and to obtain the indemnification it is necessary to submit in the shape of an original/source document together with the Travelling Policy and ID. The indemnification shall be paid within 5 (five) working days upon submission of the documents. • Loss of luggage This coverage shall apply only to the cases when the Health Insured is travelling by air transport; at the same time, the luggage lost in the course of charter flights is not subject to reimbursement. Sub-limit: - EUR 20.00 per each kg, but not more than 28 kg per each flight shall be reimbursed. In compliance with this coverage the Insurer shall pay the Insurance Indemnity in case if the air company having served the Health Insured loses the luggage checked-in by him/her. Insurance Indemnity: When occurring of the Insurance Event, the Health Insured shall submit to the Insurance Company a ticket and an official appeal of the air company on the luggage loss, pointing out total weight of the luggage lost. The indemnification shall be paid within 5 (five) working days upon submission of the documents. If the Health Insured, as the result of luggage loss, is indemnified for the luggage delay by the air company or any other party, then such amount shall be deducted from the Insurance Indemnity to be paid by the Insurer. • Flight postponing Sub-limit: EUR 70.00 per each night but not more than three nights. In compliance with this coverage, hotel expenses incurred due to the flight postponing/delaying shall be paid only in cases when the air company refuses to pay the hotel costs. For the purposes of this Policy, postponing/delaying of the flight means delaying of the flight as the result of which the Health Insured has to spend night at the airport. The Insurer shall reimburse the difference between the amount paid by the air company and limit defined under this coverage in case, if the Health Insured decides to stay in higher class hotel (than it is offered by the air company). Insurance Indemnity: In order to obtain the indemnification the Health Insured, within 5 (five) working days upon returning to Georgia, shall subm it to the Insurance Company the corresponding flight ticket, official appeal from the corresponding air company confirming the ...
Insurance Payment. For the term of this Agreement the Board shall pay all premiums toward the cost of the faculty member’s basic group term life and dental insurance and shall annually contribute the following amounts toward the cost of the medical insurance plan, if any, selected by each faculty member: Year 1 (2018-2019): $10,920 Year 2 (2019-2020): $11,140 Year 3 (2020-2021): $11,360 Any portion of the Board’s contribution that is not allocated to medical insurance premium costs may be used to pay HSA contributions (up to the maximum HSA contributions allowed by applicable laws, rules, or regulations without incurring penalties) or, at the faculty member’s election, may be allocated to partial payment of the faculty member’s dependent care coverage premium during the open enrollment period. If the premium for the medical insurance plan selected by a faculty member shall exceed the annual Board contribution, then the faculty member shall pay the amount of any such excess via payroll deduction. If a faculty member shall elect not to enroll in any group medical insurance plan offered by the Board, then the Board shall contribute the federally determined maximum contribution (without incurring penalties) into such faculty member’s medical flex account.
Insurance Payment a part of insurance premium when the insurance premium is paid by installments.
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Insurance Payment. In the event the Mortgage Loan requires the mortgagor to escrow funds, Seller shall pay the hazard insurance, flood insurance and private Mortgage Insurance premiums that are due and payable (i) on or before the Purchase Date, and (ii) within sixty (60) days after the Purchase Date. Seller shall not pay any xxxx for which Seller has not specifically retained escrow funds pursuant to Section 6.2 herein. In the event the Mortgage Loan does not require the mortgagor to escrow funds, Seller confirms the Mortgage Loan Documents include verbiage to cause the mortgagors to pay the above- described hazard insurance, flood insurance and private Mortgage Insurance premiums.
Insurance Payment a sum of money paid by the Insurer in accordance with the conditions of the insurance contract in the event of an insurance case.
Insurance Payment. You are financially responsible for any amounts due from you for the medically necessary procedures listed above, including but not limited to co-payment, co-insurance or deductible. Information received from your insurance company is not a guarantee of payment. Final determination of benefits is made when your insurance company receives our claim. It is your responsibility to become familiar with your insurance requirements and policies.
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