Assignment of Sample Clauses

Assignment of a Librarian to a rank shall be based upon the tasks, responsibilities, and qualification requirements of the position held, and the experience, professional development, and scholarly and service achievements of the Librarian. The satisfactory performance of job responsibilities shall be the primary requirement for the advancement of Librarians to a higher rank. In addition, Librarians seeking promotion should also demonstrate scholarly and service accomplishments appropriate to the level of advancement.
Assignment of. Copyright We hereby assign to the Copyright Owner the copyright in the manuscript identified above and any tables, illustrations or other material submitted for publication as part of the manuscript (the ‘Article’). This assignment of rights means that we have granted to the Copyright Owner the exclusive right to publish and reproduce the ‘Article’, or any part of the ‘Article’, in print, electronic and all other media (whether now known or later developed), in any form, in all languages, throughout the world, for the full term of copyright, and the right to license others to do the same, effective when the ‘Article’ is accepted for publication. This includes the right to enforce the rights granted hereunder against third parties. We completed and signed the Copyright Agreement.
Assignment of. Tranche A at the Direction of the Board. The Tranche A Lender agrees that if and to the extent that the Board Guaranty remains in effect, the Board shall have the right, upon ten (10) Business Days' prior notice to the Tranche A Lender (with a copy to the Agent and the Borrower) to require the Tranche A Lender to sell, transfer and assign Tranche A, in whole or in part (but in no event in excess of the amount then guaranteed under the Board Guaranty), and with or without the benefit of the Board Guaranty (which, if without, shall be fully and irrevocably released upon the closing and to the extent of such purchase), to a Person designated by the Board, for a purchase price equal to 100% of the principal amount of such portion of Tranche A to be sold, transferred and assigned, together with all accrued and unpaid interest thereon through the date of purchase (which purchase price may include a payment under the Board Guaranty) and payment of any losses, expenses and liabilities under Section 2.9(e) hereof attributable to such sale, transfer and assignment (it being acknowledged and agreed that any premium paid by such purchaser for such portion of the Loan shall be for the benefit of the Board); provided, that the Tranche A Lender (to the extent commercially reasonable) and the Borrower shall cooperate with the Board to minimize any such losses, expenses and liabilities so long as any such action would not result in the Tranche A Lender incurring any additional costs or otherwise be disadvantageous to the Tranche A Lender in its sole judgment; and provided, further that the Tranche A Lender shall also be entitled to payment of all other unpaid Obligations owing to it through the date of purchase from the Obligors, including, without limitation, fees, expenses, indemnities and other amounts which are then due and payable pursuant to the terms of the Loan Documents, which amounts the Obligors agree to pay to the Tranche A Lender on the date of purchase. The closing of the Tranche A assignment shall be consummated pursuant to an Assignment and Acceptance and such other documentation as the Tranche A Lender, the Board and such assignee shall mutually agree is reasonably necessary. Any such sale, transfer or assignment under this subsection (f) shall be subject to the conditions specified in clauses (i), (ii), (iii) and (vi) of the proviso in subsection (a) of this Section 9.2.
Assignment of a Librarian to a rank shall be based upon the tasks, responsibilities, and qualification requirements of the position held, and the experience, professional development, and scholarly and service achievements of the Librarian.
Assignment of. SUBCONTRACT WORK The Subcontractor shall not assign the whole nor any part of the Subcontract Work without prior written approval of the Contractor.
Assignment of. INDEBTEDNESS In pursuance of such agreement and in consideration of the payment of the Consideration paid by the Assignee to the Assignor (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) the Assignor as beneficial owner of the Indebtedness hereby assigns to the Assignee or its nominee or transferee absolutely with effect from the date hereof all the rights, benefits, title and interests of the Assignor in respect of the Indebtedness free from all rights of pre-emption, options, liens, claims, equities, charges, encumbrances or third-party rights of any nature whatsoever together with the full benefit and advantages thereof and all rights, interests, benefits and title attached, accrued or accruing therein and thereto to hold the same unto the Assignee absolutely.
Assignment of. Buyer may not assign the *** described in this Letter Agreement without Boeing’s prior written consent ***.
Assignment of. This Agreement ---------------------------- Lender may assign, negotiate, or pledge all or any portion of its rights under this Agreement or any of its rights or security with respect to the Note and the Security Instruments, and, in case of such assignment, Borrower shall accord full recognition thereto. Borrower shall not assign or attempt to assign directly or indirectly, any of its rights under this Agreement or under any instrument referred to herein without the prior written consent of Lender.
Assignment of. Healthpoint shall have transferred the [...***...] to the Company, and Healthpoint and the Company shall have entered into a [...***...] pursuant to which [...***...] will [...***...] a [...***...] with respect to the [...***...], all pursuant to documentation in a form mutually agreeable to each of the Parties.
Assignment of. All Patent Rights ------------------------------- This Agreement is for the assignment of all rights for the Six Degrees Patent and the Other Patents. The Parties acknowledge that under United States law a patent is, more specifically, a right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States. The assignor, Six Degrees, relinquishes in perpetuity all rights inherent and appurtenant to the Six Degrees Patent and Other Patents. As the assignee, Purchaser assumes all rights, including the right to assign or license the patent further. Because this is an assignment of all rights under the patent and not a license of any kind, Six Degrees as the assignor does not retain the right to terminate this Agreement after Closing, as set forth below.