Medical Certificates Sample Clauses

Medical Certificates. (a) An employee who has given the Employer notice of their intention to take paid or unpaid parental leave, or unpaid partner leave shall provide the Employer with a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner naming the employee, or the employee’s partner, confirming the pregnancy and estimated date of birth.
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Medical Certificates. If the Employer requires the employee to obtain a medical certificate, the Employer shall pay the full cost of the certificate.
Medical Certificates. A medical certificate which states any medical limitations/restrictions and prognosis for return to work may be required from an attending physician or an oral surgeon covering illness of more than three (3) consecutive work days and will be necessary for illness of more than five (5) consecutive work days, unless waived by the employer. The maximum period of absence that can be excused by a certificate from an oral surgeon is five (5) consecutive work days for any one
Medical Certificates. Where the Employer requests medical certificates the Employer shall pay the costs of such certificates.
Medical Certificates. After being absent due to illness, the Employer may require that an employee present a certificate satisfactory to the Employer from a duly qualified medical practitioner certifying the inability of the employee to attend to his/her duties for the Employer. If the Employer requires the employee to obtain a medical certificate, the Employer shall pay the full cost of obtaining the certificate.
Medical Certificates. You will need to provide a medical certificate from your doctor for an illness /domestic leave involving an absence of more than 5 consecutive calendar days. In some circumstances (e.g. where there is a pattern of frequent short illnesses or repeated absenteeism) you may also be expected to provide a certificate for an absence of up to 5 consecutive calendar days, but this will be subject to prior written advice to you. Where the employer requests a medical certificate for absence of less than 5 consecutive calendar days, the employer will meet the reasonable cost of you obtaining this certificate.
Medical Certificates. An acceptable medical certificate shall be required to substantiate a request for sick leave in the following situations:
Medical Certificates. (a) The Employer may require an employee to submit a certificate signed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner for a period of sick leave in excess of three (3) consecutive days, or for any period when the employee has used ten (10) days of sick leave (made up of two (2) consecutive days or less) in twelve (12) consecutive months. If such a certificate is required, it shall be asked for during the illness but an employee may be notified in advance, on an individual basis, that such a certificate will be required in the future. An employee may be required to sign a sick leave form, confirming the absence and the date(s) for any period of illness.
Medical Certificates. The Employer may request supporting medical certificates for absences due to illness or injury. The cost of a medical certificate, if any, shall be paid by the Employer.