I agree to Sample Clauses

I agree to. 1. Communicate the following changes promptly to the appropriate staff:
I agree to. 1. Exercise model sportsmanship 100% on and off the field.
I agree to. 1. Pay in full. Deposit ($1000) at enrollment, balance the first day of class. No interest, no late fees. Receive diploma at graduation.
I agree to. 1. Use computers sensible and efficiently, and I accept that all school computer systems are the property of Shetland Islands Council
I agree to. 1. Attend every scheduled practice and track meet, unless I inform the coach two weeks in advance of my absence and I must have a detailed plan to make up the workout or effort.
I agree to. 1. Accompany my children to as many orientation and informational meetings as possible.
I agree to. Never work in the shop without adult supervision. Read and practice all the safety regulations that have been distributed to me in this course or have been posted in the work areas. Act in a responsible manner at all times in the building and construction shop. Follow all instructions given by the instructors and mentors. Immediately report any unsafe condition or activity to my instructor or mentor. Know where all safety equipment is located and what should be done in an emergency. Wear eye protection at all times when working with tools or working anywhere near someone who is using tools. I will also wear gloves and apron when instructed. Tie back long hair, remove dangling jewelry, secure loosed clothing, and wear shoes with closed toes in the shop. Clean all work areas and put equipment away before being dismissed.
I agree to. (1) Develop a trusting and supportive relationship with each participating teacher, characterized by openness, sharing, confidentiality, and reflection.
I agree to. 1. Keep all appointments for Court, Treatment, Case Management, Substance Testing, as well as meeting with Team members and Community Support Groups as directed.
I agree to. ❑ Arrive to school on time daily; ❑ Attend each class at start time -- ready to begin work; ❑ Be prepared with appropriate school materials and assignments for every course; ❑ Refrain from physical contact (both genders); ❑ Take responsibility for my personal belongings; ❑ Respect the property of others; ❑ Respect the property of my school by appropriately using school technology and refraining from vandalism; ❑ Use appropriate language (avoid using racial slurs); ❑ Show respect to my peers; ❑ Show respect to all teachers and staff members; ❑ Cooperate when a teacher or staff member makes a request; ❑ Resolve conflicts or disagreements peacefully and avoid fighting inside or outside the school; ❑ Dress appropriately and follow the school’s uniform policy: o Monday through Thursday - navy blue or orange polo shirts and khaki or navy blue pants or shorts o Friday - Hobby club t-shirts with any colored jeans (No torn or tight bottoms) o Dress down day will occasionally be announced (cost-$1) - (students should adhere to following attire but not limited too) ▪ Appropriate length skirt, shorts, or dress- knee length ▪ No spaghetti strap tanks, midriffs, tube tops, etc. ▪ No hats (unless specifically designated) ▪ No sagging of the pants or shorts ▪ Closed-toed shoes must be worn o High heels, backless shoes, open toed shoes, skate shose, and roller shoes are not permitted. o Jackets may be any SOLID color, jackets with patterns, writing, pictures or slogans are not permitted. o Piercings must be limited to the ear, and no more than two piercings per ear. (No gauges allowed) o Hair jewelry is limited and should not cover students face. o Jacket hoodies should not be worn over student’s head at school. o Clothing and jewelry shall be safe and free of writing, pictures, or any other signs which are crude, vulgar, profane, or sexually suggestive. Clothing must not advocate racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice or the use of drugs or alcohol. o Only black bandanas/head scarves are permitted o Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed and not disruptive to the educational process. No unnatural hair colors such as pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, and green (but not limited too). ❑ Always use social media appropriately by doing the following: o Being cautious about disclosing personal details; o Refraining from discriminating against others on the basis of gender, age, race (or racial slurs), nationality, disability, religion, or socioeconomic standing sexual orientation...