This Coverage definition

This Coverage. This Coverage means, in a COB provision, the part of the contract providing the health care benefits to which the COB provision applies and which may be reduced because of the benefits of other plans. Any other part of the contract providing health care benefits is separate from This Coverage. A contract may apply one COB provision to certain benefits, such as dental benefits, coordinating only with similar benefits, and may apply another COB provision to coordinate other benefits.

Examples of This Coverage in a sentence

  • CAR RENTAL COLLISION COVERAGE This Coverage applies only if You have elected this coverage and consideration of premium has been paid.

  • This Coverage Form is void in any case of fraud by you at any time as it relates to this Coverage Form.

  • This Coverage Restriction will not apply to facts or circumstances which have been notified to the insurer under any earlier policy but were not accepted by the insurer as a valid notification, and where cover has been maintained continuously with the insurer from the inception date of that earlier policy until the inception date of this policy.

  • This Coverage Extension does not increase the Limit of Insurance.

  • This Coverage Part is void in any case of fraud by you as it relates to this Coverage Part at any time.

  • This Coverage is in addition to the Limit of Insurance shown in the Declarations.

  • This Coverage is only available if You are hospitalized for at least 48 hours, and only for the time period You are hospitalized.

  • SICKNESS MEDICAL EXPENSE This Coverage is made a part of the policy to which it is attached.

  • This Coverage Form contains all the agreements between you and us concerning the insurance afforded.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage FOR YOU This Coverage pays benefits for accidental Loss.

Related to This Coverage

  • Impervious cover means a surface composed of any material that significantly impedes or prevents natural infiltration of water into soil. Impervious surfaces include, but are not limited to, roofs, buildings, streets, parking areas, and any concrete, asphalt, or compacted gravel surface.

  • Professional liability insurance means insurance against legal liability incident to the practice of a profession and provision of a professional service.

  • General Liability Insurance Subcontractor shall carry minimum primary General Liability Insurance for the following amounts:

  • Lot coverage means the total area of those portions of a lot that are covered by buildings or structures divided by the area of the lot, and for this purpose the area of a lot that is covered by a roofed building or structure is measured to the drip line of the roof and "structures" includes asphalt and concrete paving.

  • Liability Insurance means compulsory professional liability errors and omissions insurance required by a governing body;

  • Coverage means the types of persons to be eligible as the beneficiaries of the Scheme to health services provided under the Scheme, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations.

  • Bodily harm means physical pain or injury, illness, or any impairment of physical condition.

  • Fidelity Insurance means insurance coverage with respect to employee errors, omissions, dishonesty, forgery, theft, disappearance and destruction, robbery and safe burglary, property (other than money and securities) and computer fraud in an aggregate amount acceptable to Seller’s regulators.

  • Workers Compensation With respect to all operations performed, the Party shall carry workers’ compensation insurance in accordance with the laws of the State of Vermont.

  • Personal liability means personal liability for a debt, liability, or other obligation of an organization which is imposed on a person that co-owns, has an interest in, or is a member of the organization:

  • indemnity insurance means insurance against personal liability incurred by any Trustee for an act or omission which is or is alleged to be a breach of trust or breach of duty, unless the Trustee concerned knew that, or was reckless whether, the act or omission was a breach of trust or breach of duty;

  • D&O Liability Insurance Policies means all insurance policies (including any “tail policy”) of any of the Debtors for liability of any current or former directors, managers, officers, and members.

  • D&O Policy has the meaning set forth in Section 6.18(b).

  • Errors and Omissions Policy As defined in each of the Servicing Agreements.

  • Co-insurance means the portion of the carrier's allowable charge for the covered item or service

  • Policy or This Policy means, “Nomination and Remuneration Policy.”

  • Term Of This Policy means the period from and including the Date of Issuance to and including the date on which (i) the Certificate Principal Balance of all of the Certificates is zero, (ii) any period during which any payment on the Certificates could have been avoided in whole or in part as a preference payment under applicable bankruptcy, insolvency, receivership or similar law has expired, and (iii) if any proceedings requisite to avoidance as a preference payment have been commenced prior to the occurrence of (i) and (ii), a final and nonappealable order in resolution of each such proceeding has been entered.

  • Personal lines insurance means property and casualty insurance coverage sold for primarily noncommercial purposes to:

  • General Liability means:Your legal liability in respect of Personal Injury and/or Property Damage and/or Advertising Injury caused by or arising out of an Occurrence happening in connection with the Business other than Products Liability.

  • COBRA Coverage means continued medical and dental coverage under the Company’s benefit plans, as determined under section 4980B of the Code.

  • Great bodily harm means bodily injury which creates a substantial risk of death, or which causes serious permanent disfigurement, or which causes a permanent or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ or other serious bodily injury.

  • Fraud Coverage During the period prior to the first anniversary of the Cut-Off Date, 2.00% of the aggregate principal balance of the Mortgage Loans as of the Cut-Off Date (the "Initial Fraud Coverage"), reduced by Fraud Losses allocated to the Certificates since the Cut-Off Date; during the period from the first anniversary of the Cut-Off Date to (but not including) the fifth anniversary of the Cut-Off Date, the amount of the Fraud Coverage on the most recent previous anniversary of the Cut-Off Date (calculated in accordance with the second sentence of this paragraph) reduced by Fraud Losses allocated to the Certificates since such anniversary; and during the period on and after the fifth anniversary of the Cut-Off Date, zero. On each anniversary of the Cut-Off Date, the Fraud Coverage shall be reduced to the lesser of (i) on the first, second, third and fourth anniversaries of the Cut-Off Date, 1.00% of the aggregate principal balance of the Mortgage Loans as of the Due Date in the preceding month and (ii) the excess of the Initial Fraud Coverage over cumulative Fraud Losses allocated to the Certificates since the Cut-Off Date. The Fraud Coverage may be reduced upon written confirmation from the Rating Agencies that such reduction will not adversely affect the then current ratings assigned to the Certificates by the Rating Agencies.

  • General Liabilities shall have the meaning given it in Article III, Section 6(b) of this Declaration Trust;

  • First party insurance means an insurance policy or contract in which the insurer

  • Child or covered child means a child (natural, step-child, legally adopted or a minor or disabled child who is dependent on the insured for support and maintenance) who is born to or brought to a marriage or to a civil union established according to Vermont law.

  • Insurance Coverage Contractor shall, at Contractor’s sole expense, procure, maintain and keep in force for the duration of this Contract the following insurance conforming to the minimum requirements specified below. Unless specified herein or otherwise agreed to by the City, the required insurance shall be in effect prior to the commencement of work by Contractor and shall continue in force as appropriate until the latter of: