The Cases Sample Clauses

The Cases. (i) No trustee under Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code or examiner with expanded powers beyond those set forth in Section 1106(a)(3) and (4) of the Bankruptcy Code shall have been appointed in any of the Cases.
The Cases. (a) The Cases were commenced on the Petition Date in accordance with applicable law and proper notice thereof and the proper notice for (i) the motion seeking approval of this Agreement and the Other Documents and the Interim Order and Final Order, (ii) the hearing for the entry of the Interim Order, and (iii) the hearing for the entry of the Final Order has been or will be given. Credit Parties shall give, on a timely basis as specified in the Interim Order or the Final Order, as applicable, all notices required to be given to all parties specified in the Interim Order or Final Order, as applicable.
The Cases. Each Party to this Agreement hereby agrees to take all action necessary or appropriate to dismiss the Cases (defined below), any pending motions in the Cases (defined below), or any appeals of the Cases (defined below), and in effecting the terms of this Agreement. The releases set forth in this Agreement represent material consideration for each other and represent material consideration for the Parties entering into this Agreement and are only intended to have effect if the releases are mutual. The Parties mutually agree that the Parties would not have entered into this Agreement except upon their receiving the mutual releases set forth herein. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement to the contrary, no release contained in this Agreement shall release Lawbaugh nor any family members of Lawbaugh nor Brian Smith from any xxxxxx xhat may arise after the disxxxxxx xf the Xxxxx, xx any claim objecting to Lawbaugh's discharge in a bankruptcy case, or any claims against Lawbxxxx xx xx discharge is granted to him. For purposes of this Agrexxxxx, xhe term "Cases" shall mean each of the following legal actions: o In re John Lawbaugh, Bankruptcy Case No. 03-16060, U.S. Bxxxxxxxxx Xxxrt, District of Maryland (the "Bankruptcy Case"). With respect to the Bankruptcy Case, each Party agrees that the dismissal of this case shall be requested promptly upon disposition of the fee motions in such case and such other motions necessary to carry out the intent of the provisions hereof.

Related to The Cases

  • Use Cases Subscription Services are provided for Software only when used for its supported purpose (“Use Case”). The Use Case determines which Subscription is required and what fees are charged. If you use or deploy the Software in a manner contrary to a supported Use Case, you are responsible for purchasing the appropriate Subscription(s) to cover such usage. For example, if you are using a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop Subscription as a server, you are obligated to purchase a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Subscription.

  • Special Cases In case of prolonged illness or accident, death in the family, or other circumstances that make it impractical for the student to complete the program, PIHMA may make a settlement which is reasonable and fair.

  • DISCHARGE CASES 6.01 A claim by a non-probationary employee that he has been unjustly discharged from his employment shall be treated as a grievance, if a written statement of such grievance is lodged with the Manager within five (5) working days after the employee ceases to work for the Company. All preliminary steps of the grievance procedure, prior to Step Two, will he omitted in such cases. Such special grievances may be settled by confirming the management’s action in dismissing the permanent employee or by reinstating the employee with full compensation for time lost or by any other arrangement which is just and equitable in the opinion of the conferring parties.

  • Case Management Prompt resolution of any dispute is important to both parties; and the parties agree that the arbitration of any dispute shall be conducted expeditiously. The arbitrators are instructed and directed to assume case management initiative and control over the arbitration process (including scheduling of events, pre-hearing discovery and activities, and the conduct of the hearing), in order to complete the arbitration as expeditiously as is reasonably practical for obtaining a just resolution of the dispute.

  • Supported Use Cases Subscription Services are provided for Software only when used for its supported purpose (“Use Case”) in accordance with the terms of this Exhibit 1.F and Table 1.2 below.

  • Lottery The lottery shall be conducted as set forth in the Application, and shall be designed in such a manner that it gives a parent or any other legal guardian a reasonable opportunity to participate in the lottery. If the number of applicants for admission exceeds the capacity stated in the Charter for any grade, building, or program, the Organizer must conduct a random lottery for enrollment, giving each timely applicant an equal chance of admission, with the following exceptions:

  • Title, Management and Disposition of REO Property (a) The deed or certificate of sale of any REO Property shall, subject to applicable laws, be taken in the name of the Trustee, or its nominee, in trust for the benefit of the Certificateholders. The Servicer, on behalf of REMIC 1, shall sell any REO Property as soon as practicable and in any event no later than the end of the third full taxable year after the taxable year in which such REMIC acquires ownership of such REO Property for purposes of Section 860G(a)(8) of the Code or request from the Internal Revenue Service, no later than 60 days before the day on which the three-year grace period would otherwise expire, an extension of such three-year period, unless the Servicer shall have delivered to the Trustee an Opinion of Counsel, addressed to the Trustee and the Depositor, to the effect that the holding by the REMIC of such REO Property subsequent to three years after its acquisition will not result in the imposition on the REMIC of taxes on "prohibited transactions" thereof, as defined in Section 860F of the Code, or cause any of the REMICs created hereunder to fail to qualify as a REMIC under Federal law at any time that any Certificates are outstanding. The Servicer shall manage, conserve, protect and operate each REO Property for the Certificateholders solely for the purpose of its prompt disposition and sale in a manner which does not cause such REO Property to fail to qualify as "foreclosure property" within the meaning of Section 860G(a)(8) of the Code or result in the receipt by any of the REMICs created hereunder of any "income from non-permitted assets" within the meaning of Section 860F(a)(2)(B) of the Code, or any "net income from foreclosure property" which is subject to taxation under the REMIC Provisions.

  • (d) Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, no Spread Maintenance Premium shall be due in connection with any prepayment made pursuant to this Section 2.4.3(c).

  • Disease Management If you have a chronic condition such as asthma, coronary heart disease, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, we’re here to help. Our tools and information can help you manage your condition and improve your health. You may also be eligible to receive help through our care coordination program. This voluntary program is available at no additional cost you. To learn more about disease management, please call (000) 000-0000 or 0-000-000-0000. About This Agreement Our entire contract with you consists of this agreement and our contract with your employer. Your ID card will identify you as a member when you receive the healthcare services covered under this agreement. By presenting your ID card to receive covered healthcare services, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and obligations of this agreement. Your eligibility for benefits is determined under the provisions of this agreement. Your right to appeal and take action is described in Appeals in Section 5. This agreement describes the benefits, exclusions, conditions and limitations provided under your plan. It shall be construed under and shall be governed by the applicable laws and regulations of the State of Rhode Island and federal law as amended from time to time. It replaces any agreement previously issued to you. If this agreement changes, an amendment or new agreement will be provided.

  • Recreation Recreation rooms shall be supplied. Smokes and soft drinks shall be available. Outside walls of the above to be completely closed-in cold weather. Sidewalk to be provided between the living quarters, from living quarters to dining rooms and recreation rooms. The above to be Standards for Stationary or Permanent type camps. In the initial construction of the above, the camp construction workers in areas where there are no hotel accommodations, shall construct such housing as is necessary for them (this is not a tent). When bunkhouses are built to the degree that they can be occupied, the camp construction workers shall move into such quarters and their original buildings shall be disposed of or not used for lodging from time to time.